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Hail, Britannia

A Series By LeinadB93

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the Official Thread for the Turtledove Award winning series Hail, Britannia.

I started posting this series on 30 July 2015 so it seems rather fitting that I launch this Official Thread on the series' 2nd Anniversary, in the year that it won a Turtledove Award for Best Graphic/Artwork. Before I go any further I would like to take the time to thank @CanadianTory, @Turquoise Blue, @MasterSanders, @Danderns, @Nazi Space Spy, and so many others for the help, support and suggestions with my earlier work on the series. I appreciate it so much!

The premise behind Hail, Britannia is "What if Britain treats the Thirteen Colonies differently?" and "What if the events of the 1760s and 1770s lead to reconciliation rather than revolution?" There isn't any one specific Point of Divergence, instead several alterations throughout the 17th and 18th centuries lead up to the modern day.

These PODs include but are not limited to: heavier Gaelic, Dutch and French settlement of North America in Nova Scotia, New York and the Great Lakes region; Sophia of Hanover living a couple of months longer; Frederick, Prince of Wales being exiled to British America in 1737 after deceiving his parents about the birth of his eldest child; King George II dying early in 1751; and numerous others.

The Hail, Britannia series sits halfway between a Type II and Type III scenario on the Sliding Scale of Alternate History Plausibility. I'm trying to follow the PODs through logically, but at the same time exploring scenarios with OTL individuals, and including fictional characters when necessary.

The main purpose of this thread is to serve as a repository for me to post updates about the Hail, Britannia universe that involve things other than Wikiboxes, such as lists, maps and the occasionally history textbook-style instalment. This will allow me to more easily amend previous posts if the canon changes. However I will still be posting in the Alternate Wikibox thread from time to time.

Although this thread is primarily for me to post about the universe, I want you all to feel that you are more than welcome to ask questions, make comments and provide suggestions about how I can expand and improve the world of Hail, Britannia, whether in this thread or by sending me a message.

Ground Rules For Contributing:

1) This is not meant to be a Shared World-style thread. It is my personal timeline/series, meaning I retain ALL final creative control over the series. However I do, as mentioned previously, welcome suggestions and contributions from all of you in order to help build the world.

2) Don't post anything (infoboxes, news bulletins, lists etc.) withought running your ideas past me first. There may be elements of established canon that you don't know about (mainy because I haven't posted it yet!)

3) I reserve the right to amend anything at anytime. If I want to change an aspect of the series that your post touches upon I will politely ask that you change it. I'm not doing this to be difficult.

4) Please don't post anything deliberately inflammatory or offensive.

5) Any Wikipedia Infoboxes not tagged with a Threadmark are not canon. I would like it if any Wikipedia Infobox posts not done by myself include an in-universe description just like I have been doing on previous threads. No Description = Not Canon.​

Now let us begin with the traditional renditions of the Royal and Imperial Anthems of the United Kingdom and Empire of Great Britannia:

Hail Britannia, God bless thee!
Hail, her people, strong and free,
Who fight and bleed in freedom’s cause,
Who fight and bleed in freedom’s cause,
And when the storm of war has gone
Enjoy the peace your valour won.

Hail Britannia, we expound!
Hail, her matchless beauty crowned!
March on Britannia, in the joyful throng,
Defend the right and right the wrong,
And let our Empire always be
Loyal, united, and forever free.

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Queen!

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Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton; Gary Johnson; Jill Stein; Evan McMullin


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And reposting the most recent update from the Alternate Wikipedia Infobox thread:


Donald John Trump, Lord Trump Kt (born 14 June 1946) is a British American businessman, television personality and politician who has served as a member of the House of Peers of Columbia since 1998 and as a member of the Imperial Council of Lords since 2009.

Trump was born in the New York borough of Queens and went on to earn an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1971 he has managed The Trump Organisation, the real estate development firm founded by his paternal grandmother, with his business career focusing on building or renovating office towers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He started several side ventures and branded various products with his name. He also produced and hosted The Apprentice television series for 7 years, and as of 2017 he is one of the richest people in the world.

Trump has been a long time supporter of conservative parties, although prior to 1987 he was a registered member of the liberal conservative Renew New York party. He received a Knighthood in the resignation honours list of First Minister Alexander Haig, 1st Earl Haig in 1989. Having long expressed interest in taking on a more political role, Trump was granted a Life Peerage as Baron Trump, of Queens in the City of New York and Long Island in the Commonwealth of Columbia and appointed to the House of Peers of Columbia by Arlen Specter in 1998.

Switching to the United Heritage Party following the Conservatives' defeat in the 2007 federal election, Trump's politics have shifted towards the right of the political spectrum. Following the resignation of Mario Cuomo to become Governor of New York and Long Island in 2009, UHP leader Rick Santorum nominated Trump as his replacement in the Imperial Council. In a surprisingly bipartisan vote, Trump was appointed to fill the elected peer vacancy by the 43rd Parliament, believed to be mainly in the hope he would stop embarrasing the UHP in the House of Peers.

Trump originally sat in the Imperial Council as a member of the British Heritage Party, but repeated clashes with leader Sarah Palin over his desire to be more involved in frontbench opposition ultimately led to Trump walking out of the party in 2012 alongwith Jeff Sessions, Imperial Councillor from Carolina, and the formation of "Team Trump", a right-wing populist, pro-business and anti-free trade party. Team Trump currently holds three seats in the Imperial Council, two in the Columbian House of Peers and one in the Carolinian House of Peers.


Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, 1st Viscountess Clinton PC JD (born 26 October 1947) a British politician and attorney from the Ohio Country who served as the 18th Deputy Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, the 34th Leader of the Opposition from 2006 to 2010, the leader of the Alliance of Imperial Liberals and Reformists from 2006 to 2016, and as the 15th Health Secretary from 1999 to 2001.

Born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Park Ridge, Clinton graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 and earned a J.D. from Yale Law School in 1973. After serving as a parliamentary legal counsel, she moved to Louisiana and married Bill Clinton in 1975. Following her husband's election as First Minister of Louisiana in 1988, Clinton used her ceremonial position to advocate for gender equality and healthcare reform, positioning herself as a candidate for public office in her own right. In the 1993 imperial election both Bill and Hillary Clinton were elected to the Imperial Parliament, becoming the first husband and wife to serve in the Imperial House at the same time.

Both the Clintons were rising stars in the Alliance of Imperial Liberals and Reformists, with Bill having been appointed to the cabinet as the Justice Secretary in 1993, and being elected Deputy Leader in 1995. However, on 28 July 1998 Bill Clinton was assassinated in New Orleans, Acadiana by the Cajun Republican Army, making him the most senior figure to be killed during the Louisiana Troubles, and his death led to the Good Friday Agreement of 1999. After a brief period away from public life to grieve with her daughter, Clinton was appointed Health Secretary by Richard Gephardt in 1999 and served until the Liberal defeat at the 2001 election.

In opposition Clinton became a household name for her fiery clashes with first Peter Reith and then Sir Richard Lugar over foreign policy. She succeeded Tom Daschle as Leader of the Alliance of Imperial Liberals and Reformists at the 2006 leadership election, winning 20 of the national contests and an outright majority of delegates at the convention. As Leader of the Opposition she took a more concilliatory approach to the Hayes Government, frequently reaching across the aisle to seek bipartisan support for education and healthcare reform, as well as securing a gradual end to the Second Gulf War.

Despite opinion polls predicting a Liberal plurality in the July 2010 election, a surge in support for the Social Democrats as well as a lacklustre and overconfident Liberal campaign, resulted in a hung parliament, with the Tories still the largest party. Attempts by both main parties to form coalitions failed and a second election was called for November. In a surprise result the SDP became the largest party, with the Liberals a close second. The subsequent SDP-Liberal-Green coalition resulted in Clinton being appointed as Deputy Prime Minister under the Layton and Lim governments.

Following the Liberals dropping to third place in the 2015 election, Clinton pledged to stay on as leader, however a scandal involving the use of a private email server to handle sensitive government emails and documents led to her announcing her resignation in March 2016. She was suceeded as leader and Deputy Prime Minister by Michael Bennet on 6 June 2016. Clinton would retire from the Imperial Parliament on 13 October 2016, citing a desire to spend more time with her family, and in the 2017 New Years Honours list was granted an hereditary peerage as Viscountess Clinton, of the Little Rock in the State of South Arkansaw in the Union of Louisiana.


Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is a British-born Texan businessman and politician who has served as a Texan Senator from New Mexico since 2011, having previously served as the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1999 to 2007 and a member of the Texas House of Representatives for Albuquerque North—Rio Rancho from 1991 to 1999.

Born in Minot, Dakota in the British Commonwealth of Missouri, Johnson and his family emigrated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Republic of Texas in the 1960s. He graduated from the University of Albuqerque in 1975 and founded his own company focusing on mechanical contracting. Johnson first entered public office when he won the seat of Albuquerque North—Rio Rancho in the House of Representatives as a member of the Christian Democratic Party. He served two terms in the House before running for, and winning, the 1999 New Mexico gubernatorial election. Johnson was re-elected to a second term in 2003.

Already on the socially liberal and fiscally conservative wing of the party, Johnson eventually broke from the Christian Democrats in 2006 and formed the New Mexico Libertarian Party. Term limited in 2007, he was succeeded by fellow Libertarian Casey Luna. Johnson briefly retired from political life between 2007 and 2011, until he won the 2011 senate election in New Mexico. One of three Libertarians in the Senate, that sit as part of the "Crossbench" group, Johnson is known as a swing vote, voting with the Christian Democrats or the Reform Party on a case-by-case basis. He has announced his intention to seek re-election in 2017.


Jill Ellen Stein, Baroness Stein of Lexington MBE CNE PC MD (born 14 May 1950) is a British politician, physician and activist from New England who served as the 11th Environment Secretary from 2010 to 2013, and as Leader of the Imperial Greens from 2004 to 2013.

Born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park, Stein grew up in a Reform Judaism family. Graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1979, Stein went on to practice internal medicine in and around the Boston area for the next 25 years. Turning to environmental activisim in the late 1990s, Stein was a federal candidate in New England several times before winning a list seat in the Imperial Parliament at the 2001 election.

Although Stein quickly became a prominent member of the Green frontbench team, she was still considered an outsider at the 2004 leadership election to replace Ralph Nader. In a tight race, Stein narrowly edged out Christine Milne of Australia for the party leadership. Stein would lead the party to an increase in seats at the 2008 and 2010 elections. Following the 2010 election and the formation of the SDP-Liberal-Green coalition, Stein was appointed as the 11th Environment Secretary and served throughout the Layton and Lim governments.

Stein resigned from the party leadership in 2013, citing a need for "new blood" and was succeeded by Elizabeth May, the first Green leader to not be a list MIP. Returning to the backbenches, Stein continued to advocate for environmental issues and healthcare reform, and was re-elected at the 2015 election, although she failed to win in the Boston Centre constituency. Following the mandatory retirement of Lowell Weicker Jr. from the Imperial Council at the age of 85, Stein was nominated as his replacement by First Minister Petar MacÀidh and granted a life peerage as Baroness Stein of Lexington, in the Province of Massachusetts in the Commonwealth of New England.


David Evan McMullin MBA (born 2 April 1976) is an Anglo-Californian politician and intelligence officer from Wasatch who has served as the Deputy Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs since 2016, and as a member of the Cortes Generales since the 2013 general election. A member of the National Liberal Party (PNL), McMullin previously served as an intelligence officer in the Californian Intelligence Agency (CIA) and as an adviser to the Chamber Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Committee.

McMullin was placed on the PNL party list at the 2013 election and was elected to the Chamber of Delegates, serving in the backbenches as a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Committee. Following the resignation of John Campbell, McMullin was appointed as Deputy Minister under Leiticia Carazo. A rising star in the moderate wing of the party, McMullin is tipped as a future leader in the 2020s.

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Huge Britain, but with Donald Trump as PM...

I'm conflicted. :oops:

Donald Trump isn't the PM!!! God no!!

He's a minor crossbench member of the Imperial Council of Lords (upper house of the Imperial Parliament) who is known for his right-wing views and larger than life personanlity. He leads his own conservative right-wing party "Team Trump" but it's a relatively minor group.
Donald Trump isn't the PM!!! God no!!

He's a minor crossbench member of the Imperial Council of Lords (upper house of the Imperial Parliament) who is known for his right-wing views and larger than life personanlity. He leads his own conservative right-wing party "Team Trump" but it's a relatively minor group.

*slaps self in embarrassment* :oops:
British Monarchs and Imperial Prime Ministers


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@LeinadB93: Perhaps post the list of Prime Ministers here? :)
I've noticed hints here and there. Layton, Lim, etc, but I'd also dig seeing a comprehensive list.

Here you go, the Monarchs and Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Empire (U.K.E.) and its predecessor states:


Monarchs of Great Britain and the Commonwealth (1701–)
1701–1714: Anne Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland until 1707, then of Great Britain and Ireland
1714–1714: Sophia [1]
1714–1727: George I Elector of Hanover
1727–1751: George II [2]
1751–1783: Frederick I [3] Emperor of All Britain; King of Virginia after 1753 [9]
1783–1817: George III King of Hanover after 1814
1817–1821: George IV [4]
1821–1830: Frederick II [5]
1830–1837: William IV Last British King of Hanover
1837–1901: Victoria Queen of the Dominions beyond the Seas after 1856; Empress of India after 1858
1901–1910: Edward VII​
1910–1936: George V​
1936–1936: Edward VIII [6]
1936–1952: George VI Head of the Commonwealth after 1949; Last British Emperor of India
1952–2020: Elizabeth II​
Heir apparent: Charles, Prince of Chesapeake and Wales [7]
Heir apparent: William, Prince of Appalachia [8]

[1] - Sophia of Hanover lives slightly longer until 8 October 1714.​
[2] - George II suffers injuries at Dettingen, and a combination of these and a fever lead to his early death.​
[3] - Frederick I "the Great" was exiled to British America in 1737 for preventing his parents from being at the birth of his first child. He was stripped of the title of Prince of Wales, and created Prince of Chesapeake. He gained popularity amongst the colonists and upon his father's death was proclaimed King of Great Britain and Ireland, and Emperor of All Britain at the White Palace (OTL White House) in Fredericksburg (OTL Washington D.C.).​
[4] - Dies earlier due to his heavy drinking and unhealthy lifestyle.​
[5] - Second son of George III. Lives slightly longer and ascends to the throne after his brother's death. Restores the prestige of the monarchy.​
[6] - Abdicates after Curtis, Vandenberg and the Dominion First Ministers refuse to support his marriage to Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced woman from Columbia.​
[7] - The title of Prince of Chesapeake was created in 1737 by King George II for his son Frederick during his exile. Upon Frederick's accession as King-Emperor he mde his eldest son, the future George III, Prince of Chesapeake and following the death of his brother, William Augustus, Prince of Wales, a tradition which continues to the present day. The holder is also Grand Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Duke of Illawarra.​
[8] - The title of Prince of Appalachia was created in 1762 after the birth of the future George IV. Since then it has been held by the heir apparent of the heir apparent. The current holder, Prince William, is also Duke of Cambridge, Marquess of Strathearn, Earl of Carrickfergus, Viscount Armidale, and Baron Anglesey.​
[9] - The Colony of Virginia was raised to the status of Kingdom by the 1753 Crown of Virginia Act as thanks for their proclamation of Frederick I as King and Emperor. It retains the title of Kingdom to the present day.​
Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Empire of Great Britannia (1876–)
11. 1876–1880 Benjamin Disraeli (England) (Conservative majority) [1]
12. 1880–1881 Sir Samuel J. Tilden (Columbia) (Conservative majority)
13. 1881–1886 Sir William Gladstone (England) (Liberal majority)
14. 1886–1889 Sir John C. Breckinridge (Virginia) (Conservative majority)
15. 1889–1892 Adlai Stevenson I (Ohio Country) (Liberal minority)
16. 1892–1896 Cornelis Vanderbilt II (Columbia) (ConservativeImperial Unionist majority coalition) [2][3]
17. 1896–1906 Sir Joseph Chamberlain (England) (Imperial UnionistConservative majority coalition)
18. 1906–1908 Arthur Balfour (England) (ConservativeImperial Unionist majority coalition)
19. 1908–1915 Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Canada) (Liberal majority, then Wartime Coalition) [4]
10. 1915–1919 David Lloyd George (Wales) (Wartime Coalition, then Liberal minority)
11. 1919–1922 Robert La Follette Sr. (Ohio Country) (Social DemocraticProgressive minority coalition) [4]
12. 1922–1926 Austen Chamberlain (England) (Conservative majority)
13. 1926–1931 Arthur Henderson (England) (Social DemocraticLiberalProgressive majority coalition)
14. 1931–1936 Charles Curtis† (Missouri) (Conservative majority) [5]
15. 1936–1937 Arthur H. Vandenberg (Ohio Country) (Conservative majority) [3][6]
16. 1937–1940 Sir Walter F. George (Carolina) (Conservative majority)
17. 1940–1945 Winston Churchill (England) (Wartime Coalition)
18. 1945–1946 Harry Truman (Missouri) (Wartime Coalition) (1st)
19. 1946–1950 Clement Attlee (England) (Social DemocraticLiberal majority coalition)
18. 1950–1955 Sir Harry Truman (Missouri) (Liberal minority) (2nd)
20. 1955–1964 Sir Robert Menzies (Australia) (Conservative majority, then Conservative–Social Credit majority coalition)
21. 1964–1968 Sir Jacob Javits (Columbia) (ConservativeSocial Credit majority coalition)
22. 1968–1974 Norman Kirk† (New Zealand) (Social DemocraticProgressive majority coalition)
23. 1974–1976 Barbara Castle (England) (Social DemocraticSocialist LabourProgressive majority coalition) [7]
24. 1976–1979 Sir Pierre Trudeau (Canada) (LiberalProgressive majority coalition) [4]
25. 1979–1981 Flora MacDonald (New England) (ConservativeHeritage majority coalition) [8]
26. 1981–1984 James Carter (Carolina) (LiberalSocial DemocraticProgressive majority coalition)
27. 1984–1990 Margaret Thatcher (England) (Conservative minority)
28. 1990–1993 George H. W. Bush (New England) (ConservativeLibertarian majority coalition)
29. 1993–1995 Paul Tsongas (New England) (LiberalSocial Democratic majority coalition)
30. 1995–2001 Richard Gephardt (Missouri) (LiberalSocial Democratic majority coalition)
31. 2001–2004 George W. Bush (New England) (ConservativeSocial Democratic majority coalition, then ConservativeHeritage minority coalition)
32. 2004–2010 Sir Henry Hayes (Ohio Country) (ConHeritage minority coalition, then ConLbtProgressive Conservative majority coalition, then minority coalition)
33. 2010–2011 Jack Layton† (Canada) (Social DemocraticLiberalGreen majority coalition)
34. 2011–2018 Sylvia Lim (Singapore) (Social DemocraticLiberalGreen majority coalition)
35. 2018–2018 Luis Fortuño (Puerto Rico) (Conservative minority, with Liberal and Progressive Conservative support) [9]
[1] - Disraeli sat in the Imperial Council of Lords as the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield.​
[2] - Vanderbilt sat in the Imperial House of Commons despite being the 3rd Earl Vanderbilt (most American Peers didn't sit in the Imperial Council untl 1923).​
[3] - Vanderbilt and Vandenberg have been the only Dutch-speaking Prime Ministers.​
[4] - Laurier, La Follette and Trudeau have been the only Francophone Prime Ministers.​
[5] - Curtis is the only Prime Minister of Aboriginal American descent.​
[6] - Vandenberg sat in the Imperial Council of Lords as the 1st Earl Vandenberg of Grandstad.​
[7] - Castle was the first female Prime Minister.​
[8] - MacDonald has been the only Gaelic-speaking Prime Minister.​
[9] - Fortuño is the first Spanish-speaking Prime Minister.​

And a bonus one, the election navbox for the U.K.E.:

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Why do the British, in all of these maps, never seize California?

Well after the Mexican War (1846-1848) both California and Texas gained independence from Mexico with Britain's help. There were plans for both territories to be integrated into the United Colonies of Britain-in-America, but the outbreak of the Republican Rebellion (1848-1851) in December 1848 derailed them as Britain dealt with the uprisings. By the time the Rebellion ends in 1851, California has crowned its own native King, and although Texas (by now a presidential republic) is keen on the idea, opinions in British America are lukewarm resulting in both nations becoming British protectorates rather than direct colonies.

The dissolution of the Colonial Congress in 1852 and the gradual process of British American Confederation leading to the formation of the U.K.E. in 1876 leaves California and Texas outside of the Union, but they are valued partners to Britain, often satirically described as the 31st dominion. Both are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Commonwealth Economic Community, the Common Travel Area, and the Common Defence Pact.
And of course, to everybody interested in Hail, Britannia...

As a significant contributor to this project, I know quite a bit of things that go in it that Lei hasn't published yet, so if you're curious in something and he's not here, I'll try my best to answer your question. :)

However, I do not know everything that goes in the project, so don't be angry if I say "I actually don't know much about that part, sorry". I'll just try my best with what I know, OK?
Pre-Thread Posts
And since Lei has changed the link in his sig, I'll post a list of past works he has done in the Wikipedia threads for people to peruse...

Hail, Britannia (pre-thread)
UK SDP leadership spill, 2004 & leadership election, 2011
American Theatre of World War I
Federation of India
Oregonian general election, 2011
Kingdom of Hanover; Hanoverian general election, 2012
Kingdom of Scania; King Valdemar V; Crown Prince Christoffer
National Republic of China (1927-1947)
Florida; Floridian general election, 2013; Floridian, Texan & Californian Spanish
Britain-in-America; North American Dutch; Daniel Taylor; Isaac Brock; Taylor-Brock family; Dukedom of Manhattan
Kingdom of Hawai'i; Hawaiian general election, 2015; King Kūhiō; Native Hawaiians
Hawaiians in the United Kingdom (Hawaiian British)
Russian America; Province of Alaska; Orthodox Church in America; Alaskans; North American Russian; Russian-American Company
Mexican Empire; Mexican federal election, 2013; Emperor Agustín V; President of the Government; Josefina Vázquez Mota
First Minister of Florida; Order of the Star of Florida; 2015 Floridian independence referendum; Viceroy of Florida; Carlos López-Cantera; Juan Taylor-Brock y Menendez
Dominion of Newfoundland; Newfoundland general election, 2016; Newfoundland Gaelic; New Labrador Party; Order of Newfoundland

Kingdom of the Californias; Californians; Californian general election, 2013; King Ramón IV; Wasatch Autonomous Region; Jon Huntsman Jr.
Nova Scotia (& 2013 provincial election); New Brunswick (& 2014 provincial election)
Dominion of Canada; Canadian federal election, 2015; United Democratic Federation; Canadian Alliance; Progressive Conservative Party; Alaskan Uprising; North American French
George Washington; Marquessate of Mount Vernon; Washington family
Commonwealth of New England; New England federal election, 2015; Liberty Party of New England; Conservative Party of New England; New England Gaelic; United Kingdom imperial election in New England, 2015
Commonwealth of Missouri; Missouri federal election, 2014; Amy Klobuchar; Progressive-Farmer-Labor Party of Missouri; Progressive Conservative Party of Missouri
United Kingdom of the Cape; Cape federal election, 2013; Annalie Gwabini; King Willem VI Themba; Capelanders; Provinces and autonomous regions of the Cape
Republic of Texas; Texans; Texan presidential and legislative elections, 2014; President of Texas; Prime Minister of Texas; Texan states; Texas-United Kingdom relations
Common Travel Area
Gibraltar; Victoria-on-the-Rock; Tetuan; 2015 Gibraltarian general election
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