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  • 22000 Kevin

  • Well this is sad end for such a long-time member.
    22000 Kevin 1
    The fact that he mentioned his Ukrainian fiancee on several occasions in the Ukraine-Russia thread clearly made the topic very emotionally personal for him, so that likely explains why he completely snapped and started fights, breaking the rules of the fourm...
    Lord Cheddar
    Lord Cheddar 1
    Ah, that is indeed unfortunate, I hope that wherever he is, he's doing okay. I can understand his perspective, but his ban definitely seems justified. Do you think he has a chance of getting back onto this forum anytime soon? Do you know if he posts on other websites?

    In any case, thanks a lot for the enlightening response.
    22000 Kevin 1
    I highly doubt we will see a successful appeal for the removal of his banning, Ian the admin is the only person that can remove a ban and the fact that he will remember the nasty comment that Faeelin made to him personally doesn't help.

    Edit: Checking the other fourms that I'm aware of, other than a few mentions of him he seems to have disappeared.
  • Omar04

  • Sprichst du Deutsch? Du kennst die deutsche Geschichte sehr genau. "Holding Out for a Hero: Gustav Stresemann Survives" ist unbeschreiblich geschrieben.
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