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Planet in Wars, a parody of Naboo from Star Wars and meant to represent New Jersey. However, it also incorporates elements of Pennsylvania and other nearby US states. Najoisey has an industrial northern hemisphere and a green and pleasant southern hemisphere.

It is populated both by human colonists (Najoiseyans) and the alien Irritatingungan race. However, at the end of Episode I when G.Bone spilt soda on Thande's CGI computers, the entire Irritatingungan race was erased, except for radical_neutural (aka Rad Rad Neut).

Despite this, in subsequent films, owing to a loophole in the constitution (that every race has one senator) Rad Rad Neut becomes the Senator representing the race of which he is now the only member.

The human Najoiseyans are a race of pacifists who strangely have a lot of powerful Alankey fighters. They practice a system of government known as “Monarchy as Misunderstood by Ignorant American Screenwriters” and were variously ruled by Queen IronYuppie and King Matt. There is also an elected governor, Psychomeltdown, whose major role is to be repeatedly kicked in the balls by IronYuppie for being late with Series episodes.

Najoisey was the setting for much of Episode 1. Due to Thande believing the film “The Core” to be a documentary, it has a hollow core filled with ocean and giant penguins and sealions. This allows Irritatingungan bongo-powered submarines to travel through the middle of the planet.

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