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Kapitan Steffen

Shift-capable warship in The Series, crewed by the interdimensional mercenaries known only as The Germans. AKA The German Ship.

The ship first appeared in DON'T MENTION THE PORN!, though only in a small role. In HAIR TODAY, GOTTERDAMMERUNG TOMORROW we learned that the ship was built by the “brilliant German scientists” of Deutscherwelt thanks to the Stereotypica Virus. After many unsuccessful attempts to track down the Hairplane and Justin Pickard, with the AH.commers' help the Germans succeeded. The ship fought the Hairplane at both the King's timeline and the Hollywood timeline, in the latter case finally destroying it with help from the Ship. However, in the battle, Captain Steffen was killed and the previous unnamed ship renamed after him.

Under Susano, the Kapitan Steffen became more advanced due to Max Sinister discovering how to modulate Pickard viruses in order to gain more German Techwank. By the time of CITATION NEEDED, where the ship went head-to-head with the WikiWorld and won, it was packing atomic howitzers, lasers and Pickard-derived Technobabblyon Particle Weapons. It is also equipped with a Luftwaffe CGI Generator which allows it to cloak.

It appeared once more in ZE POORLY-DISGUISED PILOT, a German-centric episode.

The ship is shaped like a 1930s rocket ship, with weapons and devices emerging from hatches on its pristine grey hull. As well as its regular crew, it has a small army of Cyborg Robots With Green Blood, and carries several shuttles and at least two Panzers.

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