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A successful sci-fi tv and movie franchise. It centers on an eponymous device that allows for rapid travel between planets light years apart. The stargates are gates made of naquadah. Stable wormholes are formed inside the circular gates when one gate dials another. The stargate networks were built by the Alterans. The Stargate Universe provides for a multitude of ideas for alternate histories. Fanfics

StarGate Timelines and Crossovers

Analytical Engine has made a Stargate Atlantis fanfic: Stargate Atlantis X.

Sargon has made a Stargate and Star Wars crossover fanfic: Star Thors: A Stargate/Star Wars Crossover. Wiki entry here. RPGs

Fans of StarGate on

Add yourself to the list, if you're one. Discussions on StarGate

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