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Star Thors: A Stargate/Star Wars Crossover

An ASB story by Sargon that crosses over the Stargate and Star wars universes. It received a Turtledove Award in 2010 for Best New Short Fiction Fanfic and can be read on the forum here.

The story is currently paused whilst the author finds time to finish up the next part.


Originally intended as a one shot with just a single part, it has proven to be very popular with people calling for another part, and thus the author has decided to continue with it. The premise is centred around the survival of the Asgard who have managed to solve their genetic degradation issue, and takes place a few years later where they are in the process of rebuilding their empire and becoming strong once more. Samantha Carter is working on investigating the Ancient Database with them, and the benign aliens have made improvements to their ships and technology as a result.

However, after retuning from a successful battle with the Wraith above Earth, Supreme Commander Thor diverts his course home to investigate a stellar anomaly. The ever curious Asgard are thrown through into another universe where they head for the nearest populated planet in order to make some friends. The only problem is, the planet happens to be a neutral state on the edge of the Outer Rim that has made the mistake of doing a trade deal with some Rebel elements, and is under attack by an Imperial invasion fleet when Thor arrives. Bound by the Asgard code that defenceless civilians must be offered assistance, Thor intervenes, and before long is at war with the Empire, who get a taste of Asgard technology. The highly professional Imperial forces try to deal with the issue as best they can.

Although there are quite a few Stargate/Star Wars crossovers out there, the author has seen few if any where the Asgard directly face the Empire. So, he decided to write one, and pit the superior technology of the Asgard against the awesome industrial might of the Empire, bringing in the other factions on both sides as the story goes on. Familiar faces make an appearance from both the fictional world and the real world. And it has a Daedalus class vessel called HMS Warspite.

The author stresses though that as this story is written primarily for his own fun, he has made it very clear that he is not sifting through every single bit of Stargate canon or the Star Wars Expanded Universe to satisfy the extreme detail geeks of the board, otherwise, given there's so much to go through, he'd only give up if it got bogged down in such stuff.. He will however use such details as he can without going insane.


Part I: Link

Part II: (In Progress)

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