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A member from Washington State. Part of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition.

To describe Gryphon to a board member that does not know him well or at all, tell said member to imagine that guy that's at the bus stop down the street. You wouldn't notice if he wasn't there, but he's there anyway. Doesn't leave a big impact, but just enough that he isn't forgotten completely. In recent years this has become so often noted that now he's sort of a Millard Fillmore type figure, famous for being obscure.

Most known for supporting the British Empire, Britishness in general, and being a good, though not excellent, mapmaker. A self-described 'right-wing communist nutjob,' however, he rarely discusses politics. Knows a good bit about classic novels, science fiction books and television shows, and military equipment of the post-Vietnam era. Has highly detailed plans about what he would do in case of an ISoT. Gryphon is slowly, slowly writing a Future History novel (with a President named Joseph Steele!) and several other, less important projects.

One of those lesser projects, recently completed, is The End of the Superpowers, which, despite its name and the way it's written, has a PoD in 1944.

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