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Official Bar Bill


The idea of an Bar is not a new one: the direct inspiration for the legislation was the infamous I'm Drinking... thread. This would not have established the first Bar – in fact, one had been established in nine months earlier – it would have established an official bar for the government. This bill, while innocent in and of itself, stirred up controversy since it was being considered in the midst of the Troll invasions of late 2007.


Acting President Sargon (E) proposed establishing an official Bar of, in connection with the fabled “I’m Drinking” thread, on November 24, 2007. This proposal was immediately supported by Nekromans (YSP) and Ran Exilis (E).

Text of Legislation

The Parliament shall establish an official Bar of, in connection with the fabled “I’m Drinking” thread.


Public outcry arose when word got out that this law was being discussed, rather than addressing the continuing troll attacks. Some threw accusations that this was a do-nothing Parliament and called for recall elections, specifically DelawareWerewolf. As a result, the Official Bar Bill was abandoned in favor of discussing the troll invasion and n00b rights. Rather than do so through parliamentary action, Sargon decided to go ahead with the idea anyway and the existing Bar was recognized as the official bar of the board via executive decision.

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