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offtopic:ah.com_bar Bar

The drinking hole of is the place where members relax and enjoy friendly chats with their fellows. Or that's what some members thinks happen. Usually the Bar is a scene for conventional (and not so conventional) bar fights with furniture and bodies flying about the place whilst some of the members actually DO try to have a drink and get things off their chest by engaging in conversations with their colleagues and friends there. Common implements for having a go at people include such things as pool cues, darts and broken glasses. Escalation to heavier weapons is usually inevitable.

The Barkeep however, amongst all this chaos nonchalantly and stoically continues to serve the drinks and snacks in the best tradition of most movie barkeepers whilst remaining unscathed from everything. It is common for members to buy each other rounds of drinks. The Bar stocks a welcoming array of beverages, although it has been known and allowed for members such as Ran Exilis to turn up with extremely rare and well received vintages of various sorts which they share with others hanging out there at the time.

The Bar was originally set up by Michael who often partakes in his hobby of defenestration by hurling troublesome members out of the the windows and at times barring those who cause far too much trouble. He is the Minister of Defenestration in the Cabinet as a result. Michael is apparently the Landlord, although the Barkeep is thought to be a different person because of his more accommodating manner. Or maybe he's Michael's other personality, we're not entirely sure.

Sargon has created a impenetrably shielded quiet place in one part of the Bar defended by his personal Daleks for those who wish sometimes to have proper conversation and a drink. From time to time he indulges the Daleks by letting them loose on the troublemakers.

The Bar can be found here.

The 'I'm drinking....' thread is considered an offshoot of the Bar for those who are suitably inebriated enough.

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