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Seleucid Triumph

Seleucid Triumph is Imajin's only completed timeline. Its POD is in 250 BC, with Seleucid King Antiochus II Theos defeating Arsaces and preventing the rise of the Parthian Empire. The Seleucid Empire becomes a major power, often conflicting with Rome and conquering India, before eventually falling to a heavily Hellenized Persian Empire.

Imajin's tendency for large-ranging butterflies has resulted in some odd effects. Britain remains Celtic, and a short follow-up to the timeline describes what it looks like at the end of the timeline under independent rulers. Christianity is almost completely divergent, with female Popes in one branch, and a fusion of Christianity with Paganism in the other. Babylon is a major Christian city. In Rome, the Senate restores the Republic in 130, but loses it again in 167. In 352, the Franks become the Kings of Rome.

The timeline ends in 445 AD, with Seleucus XI Nicator being defeated in a last-ditch revolt against the Greco-Persian Empire. It can be read here.

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