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The Parliament Crap Filter Bill of 2009

During the “cooling off period” that followed the fights over the Military Bill, Direct Democracy Bill, and other matters of controversy (largely between the EVIL and FFF Parties), the Lower House went through a phase of discussing frivolous topics, such as what hats members were wearing, what animals (or in one case, clowns) they had brought to work, and what they were drinking in Parliament. Some MPs voiced concern that their fellow legislators were wasting the Parliament's time and spamming the message board.

In response, MP Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) introduced the Parliament Crap Filter Bill on August 21, 2009, to penalize MPs deemed to be spamming the board. Although many Members agreed with limiting spam in principle, they opposed the bill's draconian measures and its imprecise definition of “spam”. Former President Sargon entered the chamber to decry the bill as “unenforceable”. It quickly accrued 8 “Nay” votes and was defeated on August 23.

MP Jimbrock (FFF) had initially been the only supporter of the bill, but he in turn changed his vote to Nay. As a compromise, he introduced the softer “Discussion Bill” the following day, but this too failed to gain any support.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS Parliament is troubled by all the spammers who work for the Government.

BE IT ENACTED that all non members of Parliament shall be held accountable for their spamming up Parliament.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that by a majority vote by Parliament, the accused non-MP, non-President member shall be denied to speak in Parliament for the next three weeks.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the punished non-MP, non-President member will be able to speak through someone else when carrying out official duties in the Parliament thread.


Voted Aye

Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (1)

Voted Nay

Paladin (E), Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Jimbrock (FFF), Don Giorgio (FFF), ImperialVienna (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), oakvale (Ind) (8)

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