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The Discussion Bill of 2009

MP Jimbrock (FFF) introduced the Discussion Bill to Parliament on August 24 as a milder version of the Crap Filter Bill of Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP), which had been soundly defeated the day before.

Like the Crap Filter Bill, the new bill attempted to curtail spam and frivolous discussion. Unlike Crap Filter, it imposed no penalties and was merely a list of “guidelines for etiquette”. The bill, however, received neither much support nor attention. This may have been because the issues it addressed seemed to be gone, and Parliament was again discussing real issues, indeed, so many issues that the Discussion Bill went almost unnoticed. The Raising of R'lyeh Bill had been introduced just before the Discussion Bill, and though it was definitely silly, it was at least a real bill. Furthermore, a number of MPs were discussing a possible bill (never actually written) to change the titles of the President and other members of Government. Finally, some MPs were again discussing the FFF's suite of democratic reform bills, especially the Direct Democracy Bill, all of which were slated for reintroduction soon afterward.

In the end, the Discussion Bill failed when too few MPs had voted on it after a week.

Text of the bill

WHEREAS Parliament sometimes fills with irrelevant messages and discussions;

BE IT ENACTED that any sort of irrelevant discussion or friendly chat between members of Parliament or Government should take place only when a bill is not being discussed.

BE IT ALSO ENACTED that if a member proposes a bill, the members of Parliament cease their chatting and discuss said bill, voting if they wish. At that time, if members wish to continue chatting they may do so in the Congress for Discourse regarding Parliament.

BE IT ALSO ENACTED that these are simply guidelines for ettiquette. Any any member of Parliament breaking the above guidelines shall recive nothing but a few angry nods.


Voted Aye

Jimbrock (FFF), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (2)

Voted Nay

Iori (DISPPR) (1)

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