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Complete Works of Sargon

Long time member Sargon has created a number of works on the boards and they are listed below.

Timelines, Stories and Crossovers

No Terror of Justinian - Glory Instead! (aka The Roman Emperor Who Lost His Nose) is a TL covering an alternate second reign of the Roman (Byzantine) Emperor Justinian II. It won the Best Mediaeval TL and Best Timeline Superlative Turtledoves in the 2008 contest.

Star Thors - A Stargate/Star Wars Crossover is a story covering something rarely seen in such crossovers and that's an Asgard centred work. In this Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard finds himself in the Star Wars universe and with a bit of a problem on his hands. It won the Best New Fanfic in the 2009 Turtledove Awards

Be Careful What You Wish For is a story where elements of various science fiction universes come alive. The twist being that it starts off in a region of disputed islands in East Asia which is bound to cause mayhem with the nationalistic tendencies afoot in that area. Features cameos from various board members. It won the Best Alien Contact and Best ASB Project Superlative Turtledoves in the 2008 awards as well as Best Alien Contact TL and Best Continuing Alien Contact TL in the 2009 and 2010 contests respectively.

Star Wars - Emperor Palpatine of the Whills has its roots based upon the opening monologue in the original novelisation of Star Wars where the Emperor is seen as an isolated figure significantly different from the one that later developed. An at times shocking take on the Star Wars story, this follows a quite different path from what we are used to. It won the award for Best Continuing Fanfic in the 2010 Turtledoves.

The Central African Empire - It's Back! is a rather whimsical look at a restoration of the Bokassa family in the Central African Republic. It comes in two takes, the first penned by American Emperor and the second part a revision by Sargon.

The Holy Roman Empire - It's Back! is another tongue-in-cheek look at the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire under the late Archduke Otto. There are two takes, the first penned by Sargon and the second a revision in two parts posted by Susano.

Galactic Challenger is set in the near future following a certain bearded entrepreneur's dream to provide facilities in space both for tourism and commercial purposes.

Babylon 5 - Fleet of the Mentor Link features a crossover set within the Babylon 5 universe. A powerful new unknown faction arrives and it's not long before a potential spanner is thrown in the works of the plans of the Shadows and Vorlons.

Byzantium 1203 - The Changeling Link is set in the months before the Fourth Crusade's sack of Constantinople. Odd things start to happen to Emperor Isaac II, and soon the crafty Doge Dandolo of Venice finds himself with an unexpected problem to deal with.

Babylon 6 (in which Babylon 5 has something weird happen) Link is a story in which Babylon 5 sees the arrival of a collection of ships from other universes, including Blake's 7, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica amongst others.

A Big Stink Caused by a Fragrant Harbour (A Hong Kong to Europe ISOT) Link is an ISOT which sees present-day Hong Kong relocated off the coast of contemporary UK and the mayhem that results.

Hippodrome (1940s International Naval Battles) Link is a story with surprising events going on. Naval battles with battleships, carriers, cruisers and more duke it out in the midst of a world turned upside down. Nearly every navy large and small gets involved.

Musashi and Yamato ISOTed to Denmark Strait Link is a unintended story which just happened to evolve from a discussion thread about swapping with Bismarck and Prinz Eugen who themselves end up meeting up with a Japanese task force in the future.

Vignettes, Specials and One-Shots

BattlestargateLink is a tongue-in-cheek take of the original BSG's Count Baltar marooned on a remote world. Originally meant to kick off a Stargate/BSG crossover.

A Song of Stars and FireLink is a oneshot about a mysterious force arriving in Planetos.

Varys Link a oneshot based on the premise of ASOIAF/Game of Thrones characters being ISOTed to contemporary Earth.

Sargon's Turtledove Acceptance Speech Chaos Link When making an acceptance speech for the 2010 Turtledoves, Sargon gets gatecrashed by angry characters from his various works.

Note from Sargon: Wiki article entries for the final ten stories/vignettes will be created at some point. For now, I have provided direct links to the threads concerned so readers of this article can at least find them.

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