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Galactic Challenger

A future history story by Sargon that follows the adventures of a certain bearded entrepreneur and his friends. It can be read on the forum here.

The story is currently on hisatus pending an end to writer's block currently afflicting the author.


Having its origin in real life events, the story takes place in the near future where private companies have managed to set up regular flights to space stations they have put into orbit, for space tourism and research purposes.

One man however has a dream. He's an adventurer, a businessman and a pioneer. He has bags of enthusiasm and confidence, and loves to name his vehicles after saucy ladies rendered on the hulls of such in retro 1940s style. He is the “Grinning Beard” and the Queen likes him. And he has plans…


Part I: Link

Part II: Link

Part III: (In progress)

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