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The Holy Roman Empire - It's Back!

A future history TL by Sargon and Susano resulted from a fun WI where people were thinking about how to revive the HRE, and what would happen if the Pope simply declared it to happen. It can be read on the forum here.


American Emperor kicked off a thread about how to get the Holy Roman Empire back in the near future. After some discussion, Sargon took up the challenge in a tongue-and-cheek style seeing as the premise was somewhat dodgy and implausible from the start anyway. Susano later added to Sargon's TL utilising his own in-depth knowledge of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire to create a more sober and detailed version.

In the TL, the Pope has a visitation by God and is told to restore the Empire with Dr. Otto von Habsburg at its head. Believing it God's Will that he do so, the Holy Father embarks upon it by calling Otto to the Vatican, and secret plans are set in motion to bring back the Empire…


Sargon's version: Link

Susano's revised version: Part 1 Part 2

A continuation was planned by both authors in their respective story universes which offered the best of both worlds, however things are currently on hiatus for a while. Speak nicely to them, and they may write more when they have time.

List of Emperors

  • Franz II 1792-1835
  • Ferdinand IV 1835-1848
  • Franz Joseph I 1848-1916
  • Karl VIII 1916-1922
  • Otto V 1922-2012
  • Charles IX 2013-

(renumbered since the Pope retrospectively declared the Empire to be in existence since 1806)

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