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The Central African Empire - It's Back!

A future history story by American Emperor and Sargon. A tongue-in-cheek exercise at how Jean-Bedel Bokassa's short lived empire of the 1970s can be revived. It can be read on the forum here.


The challenge was to recreate the Central African Empire within the next 20 years of the original posting date. American Emperor came up with a version that had Bokassa's son take advantage of discontent in the northern part of the country. Sargon liked his ideas, but refined them after doing a large amount of research and copious reading of documents such as the Constitution which were in French (the official language of the country).

Thus both story ideas follow the efforts of Jean-Bédel Georges Bokassa, the son of Emperor Bokassa I as he takes advantage of a rebellion in the northern district of Vakaga in the village of Birao. Before long, nostalgia, (yes, it does in fact exist despite everything) for the time of Empire sees people coalesce around him in hopes of bettering their lot, and the revolt moves closer to the capital. President François Bozizé is soon put into a position where he has to negotiate…


American Emperor's version: Link

Sargon's revised version Link

No further parts are planned at this time, as it is intended to be a one-shot, although a continuation is possible.

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