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Map Challenges

This is an overview of map challenges that have been started on The nice thing about the maps made is that it gives a quick look into an alternate history setting. Coupled with the recurring high quality of the map designs created for various alternate histories, make the map challenges a valuable part of

There are the occasional map challenges on the forum that are incidental, as opposed to structural ones like the MOF-series. These incidental map challenges will also be included into this overview.

Happy cruising!

Akkismat and Petike

The Map Contest

An older, now discontinued regular map-making competition.

The initial proposal

Map Contest 2006

Map Contest 2007

Map of the Fortnight Contest

Here are the crucial links for the current main map-making contest.

Map of the Fortnight - The contest's main wiki page.

Map of the Fortnight : Main Thread - The contest's current main discussion board thread (2016-).

Map of the Fortnight : Main Thread - The contest's older main discussion board thread (2009-2016).

Map of the Fortnight Topics - Used for suggesting topics for the next round.

Map of the Fortnight Rounds - A full overview of all the rounds and their winners, with detailed info.

The Alphabetic Bouts of Cartography

A brand new map contest consisting of 26 weekly rounds, started by Kaiphranos in August 2012. If you want to know more, read the Announcement Thread.

We'll gradually create an updated list of themes and winning entries as the contest unfolds. Stay tuned.

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