So Maria had a run in with the Teenage Trio. Will she get a visit from Schultz and friends? Could this get Emil involved with yet another encounter with his future wife?

All to be revealed. :)
Ah... Marriage between Maria and Emil. I'm thinking about Maria writing a book, somewhere along the line of "My militant husband and his merry band", detailing how a woman (a career woman, no less) can deal with the occupation of her husband. It becomes the best-seller of the year.

Kat, under a nickname, writes a book about make-up (part of the disguise training), and the book becomes the favourite book of the German Queen.
One of the best ATLs I've ever seen.

Just one thing bothered me. What happened to Bulgaria? They're the only of the other Central Powers that The Kaiserreich could've saved ITTL in my opinion.

Anyway thanks for this amazing timeline. Its so good that I literally joined this forum just to post this.
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One of the best ATLs I've ever seen.

Just one thing bothered me. What happened to Bulgaria? They're the only of the other Central Powers that The Kaiserreich could've saved ITTL in my opinion.

Anyway thanks for this amazing timeline. Its so good that I literally joined this forum just post this.

Amazing username.
Part 16, Chapter 163
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Three

5th August 1938


Of all the experts that they could have gotten this was not what Schultz had in mind. It had been Juan Pujol’s suggestion and Schultz had immediately had his doubts. “You want the girl to learn to fake it” Juan had said “The best teacher is someone who is already been doing it for years and has taught others to do the same.” The was a very sanitized way of phrasing it. When Kat arrived in the basement of the Abwehr building they had decided to have a meeting as to what they were planning and hopefully get Kat on board. She had been recruited because she could get into places that the rest of the team could not. It was time for her to start living up to that promise.

Their consultant had other plans.

The way Frau Alscher was circling around Kat for the last half hour reminded Schultz of vulture closing in on a wounded animal. This was precisely the sort of thing that Schultz feared. Beata Alscher was the Madam of one of the most exclusive brothels in Berlin who had agreed to consult for them in exchange for a reasonable per diem and certain legal considerations. She had spent a lifetime dealing with men of a certain social class and knew exactly how to walk within those circles.

The problem was that it was obvious that Alscher viewed Kat as a piece of undesirable meat and Kat was sitting in a chair enduring this in silence. Schultz knew Kat’s tells well enough to know that she wouldn’t endure this much longer. Considering what they were paying her they needed more for their money or else Schultz would have a hard time justifying it.

“You didn’t give me much to work with” Alscher said as she pulled off the elastic band at the end of braid that Kat wore her hair in and began to unravel the copper colored braid.

“Such beautiful hair for a plain faced Berlin guttersnipe who hides behind bulky clothes” Alscher said “It’s a waste, she’s probably going to end up like her mother. In an early grave after whelping one too many brats in a few years. Was it the hemorrhage or the infection that killed her in the end?”

Schultz watched as Kat visibly bristled at that. This was getting dangerous. Those bulky clothes probably concealed a number of weapons that Kat had doubtlessly learned to use under the tutelage of Weise and Schaffer.

“Of course, she's probably just as morally compromised as her father” Alscher continued, seeing the anger smoldering in Kat’s eyes. Schultz knew that the term morally compromised was not a term that could be used for Kat and considering some of her attitudes it was likely to remain that way. Alscher carried on, seemingly oblivious “Poor little Katherine Mischner and her illusions about her family. Do you honestly think that Otto Mischner has been living like a priest these last several years? All men have an itch to scratch and I can tell you personally that man is no saint. Would it surprise you to learn that even before your mother died he was…?”

The proved too much for Kat who was on her feet so fast that the chair fell over behind her. Schultz barely managed to get his hand around her wrist before she reached Alscher. Kat connected with several kicks that would easily felled lesser men as she struggled to get at Alscher and escape Schultz's grip. Kat had clearly taken the lessons she been given in self defense to heart and he could tell that even as enraged as she was she still didn’t really want to hurt him. Still she managed a kick on his instep that caused pain to race up his right leg. Frau Alscher on the other hand she would have cheerfully torn to pieces.

“Drop it” Schultz said in Kat’s ear and a spade-like dagger of the sort that wouldn’t break off in a body clattered on the floor. Alscher watched all of this with detached calm.

After Schultz managed to hand Kat off to Schaffer with great difficulty, he left them in the hallway while he went back in to speak with Frau Alscher. “Was that necessary?” He demanded angrily.

“Yes” Alscher said “It was.”

“If I might ask why?” Schultz demanded.

“I had to see what I was really dealing with” Alscher said “You aren’t the only ones who gather information and your sheltered little virgin has had her father’s people devoted towards keeping her safe for years. And you’d better believe that they are everywhere. Sooner or later she needs to learn that the world is not always a nice place and bad things can happen, even to her.”

Schultz wasn’t sure that sheltered was the right word what Kat was but made sense that her father had spared no effort in keeping her in a protective bubble. His reach extended wherever the State railways went.

“You didn’t need to try to turn her against her father” Schultz said.

“All I told her was the truth”

“Even so” Schultz said, “If you are going to continue working with us you will need to patch things up with Kat and that will not be easy.”

“If she has as much potential as you seem to think then she will come to me” Frau Alscher said evenly.


The Summer was at its height so the crew of the Bergepanzer found themselves rushing from one job to the next. A week earlier, the Heer in its infinite wisdom had promoted Axel upsetting the ecosystem within the tracked vehicle. That nominally left Axel in charge which didn’t go over well with Kurt who had previously thought he was in charge and Olli had refused to take a side in their conflict. Kurt walked across the depot to cool off a bit. It wasn’t that he disliked Axel but it was that he didn’t want to take orders from someone who had been following his lead for months.

Kurt was starting to wonder if volunteering for the Luftpanzer project would be a good idea. Tissue paper armor and vengeful Para Generals considered. That was when he came upon where one of the Panzer Vs was parked. He’d seen plenty of them broken down but had not had a chance to check one out while it was in working order. The hull was exactly the same as the Bergepanzer but where it was full of equipment and lockers for storing tools this one had a turret.

Kurt climbed through the commanders hatch and saw that in spite of the large vehicle’s sheer size there wasn’t any more room inside than in a Panzer II. The gunner's seat was where it would be expected to be, just in front of the commanders. He saw that there were two scopes, one a wide angle and the other a six power just like on the Panzer II. What was different was that the gun breach of the powerful 8.8cm gun extended deep into the turret in a way that the 5cm gun in the Panzer II never had.

There was the sound of the crew returning and Kurt climbed out. The TC, a Feldwebel, saw him. “Who the Hell are you?” He demanded.

“No one” Kurt said, “I was just taking a look.”

“Try looking elsewhere” The Feldwebel said.

As Kurt walked back towards the Bergepanzer he heard the Panzer start up.
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An 88 in the Panver V? That will put anyone opposing in a world of hurt. Presumably Russian tank development has taken much the same path as OTL?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Panzer V in TTL is the analog of a cat of a very different stripe than the Panzer V of OTL. ;)
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Part 16, Chapter 164
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Four

8th August 1938


Kat had been sorting through old reports all morning, with Spain over Schultz no longer had the excuse of an active conflict to avoid doing the paper work that the mandarins across the way in the OKW building adored. Schultz had the understanding that it was done to avoid redundant actions and to prevent turf wars between the Abwehr’s special warfare teams. That didn’t mean that he had to like it, so he had stalled for as long as possible. For Kat, it was almost a relief to be digging through boxes of expense reports, so that the costs this outfit had run up in Spain could be tallied, as opposed to brooding about what had happened the previous Friday.

It was not that she hadn’t known that her father had stepped out on her mother, Aunt Marcella had let that slip years earlier. It was dealing with the idea that someone outside her family had not only known but was likely involved and perfectly prepared to rub Kat’s face in it. Between that and the willingness of that horrible woman to violate Kat’s personal space by playing with her hair. Kat wasn’t sure quite what she should have done. She had that dagger in her hand and would have stabbed that woman to death before she had even a chance to think about what she was doing. Kat had been totally out of control and had been baited into it, something that made her deeply uncomfortable.

Eventually she decided that she needed air and rather than walking out the side door she just went out the front. She wanted to avoid dealing with anyone and when she thought about it, it made perfect sense that most of the people who worked in the Abwehr building preferred to use side door. As soon as she walked out the door she realized that there might be merit in taking future breaks on the roof.

Frau Alscher was standing there with a group of soldiers, Panzer Grenadiers, exchanging banter with them. It was when Kat noticed that one of the soldiers she was talking to was Hans…

Frau Alscher looked over and saw a furious Kat standing there shooting daggers at her with her eyes. “I’m sorry boys” She said, “But I’ve a feeling I’m needed elsewhere.” There were obvious sounds of disappointment as the group of soldiers moved on.

“You would be happier if you didn’t spend all your time trying to be the greatest bitch in all the world” Alscher said “You’ll find that it’s a stiff competition in which even if you win, you still lose.”

“I want you to leave Hans alone” Kat spat at her.

“Your brother is a man who can take care of himself” Alscher said “He reminds me a lot of your father when I first met him.”

Alscher could see that she had Kat standing there her face pale with anger and quivering with rage. Johan Schultz had made Kat promise that she wouldn’t attempt another attack like the one from the week prior, if Kat kept on like this she would give herself a stroke.

“Believe it or not I’m here to help” Alscher said.

“Is that some sort of sick joke?” Kat hissed.

“It’s not a joke” Frau Alscher said “The real joke is your inability to handle the truth. There were so many other things I could have gone into like the real nature of your relationships with your friends, the General’s daughters. Do they see you as an equal or as a well-regarded pet?”

Alscher smiled sweetly, that one hit the mark. Like all young women Kat’s age, she was a mass of insecurities and self-delusion. Until she learned to stop bullshitting herself Frau Alscher would have keep having to beat her over the head with the truth.

“You fucking whore” Kat said, with a voice that emphasized each syllable as if it were cut from ice.

Frau Alscher laughed at that “You think you’re better than me because I’m honest about what I am” She said “We’re all whores, every one of us. You sold yourself for a paycheck and the illusion of independence somewhere down the line. If you ask me, that’s a pittance and it’s just the sort of messed up deal that we all get to make.”

“I never asked you” Kat said curtly before she fled back into the building.


It was a city made of plywood, concrete and brick cladding, or at least a couple of city blocks built to approximate one. This was a live fire exercise so they were buttoned up inside of the Bergepanzer. In theory, they could stick their heads out but the sound of shell fragments hitting the roof suggested that doing so would be a bad idea. The thing was that there might be infantry out there and their vision through the optics was very limited. They had been ordered to tow in a Panzer IV that had broken down in the midst of this mess.

Kurt could see the Panzer through the periscope as Axel backed the Bergepanzer up to it. White smoke was coming from the engine compartment meaning that coolant was boiling off. That disgusted Kurt, here he was stuck in a support vehicle and those crumbs couldn’t even be bothered to properly maintain their vehicles. They had obviously pushed the damned thing forward ignoring the coolant leak until the engine seized up.

“I need one of you two to go out there and hook it up” Axel said. Kurt realized what the problem was with Axel, he was perfectly prepared to ask others to do what he wasn’t willing to do himself.

“Don’t move this thing until I get back” Kurt said.

Axel just glared at him. It was obvious that no matter what happened here Kurt would be gone as soon as Axel could arrange it. Kurt didn’t care. He pushed that out of his mind climbed down through the belly hatch and crawled through the road dust and building fragments towards the Panzer IV. As he hooked up the chains between the two vehicles from the relatively sheltered spot between the them it occurred to him what he really wanted. He wanted a spot on a Panzer V but he just didn’t know how to make that happen. Then like a ray from the heavens he realized that he just needed to ask, not that he would get it. But that was something that he’d never tried before, strange.
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Nice set of updates. Shame reality and a Madam have slapped Kat in the face. Hopefully she can learn from this and become a better agent. She might also arrange an 'accident' for Alscher. Maybe nothing permanent, just upset her looks and show her being a bitch can come with a cost.

Kurt may get his transfer and maybe even a chance to prove himself. Perhaps Ollie will be able to follow him and leave Axel behind.
Like @zert said. If you press somebody's buttons too much, even with uncomfortable truths, they're liable to strike back, especially if you keep pushing.
If not physically attacking the Madam, Kat may work behind the scenes to ruin the witches life.

Pull a Jacob and have her dropped in China or even Russia. :D
Eh, she was a bitch, but she's not an enemy agent. This gives her less freedom to act.
Plus look where that lead Jacob. Spiting people but leaving them alive is rarely a good call.
Spiting people but leaving them alive is rarely a good call.
Isn't that exactly what Miss Alscher was doing?
I don't deny that it's useful for, say, interrogation resistance training, and learning to control your temper is always a plus, but everybody's got breaking points and sour subjects.
Part 16, Chapter 165
Author’s Note; The idea of Kat getting revenge or trying to one up Beata Alscher is probably correct. But as Kat will learn, when the subject of your revenge knows what you want, they can play you like a fiddle.

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Five

22nd August 1938


Schultz was seated behind his desk in his office with the door closed. Juan Pujol was seated across from him sipping from a glass of something strong. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for what I’ve done” Juan said.

“There’s no need” Schultz said, “I think I’m finally starting to understand what we’ve been seeing.”

Kat and Beata Alscher had been at each other’s throats for the last two weeks. Frau Alscher’s favorite weapon had been the harsh truths that Kat didn’t want to see and she was completely inured to the worst sort of things that Kat could have said back. It was Kat’s own innate stubbornness would not let her back down. Alscher was using that against her, slowly wearing Kat down forcing her to reassess many of her previous assumptions. Schultz hated what they were doing but Kat had an ignorant arrogance that was sooner or later going to bring her to grief.

They needed Kat to admit that she needed to learn to be able to function outside of working class neighborhood and urban centers she’d grown up in. That took time and preventing blood on the floor had become a fulltime job for the rest of the team.

There was a knock on the door. Juan cracked it to see who was out there worried that it might be Schaffer or Weise there to warn them that Kat had tried to acquire explosives or a firearm from one of the other teams, again. It was Frau Alscher.

“Tell me there’s more where that came from” She said to Juan as soon as she came through the door gesturing to his glass. As Juan poured her a drink she said, “Pigheaded and obstinate” To Schultz.

“Excuse me” Schultz said.

“The girl” Alscher said “The same things that make her the sort that you might want in your business would make her an absolute nightmare in mine. Not that I’d be likely to encounter a young woman like her. Her sort would sooner join a convent and basically run the place in a few years, priests be damned.”

“Are you saying that you are giving up?” Schultz asked.

“No” Alscher replied as she took the glass from Juan “It just took a bit more work on my part. Fortunately, Katherine seems to think that getting the last word is something that her life depends on.”

“That keeps her coming back to you” Schultz said.

“And for longer and longer each time” Alscher said “I want her to get her to agree with the idea that she needs to learn how play her part but it’s in no one’s interest to break her spirit.”

“Wait” Juan said, “You want her fighting with you?”

“You find that surprising” Alscher said “But I understand how she thinks. Forty years ago, I was her except I didn’t have the opportunities that you’ve provided her.”

“Aren’t you worried that Kat will find a way to hit back at you?” Schultz asked.

“I would be stupid not to” Alscher said “But she is still predictable, the sort of guile needed not to just use brute force is not something that she has acquired, yet.”

“Is that why you didn’t react when she tried to stab you the first time? Schultz asked.

“Exactly” Alscher said “You were between me and her that time.”

“It seems to me that you take too many risks” Schultz said.

“It’s a calculated risk” Alscher said “And like all risks I expect a reward based on those.”

Schultz let it end there. He didn’t want to think about what reward Beata Alscher would be angling towards.

“What do you intend to do next?” Schultz asked, changing the subject.

“For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been giving Katherine the stick” Alscher said “Tomorrow, I’m going to start giving her a carrot. You want her to be able to blend into whatever strata of Society she finds herself in, that’s more than just knowing which fork to use. There’s an attitude, a sense on privilege and entitlement that is difficult to approximate but it can be done. I think she’ll find it fun. She has her doubts about the genuineness of some of her friendships and would probably enjoy taking a bit back from them, not that she would ever admit it.”

“Just what makes you think that Kat will cooperate with you tomorrow?” Schultz asked.

“Because I will give her the one thing in this world that she wants more than anything” Alscher said with a smile “A chance to prove me wrong.”


Kurt was told no and the Hauptmann had told him that the next time he saw Kurt he better be presentable or he was going to go on report. The reality of spending the last month and a half constantly in the field and up to his elbows in diesel engines had left Kurt with scruffy hair and a faded, stained uniform. As he waited for a bothersome experience in the barber’s chair he realized that if was going to get the opportunity his was looking for he’d need create one for himself. Later when he saw a half dozen men wearing the Panzer Corps black trying to get into the infirmity he had an idea. It would probably land him in the stockade but it was worth a shot. He talked to the men who were waiting there and discovered that one was a gunner from a Panzer V who had mashed a finger the day before and was milking that for all it was worth. Perfect, Kurt thought, one person being a slack ass was an opportunity for someone else.

It took a bit of time but Kurt found that man’s outfit. Technically he was AWOL but he doubted that anyone would think to come looking. “I’m your substitute gunner this afternoon” Kurt said with a smile to the skeptical Spear who was commanding this particular Panzer.

“You don’t look like much” The Spear said.

“I was a gunner on a Panzer II from the Pyrenees all the way to Madrid” Kurt said.

“The Tiger is a bit of a different beast than the Panzer II” the Spear said. That was a new term for Kurt.

“It looks like you're stuck with me this afternoon” Kurt said, “You’ll get your regular guy back tomorrow and if you think I suck you’ll get to blame me for everything that goes wrong.”

“Sounds like you got yourself a deal, Kid” The Spear said.
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Part 16, Chapter 166
Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Six

23rd August 1938


“You really are a screw up” Hauptfeldwebel Preis said, “How the Hell do you get yourself busted this way?”

Kurt had been confined to quarters for the last day as an investigation had been conducted. His posing as the gunner in the Panzer V had gone a little too well. The 8.8cm gun was a revelation, shooting flat out well over a kilometer did that and Kurt had been having one of those rare days when he couldn’t miss. It had been one of the last shots of the day that had been his undoing. He’d hit the target at just over 500 meters while the Panzer V was rolling at nearly full speed. Even though the Panzer was on a road, that shot should have been impossible. Kurt had taken the snap shot turning the target into an expanding cloud of splinters. This had made Spear Preis look good, the Spear had then tried to give Kurt his due just as Kurt was trying to sneak back to where he was supposed to be.

“You managed to make the entire brigade look like saps” Spear Preis said “The Oberst took his sweet old time reaming them over this. It’s just as well you are stuck in here, that lot are seriously pissed about getting shown up by a drudge from a recovery team.”

“Tell them that I’ll be spending a bit of time in the stockade” Kurt said, “Then I’ll be lucky to get assigned to the most disgusting thing the Oberst can think of.”

“You’ll get to tell them yourself” Preis said “I flew a line of horseshit to the brass and you were helped by the fact that your current PC wants you gone. I pulled some strings and got you reassigned.”

“Thank you” Kurt said.

“Don’t” Preis said “I now own your sorry butt and if you even think of pulling this insubordinate shit with me then you’ll wish they’d hung you compared to what I’ll do.”


The silence in the room would have been preferable compared to how things had been over the past weeks if not for the tension.

“This is not what I came here for” Frau Alscher said to Schultz “You told me that Katherine had this untapped potential but all she wants to do is fight with me and I can’t do this.”

Schultz watched as Kat sat there with a smug, satisfied look on her face. Kat thought she had won and that was exactly as Alscher had said was going to happen.

“Very well, Frau Alscher” Schultz said, “We’ll make arrangements for you to go back to Berlin but not for several hours.”

The look on Kat’s face was of bliss, it was all Schultz could do not to slap her, he might have if he didn’t know what was coming next. Alscher had no intention of going back to Berlin just yet nor of giving up.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more” Alscher said, an inscrutable look on her face.

“I’m sorry too” Schultz said, “I also regret that you’re going to have to wait until we can arrange for your transit to be secure, if you were on the same train as Kat there might be an unfortunate incident.”

“Wait” Kat said, “Why would I be one the same train?”

“Silence” Schultz said, “I’ve had it up to here with you.” That happened to be the truth, he was tired of this entire episode.

“But why would I be on the same train?” Kat asked again.

“I said silence” Schultz said.

When Alscher had told Schultz and Juan Pujol about this plan Schultz had realized that the prior two weeks had been building towards this very moment. Kat would feel like she had won and then it would all come crashing down around her ears.

“But why…”

“SILENCE!” Schultz yelled in the voice that was a holdover from his days as a noncommissioned officer. Kat was frozen in place.

“We cannot have someone here who has been stripped of credentials” Schultz said, “And with your constant arguing with your instructor you’ve more than proven her point about you not giving her much to work with.”

“What! You can’t…” Kat started to say.

“I can do whatever the Hell I want” Schultz said cutting Kat off.

“Thank you, Herr Schultz for this opportunity, such as it is” Alscher said “I hope next time things work out better.”

With that Frau Alscher got up and walked out of the room. Schultz turned and saw that Kat looked absolutely stricken. Alscher had been clear about this part of the plan he was to do nothing for her.

“You can’t” Kat repeated, clearly on the verge of tears. Schultz knew full well that she was facing nothing less than getting her old life back. An indifferent family and no future.

“You’ve done well before this but if you end up fighting with your instructors, how can we keep you around?” Schultz asked, he knew full well that Beata Alscher had been baiting Kat the whole time but that hardly excused Kat. Her taking the bait showed a deep immaturity on her part. Schultz sighed “Frau Alscher hasn’t left yet, if you can convince her that you can work with her then perhaps something can be arranged.”

With obvious trepidation Kat left the room. Schultz understood that there was a reason why Frau Alscher was as good at her chosen profession as she was. It was about power and control, who had it and who didn’t. The instant Kat reacted badly to Alscher on that first day she lost and Alscher knew it. The rest had been about letting things come to a head and maneuvering Kat into this position.

Kat was having to beg a woman who she passionately hated to take her back if she wanted to keep her position here. And Schultz figured that Frau Alscher was going to make her grovel before changing her mind. It was one of the most grossly manipulative things that Schultz had ever seen. Frau Alscher had said that she wanted to reward Kat, the brief flash of triumph when Kat thought she’d won. Some reward, Schultz didn’t even want to think about what the punishment would look like.