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  • bryanfran36

  • By the end of April, we will have the anniversary of the Fall of Saigon come and happen.

    I don't know why, but I am watching a lot of documentaries about the Vietnam War.

    Can we had more Vietnam: Eternally Firm, please, I'd developed a fondness for Admiral Morrison and Pilot John Maverick.
  • bryanfran36

  • May we haz more 2019 Vietnam ISOT?
    ComradeH 1
    I'd love to, but at the moment, I'm stuck with
    • Engineering class (one among the hardest of the whole degree)
    • Civ6 game
    • An online specialization with the first month free for Data science. I'm planning to finish the whole (9 courses, done 3 of them already) within the first month
    • The Infinite Stratos fanfiction
    So... yeah, it'd be a while until I have time for the Vietnam ISOT
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