eastern front

  1. Axis victory:Nazi-Japan transcontinental rail,oil pipeline

    The POD that America remains completely neutral. So no Lend-Lease to the Allies and no Embargo on Japan. In the Europe Nazis capture Moscow seperating the Soviet transportation from Northern, Southern and Eastern Russia. This results in those seperated regions being conquered one by one and Nazi...
  2. Nell_Lucifer

    How useful would a SS.10 anti-tank missile have been for Germany during WW2?

    This question stems from a similar thread regarding ATGMs stopping Soviet armored columns/breakthroughs and curtaining any offensive capabilities, as such, could the same thing apply to Germany in this case? I think the introduction of the SS.10, or an analogue in 1942/43 would greatly impact...
  3. WI: An Austrian Schlieffen-plan in WWI

    OTL the Austrian plan for a war against Russia and Serbia was to have one army defending against Serbia and 4 focus and attack against Russia. Even if this wasnt horribly botched like OTL and went perfectly it would still not have achieved much of significance. From 1908 the latest Austria...
  4. Germany focuses on on the Eastern Front in 1916

    How do you get Germany to go on the offensive in 1916, would the offensive succeded? How far would it penetrate into the Russian lines and how would it affect the rest pf the war and the Russian Revolutions?
  5. Japan without the Nazis

    Scenario: a world where Hitler died in the trenches, the Nazi party never took off, and Germany never started a major war. I'm also going to assume that Stalin stays put and that while there are regional wars and military buildups, no massive conflict occurs. Meanwhile, by the late 30s, China...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    Different Eastern Front in WW1

    What if Germany won WW1 in 1914 by winning by the Schlieffen Plan succeeding or winning the Race to the Sea? My question is how the Eastern Front will develop on military area. Will Hindenburg and Ludendorff stay as commanders and with that will the “Hindenburg Myth” still occure, or would there...
  7. How to get Russians to agree to an earlier Brest-Litovsk Treaty in WWI?

    In OTL, Russia and the Central Powers agreed to an armistice on December 15, 1917, and began negotiations for a Russian exit from the war. Initially, the Central Powers merely demanded that Russia cede more or less the territories they'd already occupied by that point - Poland, Lithuania, and...
  8. Could the Vistula-Oder offensive have reached Berlin?

    Apparently after they stopped on the oder there were basically no intact units between the front and Berlin. OTL Zhukov was worried about his flanks, and spent a few weeks mopping up the germans in east Prussia. If he decided not to do this, and instead charges into Berin, can the Soviets get...
  9. Friedrich der Große

    Russo-German peace after a CP victory in the west

    What if Germany won WW1 “quick” in the west in 1914/1915. How would the Eastern Front develop? And what would be the peace treaty between the CP’s and the Russian Empire?
  10. US UK liberate Eastern Europe before soviets without lend lease

    can US and UK prevent Soviets from taking Eastern Europe before soviets by decreasing lend lease and liberate Eastern Europe ?
  11. WWII Eastern Front 1942

    What if after the capture of Sevastopol in the summer of 1942, Von Manstein’s 11th Army was transferred to Army Group Centre instead of Army Group North as it historically was? Were operational plans to capture Toropets and Sukhinichi bulging into the German frontlines feasible? How about just...
  12. Reverse Barbarossa: How far do the Soviets reach?

    In 1941, the Russians launch a full-scale invasion of Germany just before they could kickstart Barbarossa. How far can the Soviets reach before if they're ever stopped?
  13. thezerech

    July 1917 Kadet Coup against Kerenksy?

    More or less what it says on the tin, I'm curious about the plausibility of, in the aftermath of the Kerensky offensive and the July Days, a Kadet-backed coup (a la Kornilov affair, perhaps with Kornilov) during the tail end of July 1917. At the time of the July Days another revolt was happening...
  14. Bomster

    Nazi Germany defeats the Soviets, how long does it last after that?

    Let’s say that in the most plausible way possible, Nazi Germany manages to “win” the eastern front, either by consolidating the A-A line, the Soviets collapsing, or they simply get even more lucky than they did IOTL. Germany now rules the whole continent. How would the Western Allies respond...
  15. SunKing105

    WI: Soviets escape Kiev encirclement?

    The Battle of Kiev was one of the largest battles of the Eastern Front and the largest encirclement in military history up to that point, where the 5th, 26th, 37th, and 38th armies lost a huge amount of manpower and material, and Kiev was captured. The Stavka refused to allow efforts to break...
  16. How could the USSR do better with a POD of June 22 1941?

    There are a lot of threads about how could Germany do better in the eastern front, but the USSR initially suffered staggering losses and a couple millions of its troops got encircled, as well as losing large swathes of territory. How could the USSR do better since the start of Barbarossa...
  17. Alternate strategies used by the germans post Stalingrad?

    What if after the disaster at Stalingrad, the German army and my extension Hitler adopted a more cautious strategy after the fiasco, not to win but force the eastern front into a stalemate? What could the Germans have tried? What would be resulting arms race be like? What would be the effect...
  18. SealTheRealDeal

    Rommel goes east, Model goes south

    Similar to another switcheroo I did a couple months back What are the consequences of the two German generals who spent much of their time feuding with their staff and leading from the front switching theatres?
  19. WI no disaster at Gnila Lipa?

    In a scenario, inwhich Austria-Hungary mobilises according to Case R+B(Russia+Balkans), and therefore deploys the 2nd Army against Russia from the very beginning, what operational options does the K.u.K Army have, if the Russian 3rd and 8th Armies are stopped in East Galicia? How far North can...
  20. BlackDragon98

    WI Hitler decides to treat some ethnic groups in the USSR better than he did OTL?

    What if Hitler decided to postpone his extermination of the Slavs until after the Reich has militarily defeated the USSR? (AKA driven them beyond the Urals) This would include treating some specifics ethnic groups (Baltics, Ukrainian, Cossack, Belorussian(?), Chechens) in the USSR better than...