spanish civil war

  1. The_Persian_Cat

    Mondragon Corporation in Republican Spain?

    Hello all, So, the Mondragon Corporation is one of the largest business entities in Spain, and is involved in a great many sectors (including banking, consumer industry, heavy industry, retail, and (through Mondragon University) education). It's also a federation of workers' cooperatives, with...
  2. Spanish civil war ends in a draw

    I've been thinking, what if the civil war ended inconclusively, and both nations managed to stay neutral during WW2? How would they have developed during the Cold War? Could they have reunified later? Would they have been accepted into the UN, NATO and the EU? One way to start this timeline is...
  3. Shift of interwar party coalitions in a Moscow-Berlin Axis world

    While Moscow-Berlin Axis is a very popular and perhaps even overused trope in alternate history I have never saw a discussion about how it would affect elections in France and Spain during 1930s. So, the first PoD in my exact scenario is that Poles are even more successful during the...
  4. Friedrich der Große

    Spanish Civil War if Germany won WW1

    So let’s say Germany wins WW1 in 1916 because Italy joined the Central Powers a year earlier. What would the effects of this be on the Spanish Civil War? Would it still happen?
  5. AHC: Make the Spanish Civil War even worse

    the Spanish civil war took what is assumed to be from 500,000 to 1,000,000 lives. Many factions existed during the war, but the main two were the Fascists and the Republicans. Would it be possible to make this even more split? How so? I know this is a dark challenge, and I have no ill-will...
  6. Hijos del Pueblo: a (somehow) libertarian Spanish Republic
    Threadmarks: 1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco.

    1- July 17, 1936: the uprising in Morocco. It was the scheduled day. Colonel Eduardo Sáenz of Buruaga and the rest of the conspiracy’s General Staff of the Protectorate met at the Indigenous Regular Force headquarters in Tetouan. They would take control of Morocco as soon as Franco arrived in...
  7. Xenophonte

    Republican victory at the Battle of Cabo Espartel (Cape Spartel)?

    Would be possible a different outcome of the (Spanish civil war) Battle of Cabo Espartel (Cape Spartel)? Perhaps with a different political decision of the Spanish Republica government leadership, possibly thanks to better information or to prioritise to use their loyal fleet units to keep...
  8. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: the Rif breaks away during the Spanish Civil War?

    Anti-Republican sentiment was strong in Spanish Morocco, especially the Rif, during the Spanish Civil War. The Republic had committed many atrocities during the Rif War, and many felt the fascists would protect the conservative religious values of Muslims as well as Christians better than the...
  9. Dan

    Spanish Civil War Question

    How much impact did the Nazi intervention in the Spanish civil war have on the war itself? The scenario is that Germany, for whatever reason has not fallen to extremism, no Nazism, no Communism. It has a very conservative government, and one that has decided not to intervene. Italy and the...
  10. Effects of a stalemate peace or a late CP victory in WW1 on Spain?

    Can't really expand on the question, I really don't know much about Spain from this era. Still, I'm curious about any kind of views and thoughts on the matter. How would Spain develop in such world? Would the monarchy still be overthrown? What about the civil war? Please tell me what you think!
  11. A swift Republican victory in the Spanish Civil War?

    The right-wing coup that kicked off the Spanish Civil War was actually a huge failure for the conspirators, at least at first. Although they took nearly all of the north, important cities like Oviedo, Seville and Córdoba, as well as the colonies (where their best military force, the Army of...
  12. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI The Carlists Lost the Spanish Civil War

    In our timeline the Carlists managed to win the Spanish Civil War. But what if they were defeated and the Republicans, the Communists, or the Falangists had won? How would this Civil War had been different, and how would Spain have been shaped in the 20th century when WWII rolls around?
  13. WI: Francisco Franco Assassinated in 1941

    In 1941, Spain was a neutral power with ties to the Axis. Their government was arguably indebted to Germany and Italy due to their intervention on Franco's behalf, and Hitler hoped to convince Franco to join the Axis side to close the Mediterranean to Britain. The negotiations went nowhere, but...
  14. WhiteDragon25

    AHC: Getting Trotsky involved in the Spanish Civil War. Possible?

    If you're wondering about the title, a few months back I made a thread for explaining the backstory for an alternate-history map I made, the link to which you can find in my signature below; one of these PoDs had Leon Trotsky move directly to France instead of Turkey after his initial exile, and...
  15. WI: O'Duffy's Irish Brigade in Spain more successful

    In 1936 Irish fascist Eoin O'Duffy assembled an Irish Brigade to fight for Franco in Spain but what followed was basically Murphy's Law come to life as poor discipline, drunkenness, a lack of combat and an infamous friendly fire incident among other things took their toll on the unit's morale...
  16. A Twist to the Spanish Civil War

    Carmela dumped the last of the potatoes into the boiling water. The water had come on for a few hours earlier that day, so at least she hadn't had to lug it from a truck. Carrying bottles and tins of water home made life a misery, so she was grateful whenever the workers were able to get the...
  17. Master Xion

    AHC: World War II starts over Spain?

    During the Spanish Civil War, Germany and Italy gave support for Franco while the only support the Republic got was from the USSR. What if the British and French intervened in the Civil War on the side of the Republic and this sparked WWII? Is that plausible or is it ASB?
  18. What would an Allied invasion of Franco's Spain have looked like?

    Say Franco enters the war on Hitler's side in 1940, and thus seals his regime's fate when Anglo-American troops start pouring into North Africa. What would have been the most likely date for the Allies to invade? c.1943, in conjunction with the invasion of Sicily/Italy? 1945, after Germany and...
  19. Challenge: Stop Spain's slide into chaos

    Is there a way to stop the political upheaval that overwhelmed Spain in the 1930s? I mean no fascism and no Civil War The PoD can be whenever you want from 1900 to 1930.
  20. RedTerra

    What Happens to the Lincoln Brigade if Republic Spain won?

    Suppose the Spanish Republic won the war (‘how’ is up to you. I think plausibly it would have been if the Soviets gave more aid, maybe less divisive, and/or maybe if the Axis Powers provided less support), how do you think the Lincoln Brigade and it’s members been treated following the SCW and...