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I know that but that fact that it is a US state might make it weird. We don’t have a “Florida” dog, do we?

We have a Labrador dog, and that’s a place in Canada.

We have a Dalmatian dog, and that’s a place in Croatia.

Brittany dog, and that’s a place in France.

And Chihuahua is already, in real life, a Mexican state.
It was a simple misunderstanding. No need to continue to pile on him for not knowing the origin of the dog species.

However! I can confirm that the name "Chihuahua" remains the same for the dog breed.
Now I'm wondering, are there any dog or cat breeds (either New England specific or not) that are unique to this TL?

Since posting cat pics seems to be the norm here, here's a cat.
1. Bravo @Kanan , you are just too amazing to comprehend at this point. Is there no limit to your awesomeness?

2. However, this page on South Africa made me both sad and clench my fist in anger. I find it heartbreaking that countless innocent Africans still live like slaves ITTL.
How would the international and investigative journalist fare or worse in TTL South Africa? I think sometimes there are journalists who are trying to report about the realistic conditions are suffered from getting harassed by the government.
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