Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England

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    I'm assuming Seth Efrika is also banned from the Cricket and Rugby World Cups and the Commonwealth Games as well.
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    That is another part of the long list of unfortunate things relating to ttl South Africa, as we can't dominate in rugby(which we invented and anyone who says otherwise is lying and is probably a Zimbabwean)
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    I'd even say that OTL France didn't deserve to win it's second World Cup win.... :p
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    Hopefully something can end the nightmare of South African apartheid. Though it's a damn shame my country of Israel hasn't won any.

    Hey @Kanan , could you list all the things that are worse in this timeline than IOTL? I remember you doing it once, but I can't find it.
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    The ones I can largely see IMO would be...
    • Even worse Troubles, compounded by the fact the Britain owns all but County Cavan in this world.
    • South African apartheid turned up to 11 (the only saving grace being that at least they're not Rumsfeldia where they're outright killing Anglo-South Africans as well)
    • Israel not being that great compared to our world (balanced by the fact that the Holocaust is butterflied away and there's more Jews in Europe; say how's Isabella García-Shapiro in this world btw?)
    • The Soviet Union still existing (At least it couldn't get any worse like in TotRT)
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    Add to this:
    -China has like 1 billion poor near subsistance farmer, although it is growing very fast, it is a good generation at least behind our china's in term of development.
    -Burma has had an afghanistan scane war, and is more of a mess than IRL
    -Cambodia transitioned from a Khmer-rouge like regime into a shitty, but slightly better, communist regime, poorer than IRL
    -Generally It seems that some sort of colonialism and effective economic segregation is still very present in german namibia, Dutch and German Guinea
    - As far as i can tell from comment on kanan's discord, Indonesia is still a dictatorship and doesn't seem to have grown economically much, still very poor
    - Basically it seems that the continuing colonialism made europe wealthier at the expense of africa... It doesn't seem great at all, furthermore from some of kanan's older comment globalization is less developped and many manufacturing job didn't move out of the northern countries, while this likely had a positive effect in the northern countries compared to IRL, she said that many electronic devices are both more expensive and slightly less advanced, and that means that more than a billion of people in asia who IRL were able to leave subsistance farming and move to cities to do manufacturing jobs simply... weren't able to, at least she said it is starting to happen in india.
    -France is maintaining a quasi-segregationist regime in algeria and deported several millions algerians to the desert in southern algeria, Libya is effectively italian-led.
    -Generally central Europe/Balkan seem to have more tensions, both historical and currently, Serbia/Yugoslavia is a Dictatorship.

    Also i'm not sure what you mean that the USSR still existing is a bad thing, it seems to have liberalized, let away the baltics (although from the look of it it didn't let the caucasus states go away...) and has a gdp per capita 2 times larger than our Russia, that seems quite better.
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    Well somehow, Israel still has a GDP per capita of $35k, that's nothing to be ashamed of. I'd hoped that it was 13.43 million people and a GDP of $610.16 billion (don't w=ask why that number), but $470 billion isn't bad.

    Also, don't disrespect the USS of R. They made Russia and the ex-Soviet lands literate and industrialized. They did things I can't even talk about, but they did good things too.

    Also, I was just thinking of an alternate Iran that was developed and would be really cool ITTL.
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    Okay, never thought I'd need to say this, but I'll state it once for the record. The ends will never, in any circumstance, justify the means when those means include violent suppression of dissent and genocide. Any disrespect is more than warranted.
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    I don't want to get into a fight with you, and some of the things the USSR did can never be forgiven (mainly what that bastard Stalin did to Ukraine), but people tend to forget that they helped make millions of people literate, healthier (encouraged vaccines), more equal than in the just as bad Russian empire (the empire had many famines as well), and more developed. It doesn't justify what happened to the poor Ukrainians (I hate Ukraine with my soul for helping the Nazis kill Jews and being antisemitic to this day, but I can actually understand it considering Stalin tried wiping them out and the Nazis initially promised freedom) and the other atrocities Stalin did, but people shouldn't just list the bad without at least saying that some good emerged from the days of the USSR. Besides, after Stalin, the rest of the leaders weren't nearly as rotten.
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    Colonialism industrialized Africa and India, but obviously we don't say that colonialism was only somewhat bad
  11. Bulldoggus Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion

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    Also let me say that on the literacy front, the Sovs goosed their numbers in a big way. I mean by the end the urban population was literate, but a in the rural or outlying regions, there were a lot of what we would call functional illiterates. Maybe they could read the Russian version of "Dick and Jane," but they didn't actually have enough literacy to improve day-to-day lives.
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    THere's a difference: before communism, 95% of people in the now ex-Soviet Union were poor and illiterate, with sickness being common. Yes, tens of millions of them died for stupid reasons, but @Bulldoggus there is a reason that the ex-Soviet nations have literacy rates of 95-99%. COmmunism is built on good intentions (Cambodia and North Korea excluded), colonialism is built on evil intentions which only claim to be good. It's all a matter of principle. Also, Colonialism made India poorer (example) by draining resources, but when Afghanistan was communist, women were actually treated like PEOPLE! Now look at how they're treated. *sigh*

    Now let's stop getting off topic. I had no idea this would happen from one thing I said.
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    What’s the American Supreme Court look like?
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    Ok, so I was watching the movie Ethan Frome, which takes place in a fictional town in New England some time in the late 1800's. It's admittedly not the most exciting movie of all time, but it did a really good job recreating the old New England accent, which is possibly the weirdest accent ever (you know, the one that Lovecraft wrote his lower-class characters with? This is what that sounds like). Anyways, I was watching this scene, and I think I gasped out loud at 2:54.

    Look what is before us, men, for what we see...
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    After reading the whole thread over the past week or so, I am finally caught up.

    @Kanan, this whole project is so wonderfully done, I just don't know what to say. The world building is so deep and well thought-out, the writing is smart and engaging, and the graphic design and presentation is BEAUTIFUL. I seriously don't think I've ever seen anything on AH.com that both looks this good, and reads this well. I hope you can keep going with it. I also love how you're able to mix in the dynamic contemporary politics and current events that drive a story, while also running with the historical background.

    I will probably ask some more specific in-universe questions later, but I just wanted to thank you first for creating this, and doing such a fantastically thorough and inspired job with it.
  16. Jamee999 England --> Brooklyn

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    And now a few of my questions for @Kanan. Apologies if some of them have already been covered, but we are more than four and a half thousand posts into the thread:

    • Is there any thought of creating a new province out of western Long Island? Brooklyn and *Queens (and maybe some of the LI suburbs) seem like they would do better not being governed from Southampton. Intranational secession is kind of a thing for me.
    • Is the city of Westchester all of OTL Westchester County? Or is it just the Bronx, Yonkers, and maybe some of the places in the south of the county?
    • It's interesting that the NE Speaker of the House lost re-election. In the UK Westminster system (and I believe in Ireland, too?) the Speaker is traditionally not opposed in the general election. New England seems to have a similar general role for the Speaker as the UK (as opposed to the partisan US system) but with contested elections. Is that correct?
    • What are the differences between the OTL and TTL US Constitutions? I know we've hit on a few more recently, and clearly the stronger Reconstruction had some differences, but I would love if you could explain the alt-Constitution a bit more. Did incorporation of the Bill of Rights still happen?
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    Hi! Thank you!! I've been seeing you name pop up in my notifications, I knew you were running through the thread! I am 100% still working on this. I have two big releases coming up for Our Fair Country, and they are taking a lot of time!!

    1) Sure, there's a very strong movement for it. The issue is both the Province and the Federal Government need to approve a measure to carve a new province out of an already existing province. The Conservatives have no desire to go down that path, while Labour is equally as hesitant. Much of the focus has instead gone towards strengthening Long Island's counties (at the expense of the provincial government) to give the west more autonomy from the east.
    2) The City of Westchester can be seen on this map of the Tri-City Region.
    3) Normally - yes. However in principle the opposition party will run a weak candidate who does not campaign and will normally engage in riding-wide discussions about public policy (in sense, the race becomes a large town hall and the constituents engage in understanding their civic duties as being represented by "the speaker"). In this instance, the SDP threw all conventional norms out the window, campaigned heavily and toppled the speaker.
    4) There's a fair amount of differences I'd say. I will try and touch on them soon. I have a lot on my plate doing the two large updates for OFC at the moment sadly, and am going to start to pivot to Europe for a bit this spring in terms of content. Hopefully this summer we can swing back to the United States!
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    And here we go. I'm going to start posting every Friday, one week per year, until we get to 2019, when I will post monthly, real time updates.

    On opening day of the 2000 operating season, May 21, the fourth and largest coaster at Lake Compounce opened: Boulder Dash. This coaster goes on the side of Mount Southington in the same layout as ITTL. It opens to rave reviews by enthusiasts, praising the airtime and continual sense of speed with the forest flying past.

    The announcement for 2001: A new waterpark will open named Soak City. The area will be included with admission to LC. It will open with a Wave Pool; Mammoth Falls, a family raft ride; Lights Out, an enclosed body slide that is themed to a lighthouse; Lake Plunge, 2 tube slides that end in the lake; Anchor Bay, a lazy river, and 3 soak zones: Buccaneer Bay, Clipper Cove, and Keeper's Cottage.

    Next Friday: Soak City opens.

    On the doc linked here, help me with ideas for the 2002 year, which will be a flat ride in Thunder River.

    Note: Nickelodeon Land (to be named Universe) is now scheduled for 2003.
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    This is 2019.
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    I'm starting in 2000 and going until we get to present day, one year each week.