List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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    So while the Senate can't actually refuse to seat a member, they can determine who can sit in the Senate. The Senate Ethics Manual says that the Senate can protect its own reputation for any conduct "so notorious or reprehensible that it could discredit the institution as a whole, not just the individual, thereby invoking the Senate's inherent and constitutional right to protect its own integrity and reputation."

    So being a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, and his full-on racist and antisemitic statements, basically lead the Senate to expel him as a member.

    Pretty much.
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    Ah, yes, the guy who was so anti-Semitic the John Birch Society expelled him; yeah, the John Birch Society kicked him out for being too anti-Semitic. Let me put it this way: when the John Birch Society thinks you're too anti-Semitic, that's saying something...
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    Ranking the Presidents Since 1974:

    1. Russ Feingold (Democratic): 2017-2025
    Gary Hart (Democratic): 1985-1993
    Joe Biden (Democratic): 2005-2013
    Gerald Ford (Republican): 1974-1977, 1981-1985
    Jimmy Carter (Democratic): 1977-1981
    George Bush (Republican): 1993-2001
    Pete Wilson (Republican): 2001-2005
    Jeb Bush (Republican): 2009-2013
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    What the Bush Family probably fantasizes:
    40. George H. W. Bush (R-TX) 1981-1989| VP: Bob Dole
    41. Bob Dole (R-KS) 1989-1997| VP: John McCain
    42. John McCain (R-AZ) 1997-2005| VP: George W. Bush
    43. George W. Bush (R-TX) 2005-2013| VP: Mitt Romney
    44. Mitt Romney (R-MA) 2013-2021| VP: Jeb Bush
    45. Jeb Bush (R-FL) 2021-2029| VP: George P. Bush

    What the Clintons probably fantasize:
    41. Bill Clinton (D-AR) 1989-1997| VP: Al Gore
    42. Al Gore (D-TN) 1997-2005| VP: John Kerry
    43. John Kerry (D-MA) 2005-2013| VP: Hillary Clinton
    44. Hillary Clinton (D-IL) 2013-2021| VP: Evan Bayh
    45. Barack Obama (D-IL) 2021-2029| VP: Beau Biden
    46. Chelsea Clinton (D-NY) 2029-2037| VP: ??
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  5. President Benedict Arnold New Yorker

    Aug 24, 2016
    *Do the Bushs like McCain? He did run a rough campaign again GWB in 2000.

    **George P. Bush as VP would be very funny.
  6. CapitalistHippie Peace, love, and free markets.

    Apr 11, 2018
    Needs some Chelsea for the Clinton dream
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    They liked McCain when they weren't running against him. Plus, I added him as a sort of twist for there to be a different "Vice President George Bush" in ATL.
    Fixed, or should Beau Biden get a swing at the presidency? I could always add that.
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    Inspired by the above lists, I give you...
    The Two Choices
    George HW Bush/Dan Quayle 1989-1997
    Bill Clinton/Al Gore 1997-2005
    George W. Bush/Donald Rumsfeld 2005-2013
    Hillary Clinton/Evan Bayh 2013-2021
    Jeb Bush/Ted Cruz 2021-2029
    Chelsea Clinton/Pete Buttigieg 2029-2037
    George P. Bush/John James 2037-2045
    Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky/Ro Khanna 2045-2053*
    Georgia HW Bush/CJ Pearson 2053-2061
    Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky/Thomas Edwards 2061-2069
    John Bush/Todd Keeley 2069-2077
    Jeffrey Clinton Mezvinsky Stewart/Benjamin Fernandez 2077-2085
    Prescott Bush IV/Erica Hutz 2085-2093

    VALerie Clinton v. 1.6/Denise Longstocking 2093-2101**
    Resurrected Consciousness of Prescott Bush I/Jeremy Butler 2101-***

    *Constitutional amendment lowering the age threshold for the presidency to 30 passed in 2031
    **Constitutional amendment allowing all AI entities capable of passing the Turing test to run for the presidency passed in 2066
    ***Constitutional amendment allowing for resurrected minds to pursue the presidency passed in 2093
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    middle of New York
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    What the Kennedy Family probably fantasizes (revised and extended):
    35. John F. Kennedy (D-MA) 1957-1965| VP: Stuart Symington
    36. Stuart Symington (D-MO) 1965-1973| VP: Henry M. Jackson
    37. Henry M. Jackson (D-WA) 1973-1981| VP: Robert F. Kennedy
    38. Robert F. Kennedy (D-MA) 1981-1989| VP: Lloyd Bentsen
    39. Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) 1989-1997| VP: Ted Kennedy
    40. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) 1997-2005| VP: Bob Kerrey
    41. John Kerry (D-MA) 2005-2013| VP: Dick Gephardt
    42. Caroline Kennedy (D-NY) 2013-2021| VP: Brian Schweitzer
    43. John F. Kennedy, Jr. (D-MA) 2021-2029| VP: Barack Obama
    44. Barack Obama (D-IL) 2029-2037| VP: Joe Kennedy III
    45. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) 2037-2045| VP: Pete Buttigieg
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  11. TwiliAlchemist JAY INSLEE 2020!

    Feb 2, 2014
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    Using this text generator, this was created with very mild modifications.

    Lincoln Assassinated in 1863
    16. (1860-1863) Abraham Lincoln (Republican-Illinois)
    17. (1863-1867) Harry Truman (Democratic-New York)
    18. (1868-1871) Richard Nixon (Democratic-California)
    19. (1871-1881) William Howard Taft (Republican-California)
    20. (1881-1907) James Buchanan (Republican-New Jersey)
    21. (1907-1913) Woodrow Wilson (Democratic-Connecticut)
    22. (1913-1920) Franklin Roosevelt (Republican-New York)
    23. (1920-1953) Woodrow Wilson II (Democratic-New York)
    24. (1953-1963) Richard M. Nixon (Republican-Indiana)

    Theodore Roosevelt wins in 1912
    26. (1901-1917) Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive-New York)
    27. (1917-1924) Henry Clay (Democrat-New York)
    28. (1924) Jimmy Carter (Libertarian-Georgia)
    29. (1924-1929) John F. Kennedy (Democrat-Massachusetts)
    31. (1929-1945) Lyndon D. Johnson (Democrat-Georgia)
    32. (1940-1948) Jimmy Carter (Libertarian-Georgia)
    33. (1950-1955) Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Democrat-New York)
    34. (1955-1964) Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat-Texas)
    35. (1964) Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Democrat-New York)
    36. (1964-1970) Harry Truman (Libertarian-Florida)
    37. (1970-) John Carter (Libertarian-Iowa)

    George Wallace wins the 1968 election

    37. (1964-1972) George Wallace (American Independent-Alabama)
    38. (1972-1981) Richard Nixon (Independent-Rhode Island)
    39. (1981-1989) Ronald Reagan (Republican-California)
    40. (1989-1993) George H.W. Bush (Republican-Texas)
    41. (1993-1998) Bill Clinton (Democratic-Arkansas)
    42. (1998-2001) Al Gore (Democrat-Florida)
    43. (2001-2012) Barack Obama (Democrat-Illinois)
    44. (2012-2016) Hillary Clinton (Democrat-New York)

    Strom Thurmond wins in 1948

    34. (1948-1952) Strom Thurmond (Dixiecrat-South Carolina)
    35. (1952-1960) John F. Kennedy (Dixiecrat-Massachusetts)
    36. (1960-1964) Lyndon B. Johnson (Dixiecrat-Texas)
    37. (1964-1968) Woodrow Wilson Peterson (Dixiecrat-Alabama)
    44. (1968-1970) Richard Nixon (Dixiecrat-California)
    45. (1970-1974) Edmund Muskie (Dixiecrat-Maine)
    46. (1974-1976) Ronald Reagan (Dixiecrat-California)
    47. (1976-1981) George H.W. Bush (Rising Sun-Texas)
    48. (1981-1988) Bill Clinton (Dixiecrat-New York)
    49. (1988-1992) George H.W. Bush (Rising Sun-Texas)
    50. (1992-1996) George W. Bush (Rising Sun-Texas)
    51. (1996-1999) Al Gore (Rising Sun-New Mexico)

    Ross Perot wins in 1992
    42. (1992-1996) Ross Perot (Independent-Texas)
    43. (1996-2000) Ralph Nader (Democrat)
    44. (2000-2004) Al Gore (Republican)
    45. (2004-2012) Barack Obama (Democrat)
    46. (2012-Present) Ted Cruz (Republican)

    John B. Anderson wins with new Third Party in 1980

    40. (1980-1984) John B. Anderson (Justice Party-Illinois)
    41. (1984-1988) Robert E. Byrd Sr. (Republican Party-Kentucky)
    42. (1988-1993) Robert Byrd Jr. (Democratic Party-Ohio)
    43. (1993-1999) Edward M. Kennedy (Democratic Party-Massachusetts)
    44. (1999-2003) John Kennedy (Republican Party-New York)
    45. (2003-2013) John McCain (Republican Party-Arizona)
    46. (2013-Present) Barack Obama (Republican Party-Illinois)
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    What exactly did you input?
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    The first entry followed by the next election year that someone would take office. So, this:

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    Jun 25, 2018
    I decided to talk to transformer, and I got several interesting scenarios for Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater

    Presidents of the United States
    Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan (Republican)
    (January 20th,1977-January 20th,1985)

    Fritz Hollings/Al Gore Sr. (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1985-January 20th,1993)
    Al Gore Jr./Bill Clinton (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1993-January 20th,1997)

    Bob Dole/Dan Quayle (Republican)
    (January 20th,1997-January 20th,2001)

    Presidents of the United States
    Richard Nixon/Lyndon B. Johnson (Republican) I
    (January 20th,1965-December 25th,1968)
    Lyndon B. Johnson/Vacant (Republican)
    (December 25th,1968-January 20th,1973)
    Lyndon B. Johnson/Barry Goldwater (Republican)
    (January 20th,1973-January 20th,1977)

    I= Impeached

    Presidents of Republican America
    1. Lyndon B. Johnson (Republican)
    (January 20th,1969-January 20th,1989)
    2. Barry M. Goldwater (Republican)
    (January 20th,1989-January 20th,2005)

    Presidents of the United States
    John F. Kennedy/Richard Nixon (Republican)
    (January 20th,1961-January 20th,1969)
    Richard Nixon/Nelson Rockefeller (Republican)
    (January 20th,1969-January 20th,1977)

    George Wallace/Jimmy Carter (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1977-January 20th,1985)

    George H.W Bush/Dan Quayle (Republican)
    (January 20th,1985-January 20th,1989)
    Barry Goldwater/Bob Dole (Republican)
    (January 20th,1989-January 20th,1997)

    Presidents of the United States
    Barry M. Goldwater/William E. Miller (Republican) AR

    (January 20th,1965-January 21st,1965)
    William E. Miller/Vacant (Republican)
    (January 21st,1965-January 20th,1969)

    Lyndon B. Johnson/George Wallace (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1969-January 20th,1973)
    George Wallace/Martin Luther King Jr. (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1973-January 20th,1977)

    Barry M. Goldwater/Richard Nixon (Republican)
    (January 20th,1977-January 20th,1985)


    Presidents of the United States

    36. President Barry Goldwater /Lyndon B. Johnson (Republican) (1964-1968)
    37.President Lyndon B. Johnson/Richard Nixon (Republican) (1968-1972)
    38.President Richard Nixon/George H.W Bush (Republican) (1972-1974)R
    39.President George Herbert Walker Bush/Ronald Reagan (Republican) (1974-1978)
    40.President Ronald Reagan/Clint Eastwood (Republican) (1978-1980) R
    41.President Clint Eastwood/Patrick Buchanan (Republican) (1980-1988)
    42.President George H.W. Bush/George Dukakis (Republican) (1988-1992)
    43.President George H.W. Bush/George W. Bush (Republican) (1992-1995)*
    44.President George W. Bush/Vacant (Republican) (1995-2004)
    45.President George W. Bush/Vacant(Republican) (2004-2009)
    46.President Barack Obama/Will Smith (Democratic) (2009-2016)

    R= resigned
    *= Assassinated
    Also Term Limits aren't a thing in this one.

  15. Hydrons Breakfast Cereal for President!

    Jul 30, 2018
    Remake of this post:

    41. George HW Bush / Dan Quayle (Republican) 1989-1993
    42. Bill Clinton / Al Gore (Democratic) 1993-2001
    43. George W Bush / Dick Cheney (Republican) 2001-2009
    44. Hillary Clinton / Evan Bayh (Democratic) 2009-2017
    45. Jeb Bush / Kelly Ayotte (Republican) 2017-2025
    46. Chelsea Clinton / Pete Buttigieg (Democratic) 2025-2033
    47. George P. Bush / Adam Putnam (Republican) 2033-2041

    Ran out of Ideas so I'm gonna end this here
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    US Presidents in a Total Axis Victory TL:

    As Presidents of United States of America (First Republic):
    32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-New York)/ John Nance Garner (D-Texas) 1933-1937

    Def 1932 Herbert Clark Hoover (R-Iowa)/ Charles Curtis (R-Kansas)
    33 Alfred Mossman Landon (R-Kansas)/ William Franklin Knox (R-Illinois) 1937-1941
    Def 1936 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-New York)/ John Nance Garner (D-Texas), Huey Pierce Long Jr (Share Our Wealth-Louisiana)/ Milo Reno (SOW-Iowa)
    34 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-New York)/ Wendell Lewis Wilkie (R-Indiana) [National Union Ticket] 1941-1944
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-New York)/ Vacant 1944-1945
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-New York)/ Harry Truman (D-Missouri) 1945 [Died in Office]

    Def 1940 Alfred Mossman Landon (R-Kansas)/ William Franklin Knox (R-Illinois)
    1944 Thomas Edmund Dewey (R-New York)/ John Bricker (R-Ohio)

    35 Harry Truman (D-Missouri)/ Vacant 1945-1947 [Killed by Nazis during the invasion]
    Acting President John Wesley Snyder (D-Arkansas) 1947 [Captured by Nazis and forced to resign after signing the surrender]

    As ReichKommisar of North America (more or less, East of Mississippi, plus Texas):
    Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (Nazi-Germany) 1947-1989

    As Presidents ("Great Chief") of Confederacy of American States:

    1 Joseph Raymond McCarthy (American National Party-Wisconsin) 1951-1957
    2 George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party-Virginia) 1957-1967 [Assassinated in Office; officially Died for Health Reasons]
    3 William Luther Pierce (Nazi-Georgia) 1967-1990 [Overthrown by Second Continental Army]

    As Chairman of Free American Provisional Goverment:
    Bernard Sanders (Popular Front-Vermont) 1990-1991

    As Presidents of Second Continental Congress:
    Charles Owen Rice (Catholic Radical Alliance-Pennsylvania) 1991-1993

    As Presidents of United States of America (Second Republic; only in former Reichkommissar territories):
    36 Bernard Sanders (Popular Front-Vermont)/ Malcom Little (PF-New York) 1993-2001

    Def 1992 Robert Patrick Casey Sr (CRA-Pennsylvania)/ Robert Francis Kennedy (CRA-Massachusetts)
    1996 Robert Francis Kennedy (CRA-Massachusetts)/ Richard Andrew Gephardt (CRA-Missouri),
    Anne Richards (New Democratic Party-Texas)/ Paul Martin Simon (NDP-Illinois), Henry Ross Perot (Independent Party of America-Texas)/ John Silber (IPA-Connecticut), Patrick Joseph Buchanan (Conservative Party-Virginia)/ Chester Trent Lott (CP-Mississippi)
    37 Richard Andrew Gephardt (Christian Radical Alliance-Missouri)/ Joseph Patrick Murtha Jr (CRA-Pennsylvania) 2001-2005
    Def 2000 Jesse Louis Jackson Sr (PF-Illinois)/ Ralph Nader (PF-Connecticut), Albert Arnold Gore Jr (NDP-Tennesse)/ William Jefferson Blythe (NDP-Illinois), Donald John Trump (Independent Conservative Party of America-New York)/ Donald Henry Rumsfeld (ICPA-Illinois)
    38 Charles Dean (PF-Vermont)/ Alfred Charles Sharpton (PF-New York) 2005-2013
    Def 2004 Richard Andrew Gephardt (CRA-Missouri)/ Joseph Patrick Murtha Jr (CRA-Pennsylvania), Lincoln Davenport Chafee (NDP-Rhode Island)/ James Earl Carter (NDP-Georgia), Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche (ICPA-New Hampshire)/ Maurice Taylor Jr (ICPA-Michigan)
    2008 John Forbes Kerry (CRA-Massachusetts)/ Richard Michael Daley (CRA-Illinois), John Ellis Bush (NDP-Connecticut)/ Janet Reno (NDP-Florida), Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (ICPA-New Jersey)/ Gary Lee Bauer (ICPA-Kentucky)
    39 Robert Patrick Casey Jr (CRA-Pennsylvania)/ Michael Richard Pence (CRA-Indiana) 2013-2021
    Def 2012 Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr (PF-New York)/ Dennis Richard Kucinich (PF-Ohio), Michael Bloomberg (NDP-New York)/ Mary Landrieu (NDP-Louisiana), Donald John Trump (ICPA-New York)/ Michael Dale Huckabee (ICPA-Arkansas)
    2016 Harvey Bernard Gantt (PF-North Carolina)/ Russell Dana Feingold (PF-Wisconsin), John Richard Kasich (NDP-Ohio)/ Kyrsten Gillibrand (NDP-New York), Donald John Trump (ICPA-New York)/ Newton LeRoy Gingrich (ICPA-South Carolina)
    40 George Thomas Leland (FP-Texas)/ Samantha Reed Smith (FP-Maine) 2021-...
    Def 2020 Michael Richard Pence (CRA-Indiana)/ John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr (CRA-Massachusetts), William Floyd Weld (NDP-Massachusetts)/ Philip Bredesen (NDP-Tennesse), Joseph Michael Arpaio (ICPA-Massachusetts)/ Roy Stewart Moore (ICPA-Alabama)

    As Presidents of Native Confederation of America (Midwest and Rock Mountains):
    1 Alice Mae Lee Jemison (Native National Party-Cherokee/Seneca) 1951-1964
    2 Richard Wilson (NNP-Oglala Lakota) 1964-1990

    As Presidents of Midwest Conferation:
    1 Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Liberal Party-Cheyenne) 1990-2000
    Def 1995 Richard Douglas Lamm (Progressive Conservative Party-Colorado)
    2 Richard Douglas Lamm (Progressive Conservative Party-Colorado) 2000-2010
    Def 2000 Ben Nighthorse Campbell (LP-Cheyenne)
    Def 2005 Richard Bruce Cheney (LP-Idaho)

    3 David Lyle Boren (LP-Oklahoma) 2010-2020
    Def 2010 Willard Mitt Romney (PCP-Utah)
    Def 2015 Timothy Kaine (PCP-Minnesota)

    4 Debra Anne Haaland (PCP-Arizona) 2020-...
    Def 2020 Thomas Gerard Tancredo (LP-Colorado)

    As Resident-Governors of American Western Provinces (US Western Coast):
    Jinzaburo Masaki (Military-Japanese Empire) 1947-1956
    Hideyoshi Obata (Military-Japanese Empire) 1956-1969

    Ryoichi Sasakawa (Japan Imperial Front-Japan Empire) 1969-1991

    As Presidents of American Pacific Provinces Union:

    Richard Milhous Nixon (American Union Party-California) 1951-1991

    As Chairman of Free Pacific Provisional Government:
    Ronald Wilson Reagan (Patriotic Liberation Movement-California) 1991-1993

    As Presidents of Pacific American Republic:

    1 Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (Patriotic Liberation Front-Los Angeles)/ Robert Kenneth Dornan (PLF-Los Angeles) 1993-1996
    2 Robert Kenneth Dornan (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Vacant 1996-1997

    Def 1992 Joseph Lawrence Alioto (Reform-San Francisco)/ Patricia Campbell Hearst (Ref-San Francisco), Alan MacGregor Cranston (Labour-San Francisco)/ Dianne Feinstein (Lab-San Francisco)
    3 Edmund Gerald Brown Jr (Radical-San Francisco)/ Roberta Frances Fiedler (R-Los Angeles) 1997-2001
    Def 1996 Robert Kenneth Dornan (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Nancy Davis (PLF-Los Angeles), George Richard Moscone (Lab-San Francisco)/ Patricia Campbell Hearst (Lab-San Francisco), Dianne Feinstein (Liberal-San Francisco)/ John Albert Kitzhaber (Lib-Oregon)
    4 George Richard Moscone (Labour-San Francisco)/ George Hosato Takei (Lab-Los Angeles) 2001-2009
    Def 2000 Nancy Davis (PLF-Los Angeles)/ William Edwin Dannemeyer (PLF-Los Angeles), Edmund Gerald Brown (R-San Francisco)/ Roberta Frances Fiedler (R-Los Angeles), John Albert Kitzhaber (Lib-Oregon)/ Leon Edward Panetta (Lib-San Francisco)
    Def 2004 Leon Edward Panetta (Lib-San Francisco)/ Gary Faye Locke (Lib-Washington)
    William Edwin Dannemeyer (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Duncan Lee Hunter (PLF-Los Angeles), Roberta Frances Fiedler (R-Los Angeles)/ Kathleen Lynn Brown (R-San Francisco)
    5 Edmund Gerald Brown Jr (R-San Francisco)/ Loretta Sanchez (R-Los Angeles) 2009-2013
    Def 2008 Duncan Lee Hunter (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher (PLF-Los Angeles), George Hosato Takei (Lab-Los Angeles)/ Patricia Lynn Murray (Lab-Washington), Gary Faye Locke (Lib-Washigton)/ Jaime Herrera Beutler (Lib-San Francisco)
    6 Loretta Sanchez (R-Los Angeles)/ Norman Yoshio Mineta (R-San Francisco) 2013-2021
    Def 2012 Patricia Lynn Murray (Lab-Washigton)/ Mark Allan Takano (Lab-Los Angeles), Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Devin Gerald Nunes (PLF-Los Angeles), Jaime Herrera Beutler (Lib-Washigton)/ Gavin Christopher Newsom (Lib-San Francisco)
    Def 2016 Antonio Ramón Villaraigosa (Alan-Los Angeles)/ Susan Ellen Lofgren (Lab-SanFrancisco), Devin Gerald Nunes (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Duncan Duane Hunter (PLF-Los Angeles), Cathy Anne McMorris Rogers (Lib-Washington)/ Kavin Faulkner (Lib-San Diego)
    7 Eric Michael Garcetti (Lab-Los Angeles)/ Jeffrey Alan Merkley (Lab-Oregon) 2021-...
    Def 2020 Linda Sanchez (R-Los Angeles)/ Kevin McCarthy (R-Los Angeles), Gavin Christopher Newsom (Lib-San Francisco)/ James Vairn Panetta (Lib-San Francisco), Duncan Duane Hunter (PLF-Los Angeles)/ Jeff Stone (PLF-Los Angeles)
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  17. Wendell Wendell

    Jun 8, 2005
    Lost in what might have been
    Interesting that you'd have a Polish-Jewish leader emerging in the Reichskommissariat Nord Amerika.
  18. EbolaMan131 Dick Pound 2020

    Jul 4, 2017
    This is really good
    Do you plan any notes on it?
  19. SandroPertini98 Well-Known Member

    Sep 8, 2018
    One (very far) day probably I will do an entire TL about this.
    Actually I didn't planned any notes but if I will be able to write them I will try to fill the gaps.
    Thanks for your praise!
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    Thought it would be fun to use this. I was wrong.

    Ross Perot (1993-1997) (Reform Party - Texas)
    Al Smith (1997-2001) (Cream Cum Eagle Party - New York)
    Richard Nixon (2001-2005) (Socialist Party- California)
    Newt Gingrich (2005-2009) (Political Correctness Party - Georgia)
    George H W Bush (2009-2013) (Bush is Cool Party- Texas)
    Richard Nixon (2013-2017) (Capitalism Party - California)