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List of Presidents of Ecuador


… After the 1938 coup, Ecuador would be dominated by the Conservative Party from 1939 to 1984, ending the Radical Liberal oligarchy’s domination, and moreover by the “perfect dictatorship” of José Maria Velasco Ibarra, who held the presidency four times, for a total of twenty years, from 1939 to 1974, being replaced between each mandate by a political crony and dying shortly before trying to win the presidency a fifth time in 1979. During the Velasco Ibarra era, Ecuador experienced a long period of stability, countering marxist influence with proto-populist and conservative policies, strengthening the links with the United States, while experiecing an economic boom thanks to the exploitation of oil.
The alternance happened in 1984, with the victory of Jaime Roldos Aguilera for the neo-pyrist Concentration of People’s Forces. Inheriting the integralist and religious streak of the Conservative Party, Roldos also relied heavily on the people, redistributing the wealth of the oil economy and announcing a large agrarian reform, while exhalting the “purity of the Ecuadorian Race”. Nevertheless, the effect of the 1987 Latin American crisis hit deeply Ecuador, and the announcement of a corporatist remodeling of the economy in 1987 only lead to a military coup in Christmas 1987 led by socialist-leaning General, Frank “El Loco” Vargas. Vargas would later claim victory in the 1989 presidential election, effectively enacting corporatism as Ecuador’s economic policy, that would only result in a Social Christian victory in 1994 (the heir to the Conservative Party), more chaos with a new krach for the Ecuadorian sucre in 1997 and a new military coup in 1998. Roldos came back to victory in 1999, reforming the country, getting re-elected to an unpredecented second consecutive term in 2004 after having a new Constitution adopted, before killing himself in the face of a military coup in 2005. His successor, Vice President Rafael Correa, was overthrown in a coup in 2008. In 2014, the candidate for the Concentration, Adbala “El Loco” Bucaram, the former Mayor of Guayaquil, won the presidency, and has since been re-elected in 2019 ; although world-renowned for his eccentric behaviour (offering US President Brownback a remix of his best songs during an official summit), Bucaram has yet to cure the heavily damanged Ecuadorian economy, heavily suffering from a poor management of oil revenues and widespread corruption.
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I am interested in how the Nile Delta became an independent nation of its own, independent of Egypt(-Sudan). Same for Java and the rest of Indonesia.

Long story short as not to spoil too much the timeline : after an international coalition invaded Egypt, the Allied Forces decided to create a Coptic homeland. As of Indonesia, a long civil war happened, and Java nowadays is like an alternate Malaysia, as local princes share the executive in a turning way.

So I take it that the US is a 2.5-party system roughly similar to the UK with Lab-Con-LibDem?

Exactly. And also, the Electoral College has been abolished.

What happened to Luxembourg and the House of Grimaldi in Monaco?

Luxembourg is now a member state of the German Empire, and Rainier's claim was defeated by the Urach line after Louis II passed away.

Did Russia rescind the law barring women from the throne?

It is been alluded to in the Rasputin update but yes, Nikolai II decided this as to insure the line of succession due to his son's disease (and also to avoid that the Vladiromvichs' line come to power). But Russia remains a male primogeniture country, and any female pretenders are forbidden to marry a foreign reigning royal.

Also, as far as I know the heir to the House of Wittelsbach is the Duke of Bavaria's younger brother (who's also in his 80s) who has several daughters, the first of whom would succeed to the Jacobite line (she's the wife of the heir to the throne of Luxembourg) while a distant cousin would succeed to the Bavarian titles, since Scotland permitted female monarchs but Bavaria did not.

I must admit that I hadn't thought of that. I imagine that in this light, the Bavarian Law of Succession has been amended... It happens that the Wittelsbach line in Lithuania is quite popular.
Forgot to ask the obvious—what happened to Prince Charles?

Also, how did the Bourbon-Parmas become the ruling house in Wallonia, and why are Canada and Newfoundland separated?
Why do I have a feeling Japan becoming a republic is connected somehow to Yasuhito becoming Emperor ITTL.
I'd guess that Japan living a good half a century under an authoritarian militarist regime built around the Emperor persona may have fostered enough discontent to propell a surge of republican sentiment here, regardless of who is Emperor.
Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri (1 July 1942-26 October 2020) (Arabic: عزة إبراهيم الدوري) was a Hashemite Army Field Marshal and politician, who served from 11 November 1982 to 1 June 1987 as Grand Vizier of the Hashemite Empire as chairman of the military junta that took power in 1982. Under his term, he presided on the Hashemite Civil War (1982-1985) and the Egyptian War (1985-1995).

Born into a poor family in the Samarra Province, starting life by selling blocks of ice, al-Douri enlisted in the Hashemite Army in the enthousiasm that followed the start of the Arab Crisis ; climbing his way up from the ranks in spite of his humble origins, he served with distinction throughout the numerous conflicts that the Empire had to go through during the 60s and the 70s (Egyptian-Hashemite War 1967-1968, Kurdish-Hashemite War 1974-1975, First Mesopotamian War 1978-1980), emerging as a colonel at only 38. He self-identified with the younger generations of superior officers, much more chauvinistic and politcized, infuriated by the ethnic and religious strife of the Empire and the corrupted influence of the aristocratic caste of older officers.

The destruction of the Dome of the Rock by Zionist terrorists on April, 8 1982 and the massive riots that followed gave free rein to their desires : young officers seized power in a coup on May, 24, with assent from the Caliph, and al-Douri quickly emerged as the figurehead of the military junta, as the Hashemite Empire was plunging into chaos with massive Zionist, Christian Lebanese, Shia and Islamist uprisings, and he was appointed Grand Vizier on November 11 with a mission : winning the civil war that had begun.
Even if al-Douri was a self-avowed integralist, he adopted a pragmatic approach by allying with the islamist parties and the Russian government (the ally of the Hashemites by that time), leading a full-scale war against Zionist militias, encouraging pogroms throughout the country and forbidding all Zionist organizations in the Caliphate by 1984 ; his strategy in Lebanon was as violent, with Hashemite troops entering a largely destroyed Beirut by Christmas 1985 and arresting the Gemayel family, effectively ending the Civil War itself. He escaped an assassination attempt by bomb during a military parade on April, 18 1983 in Damascus, and fully approved the deployment of Russian military advisors in Palestine and Lebanon by April 1985. Al-Douri also solidified foreign support by entering Egyptian territory from the Sinai as part of the international coalition during the Egyptian War ; nevertheless, he did nothing to reassure oil dealers in the wake of the Hashemite Civil War, leading to a massive drop in oil prices, engineering the 1983 Krach.

After the Civil War, al-Douri did as if he would retain power for twenty more years, as he had now insured his place as the winner of the conflict, the saviour of the Empire, the Qaid (Leader) that the young officers had hoped for. As such, the Caliph appointed him as Field Marshal at only 43. As a result of his plans, he broke off with his islamist allies, a bad move that resulted in a coup attempt from religious-minded fellow officers in 1986, before islamist parties encouraged people taking to the streets during the 1986-1987 winter and 1987 spring, asking for the end of the state of emergency and removal of the military junta ; the Caliph feared a new popular uprising and dismissed al-Douri for another member of the military junta, General Sultan hashim Ahmad al-Tai, tasking him with organizing new elections.

For a time persona non grata of Hashemite Empire, al-Douri returned to prominence after the Caliph had to ask for army support during the 1990 government crisis : as a former Grand Vizier, the Field Marshal was appointed as Senator for Life, as he was entitled to, and resigned from the Army. Disgusted by what he felt as a betrayal from the hands of the Caliphate, and a non-believer in elective politics, al-Douri abstained from intervening in the debate, serving as honorary chairman of the Fakhar (Pride) Party, a pyrist and secularist political movement, and raising dissent against the concessions made to Jewish and Christian minorities. His long leukemia prevented him from being active during the following century and he died at his home in Damascus in 2020.

Villified by Zionists, Lebanese, Shias and islamists for his bloody repression during the Civil War, that had been ripe with war crimes from the Hashemite Army, al-Douri remains to this day a darling of the conservatives, as the saviour of the Empire in the face of the Civil War, even if debate remains about his poor attempt at keeping dictatorial power after the war had ended, like a “reversed Cincinnatus” as a historian deemed. Due to his indirect role in the 1980s economic crisis, al-Douri is considered abroad as a poor leader.
Why do I have a feeling Japan becoming a republic is connected somehow to Yasuhito becoming Emperor ITTL.
I'd guess that Japan living a good half a century under an authoritarian militarist regime built around the Emperor persona may have fostered enough discontent to propell a surge of republican sentiment here, regardless of who is Emperor.

You shall see !

Could you post the wikibox for Argentina, please? Would be much appreciated.

It's coming real soon. If you've got other requests for famous people or countries, I would oblige, as France is currently under lockdown, this alternate history should be a great pasttime !