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Bayezid III (Turkish : بايزيد ثالث; Bāyezīd-i sālis, born in Ankara, 23 June 1924- died in Ankara 6 January 2017) was the 44th Ottoman Sultan and the 36th Ottoman Caliph, succeeding his cousin Osman V on 23 Septembre 2009, until his death on 6 January 2017. He hails from the House of Osman.

Born to Prince Ibrahim Tevfik and a great-grandson of Sultan Abdulmejid I, Bayezid was the first member of the House of Osman to be born after the Great European War and the shrinking of the Ottoman Empire to Central Anatolia, by which time the Ottoman princes and the Sultan himself had been reduced to mere figureheads. As such, Bayezid lived a private life, keeping himself out of politics, authoring many books on Turkish cuisine and taking a huge reputation as one of the foremost bibliophiles in the world, assembling a private collection, travelling between Turkey, the United States and France for holding conferences and attending book auctions.

Bayezid III was 85 when the agnatic seniority system of succession of the Ottoman dynasty put him in the shoes of the Ottoman Sultan upon the death of his predecessor Osman V : a sharp yet frail man, Bayezid had trouble performing the sword girding ceremony and was himself surprised when he saw that the government, upon his accession, reaffirmed the Ottoman claim on the Caliphate, in a period of increased hostility towards the Hashemite Empire and islamic revivalism.

A figurehead and an old man, Bayezid III was happy to discuss books with fellow diplomats and foreign heads of state while Turkey was undergoing tremendous changes, with the Fifth Ottoman-Kurdish War and foremost the 2013 Ottoman Revolution, that led to the restoration of democracy and the accession of Hakan Shukur Pasha ; upon meeting him as his Grand Vizier, Bayezid mistook him for an ambassador, to much amusement.

Bayezid III died aged 92 in his palace in Ankara, unmarried and childless. He was succeeded by his cousin Ali II, himself 86 and powerless, perpetuating the ongoing gerontocracy in Turkey.
Dude I'm probably just immature but he looks so friggin' blitzed or stoned that I can't imagine him any other way now :p
In the flags at the start of the thread, it mentions Santa Cruz and Cyrencia as partially recognised states. Will we ever get wikiboxes on them?
List of Prime Ministers of Polynesia
As of Armenia, Erzurum is much more of a common name by then than Karin, and still has a sizeable Turkish population, so it is used widely.
What are Armenia’s specific demographics and the Armenian-to-Turk ratios like? On an unrelated note, what happened to the likes of Slobodan Milosevic, Vojislav Kostunica, Milo Dukanovic, Ante Markovic, Alija Izetbegovic, Franco Tudjman, Ratko Mladic, and other figures who were notable for their role in the Yugoslav Wars and its aftermath IOTL?
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I’d be interested in a listing of failed American presidential tickets. Would be fascinating to see who could’ve been president in this timeline.
What major atrocities have been committed in this TL (after the POD)? Are there any equivalents to genocides like the Holocaust, Bangladeshi Genocide, or the Cambodian Genocide?

How do the atrocities damage the modern nations?

(I remember hearing about Poland being nuked and Copenhagen being bulldozed)