1. Falkanner

    Sarsaan: A Worldbuilding Project
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    CHAPTER 1: SO IT BEGINS Standard of the Tepan Empire Hebbez, 126 Years After the Sun went Black Daylight was fading fast. The crowd was silent as the veteran marched toward the pyre, his torch held up high. Khamud, his superior and compatriot, watched from his podium, overlooking the...
  2. Eparkhos

    Lands of Buttes and Salmon: A Snake River Civilization

    NINI`ASHUKWA ~4000 BC Southwestern Idaho Twisting columns of sickly-sweet smoke rose from the fires at the rim of the tent, filling it with an intoxicating haze that stung the shaman’s eyes and made each breath heavier than the last. The feeling of spirits passing through his body was already...
  3. The Western Expanse

    A group of other AH fans and I work on an alternate history scenario on Discord and I want to hear your thoughts. It goes as such. Over 100 million years ago, the Farallon Plate subducted at a shallow angle under America. The definite reason why is still a mystery to science. This subduction...
  4. Great Lakes Earth

    Let us say that, in the future, some scientists have created satellites capable of something that seems science fiction for now—punching the walls of the universe to study an alternate reality. By that scenario, some hundreds of “alternate Earths” from hundreds of alternate universes would...
  5. TheReformer

    Civilitatem Resurrectio ~ A Pangea Proxima Worldbuilding Project
    Threadmarks: Base Maps & OP

    Civilitatem Resurrectio A Pangea Proxima Worldbuilding Project For quite a while I've wanted to make a map for Pangea Proxima if just to see what it looks like in a WorldA format, and with this Lockdown situation I finally got around to it! From there I kinda just kept going, and so I thought...
  6. The RDNA-verse: A Strange, Worldbuilding TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction; A World at the Precipice (c.2022)

    Way back in 2010, I conceived of an original character for a roleplay thread on involving personified countries ala Axis Powers Hetalia: The Royal Dominion of New Austria (RDNA for short, or if you're inclined, Francesca), hailing from a timeline where New Spain was handed to the Austrian...
  7. CountofDooku

    Amra worldbuilding project

    I will try to use this as a beginning to finally finish up my own worldbuilding of Amra, sadly I lack skills in mapmaking or drawing pictures for characters, so I'll try my best, but I might need help with such if anyone is willing to do so. Amra after the first millennium after the Burning...
  8. Carbon2846

    Worldbuilding Project

    This Project is based on the CWP and BEW and other BEW, which have all died out. I think we should, and can, do this all the way through. Anybody is allowed to give their idea, and we will probably hold polls for certain things while other ideas will simply be added once people agree on it...
  9. Lothal

    Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Y'all now the deal. Fill an "Earth" map with landmasses, do elevations, climates and other stuff collaboratively. After that fauna/flora, and then create human cultures and go through history. Stake a claim if you're going to do something Just for example's sake, here are some of the other...
  10. In Search of Better Things - Worldbuilding Thread

    ______________________________ ______________________________ 'In search of better things, Over the Ocean we sailed, In search of the light bright, We built our new homes.' From the shores of great lakes, To the shores of east and west, From the frost of the north, To the scorch of the...
  11. Worldbuilding- Country by Country

    So I had an idea to make a thread where people can download the latest update of this map (I know you all hate my hoi4 map but there are ways to get around it). Anyways, the idea of this is that everyone on the forum is allowed to make one country (don't take up a lot of space please) on this...
  12. MasterSanders

    God Save Great Washington: The World of the American Monarchy

    - GOD SAVE GREAT WASHINGTON - The World of the American Monarchy - God save great George our King, Long live our noble King, God save the King. Send him victorious, happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the King. God bless great Washington, Fair Freedom's chosen Son Long to...
  13. Ivoshafen

    Cinisblight - D&D Fantasy Setting Worldbuilding Thread

    Heya, just a general dumping grounds for a fantasy setting I am working on while I put together my thoughts on everything. Didn't want to clog up the map thread with nonalternate history entries. Regard everything as a draft unless I specifically say so. Hope you all enjoy
  14. A Wider Atlantic, A More Southern Australia

    The map we'll be using for this question is this: This is for an alternate Earth project that I've been working on. If you find the map overly detailed, let me explain. I use Photoshop, so the political and subpolitical boundaries are the perfect template for me to flood or dry up certain...
  15. Imperator Frank

    Tellurus: a worldbuilding project

    Since i've posted dozens of WIPs in the map thread i decided I'll make a thread dedicated to my worldbuilding project, the planet Tellurus. Ill be posting in depth reviews of every continent's terrain as i completely finish the elevation portion, than do the same again when it comes time to do...
  16. reesetelford9

    Collaborative Project: Lets Build A Planet (All Welcome)

    This is a open project for anyone to contribute to in which we will attempt to create a habitable planet (fantasy elements allowed and encouraged). A worlda styled map of its topography will come first and then onto a political maps, linguistics, cultural, possibly one for the different species...
  17. Petike

    The most boring and uninspired sci-fi, fantasy or AH setting ?

    This is a sequel to my recent thread about the most original fictional settings. So, this time, we have the opposite : Which setting did you consider so dull, run-of-the-mill and undetailed (underdeveloped), that you immediately stopped being interested in it ? The thread is yours.
  18. Petike

    Most original fantasy setting you ever bumped into ?

    The thread is your's.