A Wider Atlantic, A More Southern Australia

The map we'll be using for this question is this:

This is for an alternate Earth project that I've been working on.

If you find the map overly detailed, let me explain. I use Photoshop, so the political and subpolitical boundaries are the perfect template for me to flood or dry up certain areas using Paint and move others using Magic Wand to create a more believable aesthetic result.

But for now, let's focus on the two changes that are both biggest and simplest:

  1. Widen the Atlantic by 1350 miles, putting the Prime Meridian in Lisbon instead of Greenwich. Which creates a landbridge that connects Asia to North America, erasing the Bering Strait off the map and shrinking the Bering Sea. To that extent, it would be like turning the Russian urban locality of Egvekinot (66.3205 degrees North and 179.1184 degrees West) into the next-door neighbor of Teller, Alaska.
  2. Drag Australia so far down southward that the distance between it and Antarctica is cut by half. Which number to cut by half is a little hard to determine, as Google says 3977 miles whereas the Planet Earth companion book says 1500 miles.
The question is not to determine what environmental effects these two changes will have on the world, but what this world map looks like with the two changes listed above.
It seems to me that this is not the map to go. The political and subpolitical details are still needed so I can create islands and plateaus in believable shapes using Paint, but is it possible to find a Qbam of this sort of detail from an equirectangular projection?