I will try to use this as a beginning to finally finish up my own worldbuilding of Amra, sadly I lack skills in mapmaking or drawing pictures for characters, so I'll try my best, but I might need help with such if anyone is willing to do so.


Amra after the first millennium after the Burning Sky (nuclear war) and before the great Icing

Human Empire: the first bound of survivers after the Burning Sky (Humans), later one of the foundes of the Empire of Amra after the northern migration at the start of the great Icing.

Kingdom of Adirondak: Great northern Dwarf Kingdom under the Adirondak Mountains (Dwarfs), , later one of the foundes of the Empire of Amra after the northern migration at the start of the great Icing.

Elves: Elvelands (mostly forest and treecitys), Tribes of the Elves (Elves), later one of the foundes of the Empire of Amra after the northern migration at the start of the great Icing.

Orclands: Tribes of the Orcs (Orcs)

Dark Lands: Kingdom ruled by the despot of Jikagou (Humans), black Magic, after destruction of the Dark Lands the last black Magicans migrated northern towards Nuorlinz (gray).


Amra after the second millennium after the Burning Sky (nuclear war) and one millennium after the great Icing

Endless Ice: Southern Ice (no real population - some tribes of Human, Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs).

The Empire of Amra: greatest Empire in the continent of Amra and rightful successor of the USA at least in their minds (Humans, Elves and Dwarfs), trades in the Karibiean Sea and the Atlentik Okean (mostly coastal). Defence battles against the Orkland along the Apalaijin Mountain and its defence wall there. Sworn Archnemesis of the Dark Land.

Kingdom of Adirondak: Great southern Dwarf Kingdom under the Adirondak and Alekhany Mountains, part of it covered with Southern Ice (mostly Dwarfs)

Orclands: Tribes and Kingdoms of the Orcs (mostly Orcs)

Elvish Forest: Elvelands, very native and nature loving Tribes (mostly Elves)

Grand Duchy of Filadelfia: a small Grand Duchy formed out of these settlers who did not follow their kings all the way south (mostly Human)

Nujok the Iron City: mighty Empire with a very great Fleet who claims the Atlentic Okean just for themselves (mostly Human). Pirate War with Bostn and the Empire of Amra.

Kingdom of Bostn: mighty Kingdom who claims the Atlentic Okean just for themselves, rumors about Lands in the West that the Bostn people want to discover and trade with

Republic of Bajamar: Republic Islands who control most of the Trading routes to the Karibiean Sea or North Sea

Karibiean Sea or North Sea: End of the known World to the Empire of Amra in the North

Karibiean Tribes: Tribes and Cultures settled in the Karibiean Sea, mostly divided but with the same culture but no nautical Fleet that can reach Amras coast of their own.

Atlentik Okean or Western Ocean: End of the known World to the Empire of Amra in the West

The Dark Land of Nuorlinz: Black and Vodoo Magic, population just believes in one dark God alone. Sworn Archnemesis of the Empire of Amra, trades in the Karibiean Sea. The Dark land claims all of Amra for itself and believes that the disbelievers should convert to their God or die. Black magic but not Demonic, Demons are fought there just like everywhere else.

Princedom of Berniam: Small Kingdom loosely allied with the Empire of Amra against the near Force of the Orc Land and the Dark Land.

Kingdom of Navil: Small Kingdom loosely allied with the Empire of Amra against the near Force of the Dark Land and the Orc Land.

County of Arkensow: Independent Empire with a strong cavalry, able to defend itself against the Dark Land and strongly against an alliance with the Empire of Amra and their claims of all Amra. Claims the Great Plains for themselves.

Empire of Seintlous: Rich trading Empire controls the biggest Amra Trade Route from the East to the West. Defence battles against the Orc Land.

Empire of Tejas: Land of strong and independent Warriors, trades coastal in the Karibiean Sea.

Great Plains: Wide land without real states and Empires nomadic tribes and cultures. Rumors about ancient artefact's of the earliest Empire of whole Amra before the the Day of the Burning Sky.

Desert Tribes: Loosely cultural linked Tribes without real states.

Jungle Staates: Different states in the Jungles, many important trading goods come from here over the Karibiean Sea.

Noroeste Culture: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Bajacal Tribes: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Nourtheast Culture: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Holy Kingdom of Juta: Mormon Theocratic Kingdom great power in central Amra.

Wioumin Culture: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Montena Kingdoms Alliance: Alliance of many Kingdoms against the growing might of the Holy Kingdom of Juta.

Realm of Veiges: Desert Empire of the City Veiges, part of the Amra Trade Route from coast to coast.

Eastern Tribes: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Eastern Desert: Loosely cultural linked People without real states, very low Population.

Southeastern Tribes: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Empire of Andgeles: Mighty Northeastern Empire sworn Archnemesis of the Southern Sanfan Dynasty.

Sanfan Dynasty: Asiatic Culture (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and greatest eastern Empire in Amra. Archnemesis of the Empire of Andgeles and also in War with the Kingdom of Oregon.

Kingdom of Oregen: Small Eastern Kingdom with in war with the northern Sanfan Dynasty. Pirate War against the Traders of Oregen and Sanfan.

Republic of Seatel: Maritime Republic with many coastal Colonies and Trading.

Coastal Tribes: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.

Southeast Culture: Loosely cultural linked People without real states.


Empire of Amra


The World as the Empire of Amra knows it: red the empire itself (well mapped and known), lighter colour the known traderoutes (or known from stories, sometimes mapped), later including the road along the Southern Ice to the western Continent Euryp. The other colour is all known land to the Empire of Amra by stories or legends (including the old long lost empires of the Humans, Elves and Dwarfs under the Endless Ice. Elves and Dwarfs have a simular worldview and knoladge in their lands). But the Dwarfs also secretly own anvient maps of the World before the Burning Sky.


The World as the Sanfan Dynasty knows it: browngreen the dynasty itself (well mapped and known), lighter colour the known traderoutes (or known from stories, sometimes mapped), the other colour is all known land to the Sanfan Dynasty by stories or legends.


The World as the Dark Land of Nuorlinz knows it: black the Dark Land of Nuorlinz itself (well mapped and known), lighter colour the known traderoutes and former Dark Territories (or known from stories, mostly mapped), the other colour is all known land to the Dark Land of Nuorlinz by spies, stories or legends.


The World as the Holy Kingdom of Juta knows it: green the Holy Kingdom of Juta itself (well mapped and known), lighter colour the known traderoutes (or known from stories, mostly mapped), the other colour is all known land to the Holy Kingdom of Juta by trade, spies stories or legends.


Amra population overview Red = extreme highly density population, orange = high density of population, yellow = middle density of population, green = low density of population, white = barely populated or mostly tribal/ nomadic


Region and future ground for some climate zones as well


Nujok the Iron City (mostly Human), Caital of the mighty Empire of the same Name with a very great Fleet who claims the Atlentic Okean just for themselves. In a constant Pirate War with the Kingdom of Bostn and the Empire of Amra. Besiged in 1687 AKA by a Fleet and Army of the Empire of Amra in the Eight Templeade.
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In the beginning the creating Father created humanity
and the live bearing Mother created nature,
so that humanity could rule as it's king.

So humanity ruled with magic, technology and other science,
flying high above the earth to reach even other worlds,
with abilities and powers like gods themselves.

But humanity arrogance and sinful soul destroyed the paradise present,
so the caring Son was sent,
to guide him on the right path again.

When humanity continuously disobeyed the son's warning,
the Triad of Gods ignited the sky
and burned the human Empire of Amra that ruled the whole world.

When mankind was falling from the grace of the gods,
some turned towards the Mother again,
praying for her forgiveness and becoming the Indoles when she fused them with her nature.

Others had heard the sons warning and prepared for the End, hiding from the Burning Sky deep underground
and in his mercy the Father granted them to keep their technology,
turning them into the Pumilio.

Those remaining above ground remained divided,
into those willing to listen to the Son and being spared because of this
and those ignoring the warnings who then burned to purge the world from them.

The Age of Mankind ruling alone in this world was over
and the Triad of Gods created new challenges,
as well as monsters to test mankind a final time.

With the rise of the Ferus, beast-like perversions of the Indoles started a new age,
Mankind would redeem itself trough it's deeds,
or Mankind would expire, as a new Age of Heroes was beginning.
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A new Game for a new World
A new Game for a new World

The Idea for Arma has developed inside me over the years, while I was playing Role-playing Games with my friends, either as a player or the game-master. Many systems had very interesting backgrounds and history for their worlds, even good game-mechanics and rules that draw people to them. But despite all that they never were quit the thing that I imagined before my own inner eye. So the Idea for Amra came, because I wished for something to include my favorite genres of Fantasy, Steampunk and Science-fiction in it's deep core, without any of it getting shortened or burred underneath the other. I wished for a world were all themes and combination of themes could be generally possible without any of them falling short or preventing a theme from being used. The first base for Amra back them had more of a ancient world, similar to the heroic stories of old Greece, where heroes would save the world like in the stories of Homer. Clearly I was inspired back than by Lord of the Rings or other games like Pathfinder and Shadowrun for some of the concepts, but in general I followed the dream of my very own path, a very own idea that became more and more clear and sharp before my inner eye. Back then I decided that the ten-sided dice (d10) would be the core and standard dice for my RPG, as it allowed me to make percentage checks or similar things and would also give players a good and easy view on how other species, animals and creatures were in comparison to humans. If a human has at his natural maximum ten ten-sided dice (or in other words 100%) this would give a perfect indication of where everything stood in this world compared to what we as humans know best, ourselves. The idea to make this ten-sided dice the standard for every probe and trial the player had to role would remain until the finished product.

The world of Amra itself was always meant to have a overtone of ancient or medieval flair, without most of it's society, states, culture and behavior as we knew from our own ancient and medieval times. While thinking about it at first I did not wish to continue the old “standard” fantasy races of Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs any longer, the more I thought about it. Not because they were a bad Idea, or because they could be implemented better, but because I had my own ideas and visions what my new species and races should represent and how they would ideal implement into the world, history and story I planned for in Amra. Clearly some of this Races/ Species and the old myth that they had been taken from have influenced my work for a very own turn on species/ races for Amra es well, but then again every great Idea has been had once before. I simply wished for something whose overall influence and shaping of Amra as a species I could better control and who would be ideally shaped by Amra themselves. Over the years this ideas and plans became precise as I started to play with my friends in my very own world and we filled it with background and life, beyond what most single man could do himself in his fantasy alone. Besides all the other games we played the Idea for Amra always remained in the back of my head, no matter if I played other RPG as a game-master or a player. Whenever I could I compared their rules and visions to my own, implemented ideas I liked and got rid of those that were not compatible with my very own vision for the game-table.

My vision of this game manifested stronger and while I wished to remain in a ancient or medieval setting for most parts, I decided to secretly let it play in the future, in a dystopian world, thousands of years after our own times, without the majority of the players and their characters ever noticing it. This not only gave me the possibility to unite all of my favorite genres, but also gave me a s a history enthusiast enough time to develop the world and all of the changes that were needed inside of it over quit some time, thereby giving it it's own long history and traditions, who while far away from our own would never truly feel that much different or unknown.

This clearly meant that many knowledge and technology of our current world would be lost to most people living inside of Amra, new ones would be developed or directed into another direction. Enough room for creativity and fantastic ideas therefore. It was back then when I had finally located the world for good, at least in it's core; the future United States of America. It was also there when the world Am(e)r(ic)a finally got it's lasting name for the continent and the ancient Empire that had once ruled it (the USA). Once this was settled many ideas came on their own, many names and naming of places, creatures and people was created out of the future changed spelling of old (our modern) English or the further north (our south) one would go Spanish, Spanglish (a mixture of both languages in the regions in between) or partly even French and English (former New Orleans and Louisiana). This gave me a good impression of how close certain languages and therefore also some cultures and states would be in this world of Amra, many things kind of just fell in place so to say.

This future vision of the world was also meant to represent a new start after a big cathastrophe (the Burning Sky), that I had decided to leave without many details and explanations right from the beginning. A natural catastrophe, a alien invasion, the wraith of the Lord, or all of it above? I believe leaving this central element as vague and unexplored as possible would allow the game-masters and the players to find the fantastic explanation they need and help me open a whole bunch of possibilities that no one would be forced to implement in his very own version of Amra, depending on his personal preferences. After the Burning Sky the former territory of the United States would divide into warring factions and states who would form out of them over the centuries and millennia. Their language, cultures, traditions and other variations therefore could vary greatly from our own and one another. Old titles like President, Senator would be used like Cesar in ancient Rome by those states who followed after and saw themselves as a continuation of the First Empire of Amra (the USA) to cement this claim further. Some would manage to save at least some technology and modern state ideas, others would have to invent them again out from scratch. Like the European nations following the Roman Empire some would claim to be the new Empire of Amra and aim for it's borders spanning the whole continent too, but none successor would be as close as the western (Second) Empire of Amra on the Atlantic Coast west of the Appalachian Mointains, who would serve as a form of Limes or Great Wall against it's enemies in the East.

The decision to make English, Spanish, French and even some indigenous languages the core of the language system for this new world (at least in the Continent of Amra aka America in this world) gave me a bigger core then the Latin or Germanic influenced languages of our own timeline after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. At the same time a continent the size of North America also promised much bigger routes for trade, travel and states to emerge that different even more from one another then they had in medieval Europe. The development of various different cultures, states and faith systems even among mankind itself was a promising start. It allowed to explore new, strange and interesting things in various regions and states, that combined with it's sheer size and a living history would make for a ideal background for my won world. Every year in our world a new year or even a few on Amra would be introduced to give the players a sense of this living world with some actions influenced by them others completely out of their control, or simply so far away that their effects would only be felt way later. Every region therefore could have it's own small history that sometimes interacted with the overall whole world, influenced by those players that game-mastered there or took a overall interest in playing and exploring specific regions over others. A fresh breeze and change would so be easily possible, but Amra's sheer size would also allow for players and game-masters to ignore any setting and idea they would not like as a part of this world that much, without influencing the majority of this world while doing so.

The great distances also gave me another idea; the Character generation was from it's early start created to implement a few things; age (and therefore the amount of points able to spend for creating your own character), his species/ race, his culture an overall profession. Here the ten-sided dice and the ability to use him as a percentage system came into play again. Professions, species, cultures and professions who had a bigger representation in one area and would therefore be common to a region would be able to pay only the difference of their percentage to hundred percent while creating a character. This way even exotic characters could be played, but the playable, but the fact that such individuals had to migrate there, that their professions and race were not that common and had therefore various problems and shortcomings (time, travel, teachers, racism against them or other hurdles) would be reflected. At the same time it would allow players who played things more common to a area to create their own ones with shrinking costs, enabling them to use more points in their character creation for their characters themselves, not a exotic background. At the same time this species and cultural background would also give some bonus during character creation or dice-rolling for certain things that were common knowledge and abilities in this regions to reflect such local variations too.

So the overall world of Amra grew, as did it's empires, states and culture, as well as various themes and ideas from our own human history I wished to implement in some form or another into this world. A interaction of all these things with the player should always be possible, but never necessary. With every game round the world of Amra grew bigger and more complex, at the same time I did not wish to make it too complicated with immensely expanding ruled and their constant expansion, so I limited this part massively. The main objective of Amra was always meant to be role-playing itself, and I disliked systems were even the most bare-bones fight against some local robbers would turn into a dice-roll orgy over several hours, while in-game only a few minutes at maximum had passed. Fights and probes were a interesting part of role-playing but should never be the main thing to do during a game round. Clearly there was a time for bigger and more challenging fights, like during the end of a campaign, or when defeating a major opponent, but as epic and intense as those were, I did not wish for them to stood above the overall experience of playing the characters. So I designed a game-system were fights could be fast, interesting, short and deadly, for the enemy as well as the player characters, similar to how they were in movies or series.

Another thing I did not wish to implement was the idea of Good and Evil, Light and Dark to much with a Alignment System. Reality always has it's gray areas and sometimes people stand beside two sides depending on who would be asked. Truly Amra was meant for the players to play heroes not murder-hobos, but that wasn't the main perspective and I did not wish to force my players into restricting them and their charters this way. While they could play heroes in Amra, they also were allowed to play spies and saboteurs in secret, trying to gather information's or sabotage behind enemy lines if they wished to do so. Sure they could fight in enemy territory against the enemies of the Empire of Amra, but then they would be the aggressors and villains, invaders and enemies in said region and treated as such whenever they were there. The players should strive to be heroes or do good, but I decided against forcing restrictions on them with a overall alignment system that would limit the ideology and ideas of their characters. At the same time they always knew that their actions had consequences on various sides, for them and their factions, for the enemies, for the church and gods they followed or their counterparts and would be judged by all those groups. Combined with a easy dead for characters this was meant to direct the players to use strategy, tactic, plans and their intellect, rather then simply rushing into a enemy horde or army on their own.

I aimed for the world of Amra to be fantastic and have a nearly mythical history for those living inside of it, where only a hand full of people and societies knew a few more details about the past and guarded this wisdom and power with everything they had. What the player characters unraveled was only the tip of the iceberg but kept them interesting in discovering more, searching old ruins of massive cities for artifacts and lost treasures and technology. Ancient secret societies, old noble houses were thereby the reason for the technological advance of their own faction or state above the rest. While some ground rules and background was thereby implemented, I wished to not give to many details and restrictions, but allow the game-masters and players to use this base for their own creativity and ideas in this world. Something that made a good role-playing game in my eyes, and even if the rules for Amra would be used in a whole different world, or this world would be used with a different system I would like that one of this two things was seen as good by other players and implemented in their groups. It is not only acceptable, but what makes good role-playing games in the first place.

Parts of the world of Amra came directly from my love for old films, like The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, the Red Corsair with Burt Lancaster or the 1956 Helen of Troy, who at least in my opinion even with over the time better effects remained their very own magic above computer generated imagery. Unlike many modern films these older classics showed to me more of the heroic main characters, the heroes who represented a certain kind of main protagonist like in the stories of old. The soriti of this movies clearly influenced my campaigns in Amra and that lead by my friends or girlfriend as game-master of their own ones. To capture this heroism and drama, heroes and player characters in Amra die as quickly and easily as any NPC and they all are created with the same rules. What makes the hero is his actions and decisions in my world, not special abilities and superpowers. With a open mind and a planned course of actions he would be able to withstand even bigger masses of enemies or stronger ones, he just had to use his brain a little more then in some other systems. Therefore I did not wish to have a world without massive battles or challenging bosses at the end of a campaign, quit the contrary. Books and Films, like Perry Rhodan who managed to combine many of my beloved and most favorite genres also heavily inspired my ideas for Amra and what it would be in some ways clearly, as did Numenéra, The Black Eye or Myranor and other systems, to name just a few.

In the upcoming chapters I will try to give more detail for the World of Amra that will be described shortly in What is Amra? followed by a Game example Short Story. Afterwards we will dive deeper into the History of the western Continent of Amra, followed by the description of various States, Countries and Regions, who are in the imminent are of influence of the Second Empire of Amra. The following Basic Rules will help us with Character Creation, thanks to Species, People, Nations and Cultures, before Attributes, Skills and Talents, as well as Advantages and Disadvantages will give us a even more rounded down player character. Status and Rank will then allow us to see where our Character stands in the wold of Amra, follwoed by Combat Rules, Magic and Other Tests and Rules. To easily start the Game with a prefabricated Character, the section Archetypes will help new players in their decision making and give them some ideas of future possibilities for own characters, as well as give possible Non-player characters. A deeper look into the world of Amra comes afterwards in the chapter Goods, Property and Business, as well as the following chapter Magical Items and Objects. In Geography and Transportation we will learn more about travel and distances, while Culture, History and Customs gives us a closer look deep inside the various Species, Races, Empires and States in the World of Amra. Languages, Songs and Legends, gives us a closer look into the various languages, dialects, songs, poems and legends of the people and factions living there. Nobility, Heraldic and Faith afterwards gives us a deeper view into the most powerful groups in the world of Amra and is closely linked with Organizations, Alliances and Societies, where we see the most powerful factions and groups inside of Amra. The last chapter Game-master and player tips is meant as a small help on how to start and play. Last there is the chapter Surroundings and Non-player Characters were we wish to help the Game-master (and partly also his players) to have a better understanding of the world they will immerse into, as well as some of the persons, animals and creatures they could encounter in their paths.
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What is Amra? - Discovering the Continent
What is Amra? - Discovering the Continent

The center of Amra, is a Continent of the same name, once ruled by the First Empire of Amra it was clearly named after. From here the Prsdnt (President) ruled as the Emperor over lesser local Sts (States) Kingdoms, that were governed by their own Sntr (Senator) or Kings. Similar to the current Second Emperor of Amra, were only one King for Humans, Indoles and Pumilio remains, the Prsdnt was most likely a political, military and spiritual leader at the same time, even if some of this positions were more formal then functional, just like today. The Sts themselves were divided into various regions, depending on their autonomy and rulers. The Sts themselves were directly controlled and governed as a part of the overall Empire, even if some like Bajamar and Tejas most likely had more autonomy then others. The next known region were the so called Trtri (Territories) like the theocracy of Juta, Tejas and San Fan, where the Emperor ruled more indirect and where the local states and powers had more internal autonomy. Despite this they seamed to still have payed tribute to the Empire of Amra and for their most part also dependent in their politics, trade and military protection on this protector, who represented them in the outside world as a whole. Beside these Sntrs there are also the Rprttvs (Representatives) who function as representatives of various local groups, guilds, cities and even tribes. Elders, Majors, Priests and other nobility and church rulers also played a important rule in governing the Old (First) and the New (Second) Empire of Amra.

In the center of the Old Empire of Amra lies what is now called the Great Plain, a immense region that most likely either was devastated by the Burnign Sky or had always been a prairie, steppe and grassland region. Some scholars believe it had once been part of the basked of Amra, like the Misizipi River, were grain and cattle produced massive amounts of food for the whole Empire. West of this is the coastal region of the Atlentic Ocean, today the part of the continent, where the Second Empire of Amra is ruled in the legacy of the First one. In this western regions and once even further south in Knda, the region was dominated by farmland and forests, that got more and more dense, the more south someone would go. This was the reason that the subcontinents of Knda and Alska were once known as the Deep Forest, the Endless Forest or the Never-ending Forest. That was unless huge parts of it were devastated in the second wrath of the Gods, when the Endless Ice took control of most those regions. Before that the major difference between Knda and Alska seamed to have been that while both were densely forested regions of the continent, Knda had more hills and planes, while Alska had more hills and mountainous forests. Inside this continent, the mighty Misizipi River, who the Indoles see as a manifestation of the Tree of Life itself, flows into the Karibean Sea, were various large (the size of kingdoms) and smaller tropical islands are located. At the mouth of the river lies Nuorlinz the Dark Kingdom were Black Magic, Vdo and Shadow Magic are practiced as Dark Arts. Nuorlinz remains a mortal enemy of the Second Empire of Amra and surrounding smaller Kingdoms like Berniam, Navil, Arkensow, Seintlous or Tejas.

East of this regions begins the Great Plain, separating the western part of the continent of Amra from it's eastern part, were foreign, exotic places, people and states, like the Holy Kingdom of Juta, the desert Realm of Veiges, the Empire of Andgeles, the Sanfan (or San Fan) Dynasty, the Kingdom of Oregon, as well as the Republic of Seatel are located. North of all these regions a more desert, or steppe like are begins, slowly turning into dark and dense jungles in the Subcontinent of Mxka all the way to the north of Amra. The species and people living there are even more exotic then the ones on the East Coast of Amra, but very little is known about these regions. In the west of the northern, Karibean Sea resides the Republic of Bajamar, a mercenary island nation.

The whole western Coast of the continent of Amra is dominated by the Atlentic Okean, also known as the Western Ocean because of it. While the so called Horizon Ocean, or Sunrise Ocean is also the beginning of the rising Sun in the West, old maps and globes suggest that there are islands and lands, maybe even a whole continent west of it, but their exact size and the accuracy or authenticity of some of these old maps and globes is highly contested within academic circles. After all such highly important and powerful knowledge would not be on public display even in the most modern and powerful of empires, or would it? From the western ocean it is possible to sail or row directly into the Karibean Sea, a enormous Inland Sea of marine water with various immense islands, some even the size of kingdoms and states themselves. Nearly ever coast of this region is subtropical or tropical in nature, the climate is hot and the air is very humid. The dense jungles of this regions are the natural habitat of some of the largest and strangest creatures but also of smaller kingdoms and tribes that are often the target for the slave trade of various neighboring Empires and Kingdoms on the coastline of the Karibean Sea.

From the western coast the cultivated area of the Second Empire of Arma reaches many hundred miles inland, until it reaches the Apalatʃɛn Mountains, or Apalatʃɛn Wall, known in the northern Empire of Amra as the Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountains, or Aepəlætʃɪnz Wall. East of this natural barrier and partly even increased walls and fortifications at the Empire's eastern border begins the land of various smaller kingdoms, states and tribes, that more or less form a loose alliance, whenever the nearby northern Kingdom of Nuorlinz, or the southern best-like Ferus, (known by some as boarmen, halfbeasts, as brown furred, large canine toothed wild barbarians) raid their lands or threaten to annex them. Their region ends at the Misizipi River, were the Kingdom of Seintlous dominates the river with it's Steamer boats and warships. East of this begins the Great Plain steppe and savanna, with the Kingdom of Tejas, the Holy Kingdom of Juta, the Realm of Veiges, the Empire of Andgeles and the San Fan Dynasty bordering this regions, sometimes stretching all the way to the East Coast, where the Pcfk Okean or Eastern Ocean begins.

Two massive regions however divide this areas on the east coast from the west beside just the Great Plain and the Apalatʃɛn Mountains. One of it is known as the Amranian Canyon or Giant Canyon, the other one is known as the Amranian Spine or Amranian Backbone, a massive mountain reign also known as the Rokys. Veiges meanwhile is located in the Grt Bsn Desert, the biggest desert in all of Amra, that according to legend had once been a giant lake at least in some of the ancient maps found throughout the ruins of the First Empire of Amra.
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Thanks a lot, your own worldbuilding has partly inspired me to move my lazy butt finally once again to finish mine off. ;D

As for the image thing, I mostly upload them and my stories in DeviantArt too and just link them then. Also most of the first images are msotly outdated and will be updated with more modern versions soon. ^^
What is Amra? - Species and Races
What is Amra? - Species and Races

Despite the End of their own Age, humans still make up the majority of all species at least until now. For most of our Examinations on them we will focus on the Amranians, those humans living inside the Empire of Amra. In the north of Amra and the northern human kingdoms and states at the Karibean Sea, in Mxka and in the northern continent of Sudamra or Soth Mrka humans have darker skin, varying from light brown, over bronx to more darker tones, combined with dark, mostly brown and black hair the further north they live. Inside the Empire of Amra and in kingdoms and states further south towards the Endless Ice the skin color of humans gets lighter, sometimes almost pale and white with brown and dark hair at the beginning and mostly red and blue hair towards the southern ice-lands. It should also be noted that while the northern humans often wear very little to no clothes and have only very little hair, some of the more southern humans look almost more like beastman or Ferus with their thick long beards and overall massive skin hair nearly everywhere. Further east the human kingdoms, tribes and states follow the very same rules and turn to get darker skin and hair in the north, lighter skin and hair in the south, However overall humans in the east begin to have more darker, brownish, red or even kind of yellow or olive looking skin. In the eastern San Fan Empire this can be seen in it's most extreme form and it is rumored that some of these ethnic human groups originated as natives from this regions. The humans inside of the southern Empire of Amra, the Grand Duchy of Filadelfia, the Iron City of Nujok (Nijokas), the Kingdom of Bostn (Bostnrs) and the Kingdom of Navil (Navilr) most humans were of lighter skin. The humans in the Empire of Tejas (Tejanas), the Republic of Bajamar (Bajamars), the Karibian Area (Karibian), the Princedom of Berniam (Berniams), the County of Arkensow (Arkensowans), the Empire of Seintlous (Seintlousian) and the Dark Land of Nuorlinz (Nuorlinza) were more dark skinned in their color tone. The same was true for many humans living in the eastern Great Plains and the Deserts, who had even darker tones, but still nothing compared to the jungle states of Mxka or the Bajacal (Bajacalifns) tribes and states. Inside the eastern region, the Holy Kingdom of Juta, the realm of Veiges (Veigesas), the Wiomin (Wiominas), Montena (Montenas), Oregen (Oregens) and Seatel (Seatelas) regions were morel light skinned and southern, then those humans in the Empire of Andgeles (Andgeleans) and the Sanfan Dynasty (Sanfanese). The Empire of Amra itself has various different types of humans, like the Clmbi (Climbian), Verjn (Verjnans), Oio (Oioa), Crolia (Crolians), Atlentik (Atlentikan), Sutcarla (Sutcarlans), Gogija (Gogijans), Karibea (Karibeans), Floria (Florians), Albnia (Albnians), Tenesi (Tensians), Misipi (Misipians), Catahoce (Catahoces), Midatle (Midatles), Delwr (Delwarns) and Eroke (Erokes). All this human species however breed and reproduce with one another, creating offspring that often have mixed traits from both parents.

The Indoles in comparison were the second most numerous seen species in the continent of Amra. Inside of Amra they even have their own King. All Indoles have a natural ability and sense for flora, fauna and fungi, a deep connection and sense for nature, the astrale and magic. They also have a very good natural healing and were immune to some gifts. Compared to humans, their skin is more greenish. The ears of Indoles look more like leafs, with this ears getting longer and even more pointy, up to the point that some of them turn out to be as long as their own heads, sometimes even longer, the more northern Indoles lived. The more southern the Indoles lived, the more shorter their ears got, up to the point that some of them were as short as humans and nearly completely fused to the side of their heads instead of pointing from it. Still all Indoels had a extreme good sense of hearing. Various Indoles groups also had their ears pointing in different directions, making it possible for experts to tell a tribe of a Indoles by looking at his ears alone. The hair of Indoles looks and feels nearly just like Moss even when it grew longer. Unlike humans most Indoles lived in trees and tree-houses and worshiped the Mother, the Goddess of Nature and the holy Tree, because of their natural ability for flora, fauna and fungi, a deep connection and sense for nature, the astrale and magic, good healing, were immune to some gifts. Female Indoles often had small bulges on their forehead, while males had sometimes full out horns, with the nobility and aristocracy having them grown massively around their neck, therefore they were known as the Indoles tiara or crown. Often times they were even decorated with pearls, stones and other riches, sometimes even gold or diamonds by Indoles living inside of the Second Empire of Amra. Just like their long hair that male and female Indoles alike braid, their clothes vary in their stile quit differently from tribe to tribe, similar to humans. The Indoles also had created the various half-sentient tree and plant creatures, critters and monsters that hunted the southeastern and eastern forests and nature sides, their numbers only increasing when coming close to Indoles territory outside the Empire of Amra that was known to be isolationist and aggressive. Thanks to their special ability of rooting while meditating, Indoles can extract everything they need to feed themselves out of trees and the earth itself if it is fertile enough. Inside the Empire of Amra, the Indoles live in their own kingdoms and tribal lands, like the Great Amran Forest (Frst Indoles), the Plateau (Grt Smky, Pltu Indoles), Meadow Valley (Meadow Indoles), the Coastlands (Coastal Indoles), and the Evglds Indoles who live in the most northern prairies, hardwood, pineland, mangrove and coastal lowland regions. Outside of the Empire of Amra, Indoles are known in the Great Plains (Plain Indoles), Acda (Arcadia; Acda Indoles), Jostre Indoles (Joshua Tree), Rky or Bkbn Indoles (living in the Backbone Mountain forests), Grteto Indoles (Great Teton), Ylwstn Indoles (Yellowstone), Glcr Indoles (Glacier), Tzyon Indoles (Zion), Grncn Indoles (Grand or Amranian Canyon), Arcs Indoles (Arches), Lmpc Indoles (Olympic), Mntrn Indoles (Mount Rainer), Crtrlk Indoles (Carter Lake), Seqia Indoles (Sequoia) and Htsrngs Indoles (Hot Springs). The only known groups of Indoels who are rumored to have left the Path of the Mother again are the Bdlnd Indoles (Bab Lands) who live in very harsh environment and use the grassland and smaller flora for their homes and cities instead of trees. They have more hooves then feet and can run incredible fast in the flat regions and on mountainous terrain. Then there are the Cyoc Indoles (Cuyahoga), living close to the Ferus, the boarmen, halfbeasts, furmen, furbeasts, or brown-fur, large, strong barbarians who are constantly threatened their existence. Because of this the Cyoc Indoles have left the path of the mother and use their abilities like resistance an immunity to toxins and their natural gifts like overall fast healing, their low night vision and their natural sense and natural magic that works on flora, fauna and fungi not like their cousins, for art, building creation or machinery, but for much more sinister things, like destruction, war and creating horrible biological monstrosities. Near the Amranian Backbone and the Endless Ice there is rumored to be another Indoles tribe or group very similar to them, but nothing is known about there connection if there is a connection at all. All Indoles can not only heal wounds very fast, but have a incredible sense of smelling and a infrared vision. Indoles have been created by the Mother after the Burning Sky according to their own myths of creation, when these humans without sin have turned to Mother Nature to incorporate them again into the natural, harmonic cycle and the Tree of Life. Some Indoles tribes however have legends, that they themselves made this alterations to that Mother Nature would accept them as her children once again.

The third largest group inside the Empire of Amra following the Humans and the Indoles are the Pumilio these humans that have managed to escape the wraith of the Gods and the Burning Sky by hiding underground. Unlike the Indoles who have changed their former sinful ways and the surviving humans who believe themselves to be spared by the gods because they as the few survivors were pure and out of sin, the Pumilio believe themselves to have survived because they have used their technology and magic from the times of the high of power in the First Amranian Empire to withstand the wrath of the gods. Because of that Pumilio had a strong sense of the importance and preservation of technology and adapted themselves fully to their new way of living mostly underground for decades, sometimes even centuries self-sufficient. Formerly like humans too, Pumilio changed themselves quit drastically, shrinking in size to use every available tiny space in their enclosed new underground homes. During this time most Pumilio also became hairless as a hierarchic tradition and for hygiene purposes. Only half as great as Humans and Indoles, Pumilio are packed with more dense muscles and on average even stronger then the other two groups. Pumilio had a natural night vision, much higher strength and constitution then Humans or Indoles, a excellent hearing and smell, as well ad a low light vision that allowed them to live primarily beneath the earth. They were also known to be extreme resistant to mining gas, as well as fungi toxins, as they farmed fungi and created much of their food and nutriment either directly out of them or byproducts created from the fungi. Inside the Empire of Amra, the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz were the main Pumilio group, being direct descendants of those living indepent in their own kingdom in the Adirondak and Alekhany mountains that are partly covered in the Endless Southern Ice. Other Pumilio kingdoms and cities outside the Amranian Empire were the Western Pumilio; the Blrdg (Blue Ridge) Mountain Pumilio, the Pdmt (Piedmont) Mountain Pumilio, the Vly (Valley) Mountain Pumilio, the Plto (Plateu) Pumilio, the Cmbrlnd (Cumberland) Pumilo, and the Algny (Alrgheny) Pumilio. The Central Amranian Pumilio, also known as the the Spn or Bkbn Pumilio because they lived inside the massive Amranian Spine/ Amranian Backbone mountains were diverted into various kingdoms, like the Plt (Plateau) Pumilio, Ykn (Yukon) that live beneath the ice, the Cnyn Pumilio Amranian/ Giant Canyon that live inside a canyon and not underneath a mountain or hill. In the East along the Coast the Eastern Pumilio, mainly in the Pcfk Coast Range were half of their kingdoms were laying covered beneath the southern Endless Ice. Further north the Sra Mdr Pumilio lived in much hotter regions, but there were even some Pumilio rumored to be living in the northern Jungles.

The so called Feruslands are the region close to the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountains as well as the Adirondak and Alekhany mountains and nearby the Great Amran Forest were inhabited by the tribes of the best-like Ferus, commonly known by some as boarmen, halfbeasts. They were brown furred, large canine toothed wild barbarians threatened every region they neighbored. Unknown to many, the Ferus also started further north near the later Nuorlinz, Berniam, Arkensow, Tejas and Seintlous regions, where the Humans, Indoles and Pumilio in the regions have helped drop their numbers and destroy their tribal lands and empires, so that only a few local groups of Ferus survived in this areas. Further more the Gods who have tried to End mankind created many other new species and hybrids to finish off the job and take over the world in their own Age once humanity was done. In their attempt to End humanity, the gods also had created newly humanoid species in the Atlentic Okean and the Karibean Sea creating their own underwater kingdoms and states. Other animals and humans were also fused into new humanoid species by the gods to wreck havoc and hopefully End mankind for good.
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What is Amra? - Gods and Magic
What is Amra? - Gods and Magic

Nearly every species and ethnic group in Amra has their own pair of gods, demigods, holy spirits and divine heroes. Inside the Second Empire of Amra most Humans believe in the Son who had warned and rescued them for their Sins before the Burning Sky, allowing Mankind to survive this way. Because of this the Son and his Signs were prominently featured alongside humans of all states, kingdoms and tribes. The Pumilio inside the Amranian Second Empire believe in the Father, who has cleansed the world above from all sinners but spared them inside their secure, hidden underground cities. Besides the Father however many Pumilio look at the Gods as weak as their technology magic and knowledge had saved them from their horrors underground and even later when they returned to the surface. Still Pumilio also worshiped their skills with mechanics, steam-power and technology overall before trusting magic, ghosts or gods. Because of this the creating Hammer is one of their religious symbols alongside the sign of the Father. Out of all three major Species the Indoles had abandoned the former paths of mankind the most and worshiped the mother and nature, who they worshiped in the form of the Holy Tree of Life and the Misizipi River that for them is formed in image of this World Tree. Linked to the Mother is Thndr (Thunder) the god of storms, rain and thunder, one of the other godly forces of nature. Overall it is believed that many of the Triad of Gods is linked to other ones as well, but despite some alliances and even family relations some godly siblings and family relations turned into open rivalry and opposition. One of the powerful spirits and gods also worshiped in Amra is the Holy Eagle a symbol of the Amranian Empire that guided and protected the Empire itself, it's values and the royal family. Other Human and Indoles also worship the Misizipi River as a living being that grands them life and fertile lands and animals.

Other deities were the Endless Ice Titan, the frozen King of the South who has brought the Second Great Plague after the Burning Sky to wipe out mankind, just like Flm the God of Fire had tried to do during the Burning Sky itself. Both of them however are natural opposites and turn against one another, whenever possible. The god twin brothers Thndr and Tonar who control bad weather, storms and tornadoes. While they often are antagonists to the mortals they are however supporters of the gods and their will. Atlnta the goddess of the Atlentic Okean and her daughter Karibsa rule the western waves. The All Seeing Eye, the Eye of the God's Triad, the Pyramid Head also is a holy entity working alongside the Gods and keeping a eye on the mortals to watch and judge them on behalf of their creators. While Demons are seen as the direct opposition to all gods and their creation and rule, there are gods, deities, powerful spirits, ghosts and godly creations who are opposing them without wanting to destroy all of creation themselves.

The Fallen One as he is called by his followers, also known as the Dark One or the First One, because he had once been the favorite of the Triad of Gods before his fall is outright worshiped in the Dark Kingdom of Nuorlinz with his creations, monsters and horrors like the shadows supporting his Church there. The Ferus worship the Brood Mother, their very own perversion of the Mother worshipped by the Indoles. Inside the Holy Kingdom of Juta only the Father is worshiped, while his son is seen as a holy messenger, but no god himself by the Church of Momois. Further to the East some faiths known as Bai and Hind are rumored to exist in some areas, while the Sanfan (or San Fan) Dynasty knows a holy messenger called Bda who preaches a polytheistic religion were multiple, powerful gods (Kmi) are worshiped together. In the Mxka regions bloodthirsty gods are rumored to be prayed to in temples and pyramids instead of churches and temples. Other species kingdom and states know various alternations of superstition, sects and cults with variations of known or nearly unknown gods. However while nearly every sane being believes in one or a few gods and their powers, not all do with the same fanaticism and unshaken religiosity. Some crazy individuals even deny the outright existence of gods at all, but these crazy people are in the same category of crazy fanatics then the Republicans who try to establish a constitutional monarchy, the Parliamentarians, who try to get a government body of advisers and experts to rule instead of the aristocracy, or the Democrats who even believe that the common people could vote and rule themselves without any form of ruler of government.

Godly influence and powers as well as powerful spirits demigods, holy spirits and divine heroes whom they had granted their special powers and abilities.
Amranian scholars are sure that once a living being dies, his mind ans soul separate from the decaying body, even if sometimes this could be intentional by the later spirits and ghosts themselves. As ghosts and spirits they have gained various powers and abilities that they can partly grand to their followers with pacts, similar to how artifacts, scrolls and other magical items allowed even non magical individuals could use them. However this ability worked both ways and the more followers a spirit and ghost could gather, the more powerful he could become, up to the point where he had basically become one of the gods, with millions of worshipers. By praying to him his followers could lend him some of their soul, power, karma and magical energy. With so much power the ghost/ spirit/ god then was able to grand wishes and prayers by using them for divine interfering into the matters of mortals.

The very basic principle was however also the path to black or dark magic, demonic worshiping and other occult practices, were magic users and ghost, spirits or gods used the blood and life force, or souls of other living beings, often even sentient ones, as they were the most powerful sources to massively increase their own magical potential. Because it is so powerful magic influences the world of Amra just like technology does. While those with the ability to use magic only make up a small percentage of the overall population, their power and influence is much greater then that of most people. Magic is often found in the nobility who have constantly married among those with magic potential to get those powers in their own family tree. Still magic users make up only a small faction of every population even if their powers and influence often are among one of the biggest inside their society. While Stellar Mages harvest the power of the elements, Alchemist use formula and mixtures for their abilities, Elementarists or Elemental Mages use the elements, Shadowmages or Darkmages use the forbidden dark arts of the shadow-realm and the fallen one, while hermetic mages use books, scrolls and texts, when Shamans use their natural link to the spirits of nature and animals alike. Because of it's powers, the use of magic is highly restricted and controlled by most authorities, whenever possible. Some even used their magic abilities to animate or alter animals and machines.
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What is Amra? - From the Frozen South to the Northern Jungles, a Continent to Explore
What is Amra? - From the Frozen South to the Northern Jungles, a Continent to Explore

The World of Amra known to the Empire of Amra was mainly the Amranian Continent itself. It stretched from the Endless Southern Ice to the seemingly as endless jungles and volcanic mountains of the northern Sudamra Continent. While we have pretty accurate maps of the overall region, no single explorer and adventurer had aver traveled and cartographed it all by himself. While our Amranian continent stretches massively from west to east, old maps of the First Amranian Empire and our own discoveries have brought us to believe that the expansion of both the Continent of Amra and the northern Continent of Sudamra even expands way further between South and North. We can assume that it is one of the most massive twin-continents on the world according to old maps and we assume that it still stretches around at least half of the globe our world is believed to be. Traveling from south ice to the dense northern jungles is estimated to last at least around 90 to 96 days on good roads and streets, on worse ones even more. The Amranian Spine/ Backbone stretches across most of this distance in the east and is believed to be the major mountain range of the continent. The former Hdsn Bai (now under the Endless Southern Ice) to the Karibean Sea once stretched long enough for a 62 to 68 day journey. Beside the Amranian Spine/ Amranian Backbone from Alska in southeastern Arma streatching to Mxka in northeastern Amra, another massive mountain region region known as the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mntn stretches westwards from Knda southwestern Amra to the Karibean Sea. While the Amranian Spine is the Backbone of the Continent, the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mntn was once the spine and backbone of the First Amranian Empire. The Karibean Sea and the Hdsn Bai were once the major coastlines of the Continent of Amra, before the Endless Southern Ice had swallowed the Hdsn Bai. The Karibean Sea and the Mxka mountains and jungles border and limit the Amranian Continent in the North, just like the Endless Southern Ice limits it in the South. The Karibean Sea has two major openings into the Atlentic Okean, the Bajamar Strait, or Karibiea Strait and Kba Strait in the north of the Ordo Karibea, named either after lands of the Ordo Karibiea, the Republic of Bajamar or the Kban Island surrounding the strait and the even more northern Yctn Strait named after the Yctn Peninsula in Mxka. The whole area is known for it's tropical climate dense jungles and volcanoes.

The Amranian Spine/ Amranian Backbone is the main mountain range of the whole continent of Amra, the true backbone splitting it in to two major regions with the eastern coast and the western Great Plains in the middle of the continent. It was home to some Human and Pumilio tribes, kingdoms and societies that lived in the mountains, their valleys or underneath the Rky (Rocky) or Bkbn (Backbone) Spine/ Mountain there. East of it the San Fan Empire rules or tried to dominate the Eastern Coast from the Amranian Spine/ Amranian Mountains all the was to the Pcfk Okean or Eastern Ocean. Their main San Fan Empire was located in the so called Cntrl San Fan Vly, or simply Cntrl Vly (Central Valley) a fruitful area located between the Pcfk Cst Rng (Pacific Coast Range) and the Sra Nvd (Sierra Nevada) Mountains. It's capital San Fan itself is located at the coast right between the Central Valley and the Central Valley Lake (were the harbor cities of Scr Mnt-O San Yose and Frsn-O are located) and the Eastern Ocean. The San Fan are by marriage allied to the Ysmt (Yosemite) Indoles in the valley, while fighting the Zeqia Indoles (Sequoia) Indoles that had onces split from them and now raided the Central Valley that they claimed for themselves. The Sra Nvd Mountains the San Fan faced a Pumilio Kingdom, the Mount Wtny Pumilio, part of the Pcfk Coast Range Pumilio that opposed their push westwards into the Nvd Desert. Further south the human tribes and Pumilio Kingdom of the Cscd (Cascada) lived and clained the area, sandwiched between the San Fan Empire in the North and the human Kingdom of Orgn (Oregon) that was located further south across the coast. It used the mountainous terrain to their advantage against the San Fan invaders and other foreigners while implementing a strategy of coastal raids and piracy along the Pcfk Okean/ Eastern Ocean. Their capital Prtlnd is located further inland, at the Clmbi River and allows them to travel right into the Pcfk Okean/ Eastern Ocean without laying to openly vulnerable at the coast itself. The central Orgn trade hub is a city called Slm (Salem) in the center of their kingdom, relatively secure, while Egn (Eugene) their major northern castle and fortified city helps them defend against San Fan invasions as well as the Cscd Pumilio and the Pcfk Cst Rng Pumilio, with the Kingdom of Mnt Hln/ Mount Helen and Mnt Rynr/ Mount Rainer (that is in a alliance with the local Mntrn Indoles/ Mount Rainer Indoles), as well as the local Crtrlk Indoles (Carter Lake) surrounding them partly. At the End of the world in the South lays the territory of the Cstl Trb (Coastal Tribes or Eastern Coastal Tribes) along the Cscd Range, more primitive humans who lived mostly like hunter-gatherer in the mountains and hills, rivaling some small Pumilio cities and kingdoms there (some of them actually continue under the Endless Ice). Their non-unified and from their neighbors viewed as primitive tribal societies allowed for the Republic of Setl (Seatel or Seattle) to establish their own domain in the coastal towns, harbors and overall region, as a maritime, merchant republic. The nearby Lmpc Indoles (Olympic) are in constant fight with the tribal coastal humans and the nearby Republic of Setl, as they claim the Lmpc Peninsula for their own small Kingdom. The main Setl core region was a area of small and medium islands, known as the Setl Sounds. There Setl citizens from the main city had established colonies, watchtowers and fortifications to rule the tribal islanders, including the massive Vncvr Island (Vancouver island) that was partly a peninsula for half the year, when the Endless Southern Ice connected it to the mainland, the rest of the year it was a full island. Long time ago during the First Empire of Amra and shortly after it's fall it had been part of the more southern city of Vncvr, but the rival of Setl had been swallowed by the Eastern Ice for it's sins and is now a major ruin underneath the massive glaciers that attracts those in hunt for lost artifacts, treasures and other resources. It is also partly colonized by the southern Ykn (Yukon) Pumilio that live beneath the Endless Southern Ice entirely and raid nearby areas from there. The nearby Nrd Cscd (North Cascade) Indoles often enter in various alliances with the local Humans and Pumilio to play one side against one another.

At the northern End of the San Fan Empire lies the small Pumilio Kingdom of Sra Mdr, sandwiched between the San Fan Empire in the south, their rivaling Empire of Angls (Andgeles or Angeles) a sworn arch-nemesis of the San Fan in the north, as well as the Mjve Dsrt (Mojave Desert) in the West with the Valley of the Death, where the Mjve Indoles, the Jostre Indoles (Joshua Tree) and their deadly neighbors Dth Indoles lived. The realm of the desert Empire of Veiges (Vegas) that controls most Amran Trade Routed from West to East and back thanks to it's positioning and uses strange artifacts or magical coins made out of the same material that the First Empire of Amra had used in some of it's buildings and technologies. The Empire of Angls is protected by a southern Mountain Range that leads into the Saltn Sea and from there via river into the Gulf of Angls (also known as the Gulf of Angls, Gulf of San Dgo and Sea of Crtz). North of this at the border to what is known as the End of the Amran Continent, the Lands of Mxka (Mexico) is the Sonrn Desert located, dominated by the city of Phnyx, named after the legendary bird that could rebirth from the flames. Very much like this bird, Phnyx had risen again from the Burning Sky and managed to establish it's control and dominance of the surrounding Sonrn Desert, thereby dominating the coastal land trade between the moderate climate of the Eastern Coast of Amra and the tropical jungles of the Eastern Coast of Mxka. This made Phnyx a lucrative trade-hub while the smaller city of Tscn (Tuscon) at the border to the Mxka Lands gained less profits, but at least managed to remain mostly independent from Phnys. The Ptrfyd Indoles (Petrified) lived across the mountain range at the northern Edge of the Clrdo (Colorado) Plateau and sometimes traded and raided across this mountains. The Central Amranian Pumilio (Spn and Bkbn/ Spine and Backbone Pumili) had some colonies and settlements on the Plateau too, where a part of them formed the Cnyn Pumilio Amranian/ Giant Canyon that lived in the sides of the massive canyon of the region rivaling the Grncn Indoles (Grand or Amranian Canyon) living in it's valley and surrounding areas. Further north pf Phnyx is the land of the Sra Mdr Pumilio that lived in the mountain jungles of Mxka. The Clrdo Plateau and the Grt Bsn (Great Basin) with the Giant Canyon in the middle at the border to Veides and the Mjve Dsrt are ruled by the Holy Kingdom of Juta, a theocracy in the name of the Father, governed by the Church of Momois, or Momon. They border the Pumilio Kingdoms of the Cnyn Pumilio Amranian/ Giant Canyon Pumilio, in the East, the Plt (Plateau) Pumilio in the North, the Pumilio Kingdoms of the Rky or Bkbn Indoles (living in the Backbone Mountain forests), as well as the Indoles and Pumilio tribes and states of Grteto Indoles (Great Teton), Ylwstn Indoles (Yellowstone) and the Slmn Rvr (Salmon River) Mountain Pumilio in the South that were part of the Rky and Bkbn tribes and kingdoms. Near the Jutan/ Momon capital of Sltlkcty (Salt Lake City) lies the small city-state of the Uinta Mountains, a medium sized Pumilio Kngdom just north of the Great Divide Basin. Other major Jutan/ Momon cities at their southern border are Albqrq (Alberquerque) and Sntf (Santa Fe) fortified border towns defending their theocracy against the northern Nwmxka (New Mexico) desert and mountain tribes, that dominate the northern region before the main Mxka region that begins after the city of Elpso (El Paso), the last outposts before the mountain and desert tribes in the area. In the West of their Empire the Jutan/ Momons have territorial disputes with some stronger and major Pumilio tribes in the central Rky/ Amranian Bkbn Mountains there, like the Arcs (Arches) Indoles and the Cnynlnd (Canyonland) Indoles, while the western bordered Indoles of Tzyon (Zion) are centuries long and loyal allies of the Jutan/ Momons, fighting alongside them. Despite this eastern mountain range disputes, the Jutan/ Momon manage to ally and integrate some of this Pumilio and secure their path across the mountains to their western border cities and castles of Dnvr (Denver) and Clrdsprngs (Colorado Springs). At the south of this Jutan/ Momon region is the so called Mntna (Montena Kingdoms Alliance) located, also known as the Mntna Kingdom League, or Mntna Kingdom Union, a loosely alliance and confederation of Human, Indoles and Pumilio tribes, towns, cities and city-state kingdoms that unify themselves against foreign treats and dangers from across their region. The only ones in the region who have not joined them are the independent Glcr (Glacier) Indoles directly at the Edge of the Endless Southern Ice, and the Indoles/ Pumilio at the Grteto (Great Teton), Ylwstn (Yellowstone).

South of this region the Clmbi River originates that leads into the Kingdom of Orgn again and ends at the Endless Southern Ice. The Pumilio and Indoles living in the Amranian Backbone and Slmn Rvr Mountain there rival each other and local human towns, while the Pumilio even extent under the Southern Ice too, similar to some of their eastern cousins at the coastal mountains. The local Dkta (Dakota) humans live in a sparely populated tundra with only a few major cities Bsrk (Bismark), Frg (Fargo), Pre (Pierre), Sx-Fl (Siox Falls), O'Mha (Omaha) and the Iwa Humans of Cdr Rpd (Dedar Rapids) and Dsmns (Des Moines). These Dkta and Iwa Humans have allied themselves with the neighboring Sndhl (Sand Hills) Pumilio and Dkta Indoles nomads against the expansive Pumilio Kingdom of Blk Hls (or Blkhl, Black Hills) that is partly also one of the reasons the nearby Mntna Kingdoms Alliance had formed. Between the Blk Hls Pumilio, the Mntna Alliance, the Dkta/ Iwa defense pact and the Jutan/ Momon Holy Theocracy lies another independent Pumilio tribe that has originated from the Blk Hls Kingdom, but wishes no part in their expansive and aggressive style of life. They protect their southern Riverlands before the Mntna Kingdom Alliance as their human trade partners and cities themselves against the Rky and Bkbn Pumilio and Indoles as well as their aggressive relatives in the Blk Hls.

In the North and Central Amra west of the Amranian Backbone are the Grt Plns (Great Plains) located, a massive region full of prairie, steppe. grassland and even some desert in the center of the Amranian Continent including the Smky Hls (Smoky Hills) and the Flnt Hl (Flint Hills), the majority of this area was inhabited by nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes and roaming animal herds. The only cities and major towns bordering this area were Cyne (Cheyenne), Lncln (Lincoln) and O'Mha (Omaha) in the South together with the Pumilio Kingdom of Pne Rdg (Pine Ridge) as well as the Intoles tribes in the Bdlnd Ntnl Prk (Badland National Park, Badland Indoles), that neighbored the Dkta (Dakota) and Iwa (Iowa) territories and tribal lands in the South, the Tpk (Topeka) and Knss Cty (Kansas City) in the West, Dnvr (Denver) and Clrdsprngs (Colorado Springs) in the East, Wcta (Wichita), Tlsa (Tulsa), Oclhm A Cty (Oklahoma City), Lbok (Lubbock) and the Pumilios of the Gdlp (Guadalupe) Mountains and the Indoles of Msclro (Mescalero Reservation). Beside this major points, most towns and settlements in the Great Plains are in their majority only temporary and move together with their nomadic, or semi-nomadic inhabitants, some are even only inhabited for certain parts of the year. Many of this countless abandoned camps or ghost towns make a great hideout for travelers, adventurers, explorers, ruiners and even local bandits and criminals.

North of this Great Plains lies the trade city of Elpso (El Paso), towards Mska as well as the Empire of Tejas, a strong independent Empire that fights off the northern desert and jungle tribes as well as the southern steppe tribes and nomads of the Great Plains itself. Tejas main cities are Dls (Dallas), Astn (Austin) and the border region fortress of Sntno (San Antonio). Tejas directly borders the northern Indoles tribes of Bgbnd (Big Bend), Gdlp (Guadalupe) and the Great Plains (Plain Indoles), as well as the Pumilio mountain city-states and kingdom of the Edwd Plta (Edward Plateau). In the west Tejas main trade city to trade with Western Amra is Srwprt (Shrewport). Tejan abilities to produce guns and swords of superior quality is what guards their independence. Tejas also borders the Dark Land of Nuorlinz in the West at the Karibean Sea Coast. The Dark Land dominates this regions with it's black magic, unread, slaves and all kind of unholy creations with the swamp and coastal city of Nuorlinz as their capital. Other major cities of this Dark Land are Btn Rge (Batin Rouge) a major economic center for timber and wood products, Lfyte (Lafayette) their main plantation region beside the capital and in the west Hstn (Houston) a city they had captured from Tejas before their unholy war against Tejas could be stopped. In the south the Dark Lands conquest of Jksn (Jackson) had provided them with a forward base for raids and conquests into the County of Arkensow and the Princedom of Berniam. Arkensow's Amranian wide famous and legendary strong cavalry in the plains allows them to repel this raids and attacks quit easily, however their own claims on the Great Plains and all of Amra prevents them from joining their neighbors in a defensive alliance. Arkensow's capital is located in it's center called Ltlrk (Little Rock) right at the center between the Human settled plains and river-lands, the Indoles settled northeast forest of Arkensow in Htsprn (Hot Springs), were also a Indoles tribe lived along the two Pumilio Mountain Kingdoms of Bstn (Boston) and Oacta (Ouachita). The nearby Bdlnd Indoles (Bad Land Indoles) have been attacked and tempted by the Dark Lands and Ferrus alike and left the Path of the Mother because of it to survive in the harsh environment and the make the best out of the grassland and spare living conditions, surrounded by dangerous enemies. With hooves instead of feet they are fast runners in this flat regions as well as mountainous terrain. Unlike the Cyoc Indoles (Cuyahoga), living closer to the Ferus (the boarmen, halfbeasts, furmen, furbeasts, or brown-fur large, strong barbarians) in the south who are constantly threatened their existence, the Bdlnd Indoles have not degenerated in society, magic or technology, but rather embraced a dark path themselves.

Nearby Berniam however suffers from the northern Nuorlinz Dark Land raids and that southern Ferrus. Therefore the small Princedom had close ties and alliances with the western Empire of Amra to a extent it was more then a loose and more autonomous province or princedom then a truly independent state, as even their capital Berniam itself was located directly at the western border of Amra. This mean that the Blkblt (Black Belt) a major route for Dark Land incursion, raids and spies nearly split up the country into two right in the middle. That was the reason why one third, the eastern river-lands) were mainly secured by the Arkensow Cavalry at the river border there that they constantly crossed, while the Prince of Berniam only controlled the third of his land close to Amra, with the rest in the central forests and hills mostly under control by the Dark Land of Nuorlinz, Ferrus and other Raiders and Bandit groups. The more southern Kingdom of Navil was similar allied to the Empire of Amra, but had a much better control of it's territory against Dark Land and Ferrus raids and forces as it incorporated the many rivers and seas trough it's forests, hills and mountains with a strong river navy and transport fleet that showed this rivers served as the main transportation instead of roads and streets. They all lead to their capital city of Mmphs (Memphis) leading to the old saying all rivers either lead to the Atlentic Okean or Mmphs itself. Towards the Empire of Amra their trade city of Chtnoga (Chattanooga) is part of the defences against the southern Ferrus along the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountains and Wall, were they also trade with some Indoles and Pumilio, similar to Berniam.

South of this region spans the Empire of Seintlous, the rich trading Empire along the majority of the central Misizipi River that dominates the region with it's armored steam boats from their capital Seintlous (Sntlous or Saint Louis). Their second major harbor fortification and city is Jfrsn (Jefferson) in the central of their river and trade empire, securing the region there for Seintlous since the centuries after it's founding as a trade colony. To defend against the western Ferrus tribes and trade with the nearby Iwa Humans of Cdr Rpd (Dedar Rapids) and Dsmns (Des Moines) the Empire of Seintlous had also established the southern defense fortification and trade city Qnc (Quincy), shortly before the Beginning of the Endless Southern Ice. To the east of this region are the Ferrus Lands located, where the Ferrus (the boarmen, halfbeasts, furmen, furbeasts) tribes rule over enslaved Humans, Indoles and Pumilio. The major cities and tribal fortifications of Ferrus in this area are Lsvl (Louisville), Sprgnfld (Springfield), Nsvl (Nashville), Evnvl (Evansville), Fnkfrt (Frankfort), Lxntn (Lexington), Indnpls (Indeanapolis), Cncnty (Cincinnati) and Clmbs (Columbus). The Indoles and Pumilio tribes of Mmt Cv (Mammot Cave) is holding out in the northern part of this Ferrus territory the best they can while actively trying to even claim back some of the lost regions the Ferrus had conquered and enslaved before.

Further South under the Endless Ice the massive cities of Cicgo (Chicago) and Dtrd (Detroid) can be found hidden deep under the frozen ground, alongside smaller ones like Mlwke (Milwaukee). What is known as the Great Amran Forest (Frst Indoles, or Indoles Forests even as the Apalatʃɛn Forest), a massive forested region of dense woodland, nearly a jungle at the eastern food of the Apalatʃɛn Mountains, or Apalatʃɛn Wall, between them and the Endless Southern Ice. Their capital was in the heartland of this forest and river land, at Ptsbrg (Pittsburgh), while their cities of Clvlnd (Cleveland) and Ery (Erie) are at the border of the Southern Ice, serving as a entrence to the Ery Lk (Erie Lake) a underground lake and cavern system leading to some ancient lost cities like Dtrd (Detroid) of Bflo (Buffalo). Towards the eastern Ferrus Lands the city of Clstn (Charleston) and Akrn (Akron) served as a fortified forest-town with tree-houses like forts. West from here, right at the border of the Endless Southern Ice the Pumilio Kingdom of the Adirondak (Adrrndk), Alekhany and Ctskl (Catskill) mountains that were either colonies of one another, or allied. The Human-Indoles cities of Scrntn (Scranton) and Srcsa (Syracuse) and Rcstr (Rochester) at the border of the Ferrus region serve as defensive fortifications and castles of their territory, while Hsbrg Harrisburg), the triad-city is famous for it's position at the border between these Pumilio Kingdoms, the Indoles Forrest and human Grand Duchy of Filadelfia. All three groups have their own quarter of the city with their own fortifications, walls and castles separating these parts as they use it as a unified defense against the Ferrus but still greatly mistrust one another too in fear any one of them might gain full control over all of it.

Located directly at the Edge and partly underneath the Endless Southern Ice are the Acda (Arcadia) Indoles, living in tundra conditions and having nearly abandoned all links to a flourishing and rich nature as well as the Mother. They are used to be as harsh and cold as the lands that have created them and the nearby human city of Agsta (Augsuta) had been whipped out by one of their raids to gather new resources long ago. Their mortal enemies are the Pumilio of the Wht Mtn (White Mountain) therefore serve as protectors and lords of the humans in Mntplr (Montpelier) and Cncrd (Concord) and also fight the nearby Iron City of Nujok. They also fought the Bstn or Bostn Kingdom at the coast that had a massive navy it used for trade, raids and piracy along the Atlentic Coast. Neside Bstn/ Bostn itself the city of Prvdnc (Procidence) was their only other major urban settlement at the coast. They border the Iron City of Nujok that controls the coast further north as well as some of the river networks inland between the Pumilio controlled mountains and the Grand Duchy of Filadelfia. The cities of Albny (Albany) and Htrfrd (Hardford) serve as Nujok outposts and fortifications to control the river region and expand or raid into enemy territory. The Grand Duchy of Filadelfia in the north fights with Nujok over the cities of Trntn (Trenton) and the land of Jrsy (Jersey) at the border with Nujok and the Pumilio Kingdom of the Adirondak (Adrrndk), Alekhany and Ctskl (Catskill) mountains, who all constantly rival one another in various alliances. The Grand Duchy of Filidelfia also includes the smaller cities of Bltmr (Baltimore), Dvr (Dover), Anpls (Annapolis) and Trntn (Trenton).

Along the rest of the Western Coast of Amra is the Empire of Amra located, between the coast and the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountains/ Wall, that separates into various smaller territories. There inside the Clmbi County live the human Clmbi (Clmbians) with their capital Wajintn. Along the coast it is followed by the Duchy of Verjn with their capital Rmnd (Richmond) and the major Verjnan harbor cities of Verjn Bec (Virginia Beach) and Nrflk (Norfolk). East of there is the Amranian Empire Duchy of Oio located, were the capital of Rank (Roanoke) also serves at the direct path to the Indoles Marca border region as well as the Indoles and Pumilio Kingdoms in the mountains and valleys there. The Duchy of Crolia north of Verjn is home to the Amranian Crolians governed from their capital Fytvl (Fayetteville) with their famous harbor of Wlmngtn (Wilmington) at the western coast that stretches all the way towards the city of Rlyt (Raleight) inland were it goes over into the Duchy of Delwr at the city of Drm (Durham) with it's capital of Grnsbro (Greensboro), that stretches the Delwarn lands all across to Mouint Mtchl (Mitchelle) at the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountains/ Wall. East of there is the human Kingdom of Midatle with the Amranian Capital of Chrlot (Charlotte), supposedly named after the founding ancient Queen during her reign in the First Amranian Empire. In the west it borders the Atlentik County Free Cities, a former Duchy that had gained independence for it's Atlentikan cities and trade leagues after their local powers defeated the ruling Duke to gain their autonomy, now they and other city-states, trade and harbor towns of the Atlentik Trade League only listen directly to the Emperor of Amra. Along the coast further north they are followed by the Duchy of Sutcarla, whose Sutcarlan inhabitants are clearly related to those further south in Crolia. It's capital Clmbya (Columbia) might be the seat of it's Duke, but the main economical power and political influence is located in Chrlstn (Charleston) it's major trade and harbor town along the coast. It is followed by the Gogijan Duchy north of it, with it's capital Agsta (Augusta) and has a own major coastal trade city in Svna (Savannah). Across al those coastline regions live various small tribes of Coastlands Indoles (Coastal Indoles). At the most northern tip of the Empire of Amra lies the Ordo Karibiea/ Karibea, the only land of the church and a holy order in the Empire of Amra directly ruled by those institutions. It is governed from the Castle of Tmpa (Tampa) in it's center and rules over other major Ordo Castles and Fortifications like Jksnvl (Jacksonville), Orlnd'O (Orlando), Mami (Miami), Twprt (Two Ports) and Lghtnd (Lights End) at the end of the Flrd Ky (Florida Key Mountains, at the coats and most northern tip of the Empire of Amra on the continent) as well as Tlhsy (Tallahasee, the most eastern Order Lands) and Cpcnvrl (Cape Canaveral were the great Temple to directly contacts the Gods above us is located). As a region previously having been part of the Dark Lands, the Ordo Karibiea/ Karibea Karibeans/ Karibieans were superstitious of all kinds of black magic, witches, evil creatures and other rumors in their still mostly lawless and pagan region. This means the Order also has a very troubled past with the native Florians as well as the Evglds (Everglades) Indoles living there under their hegemonic rule and protection. The rest of the Florian lands further east had been created into the Duchy of Floria with Clmbs (Columbus) as it's capital following the nearby river to the Karibean Sea and Bay. Unlike the further northern Order Peninsula the Black Land lost this regions quit quicker and never managed to hold onto it with it's beasts and dark magic very deeply. It is followed by the Duchy of Albnia, were the Albnians are ruled from the fortified city of Mntgmry (Montgomery). The direct border to the Dark Lands however are made into the Dark Land Marca a fortified border region intended to hold of the Nuorlinz forces. South of them along the eastern border of the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Moutnains/ Wall, the Duchy of Tenesi/ Tensi with it's Tensian (Tenesian) capital of Atlnta (Atlanta) neighbors the nearby Dark Lands Marca too, as well as the Plateau (Grt Smky, Pltu Indoles) Pumilio, the Pdmt (Piedmont) Mountain Pumilio and the Blrdg (Blue Ridge) Mountain Pumilio cities and kingdoms that were part of the overall Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Pumilio. Their mountain cities and kingdom also bordered the Duchy of Misipi, named after the Misipians that originally came from the eastern side Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountain/ Wall. The Misipi Duchy was connected to this Pumilio regions on the Grt Smky (Great Smokey) Mountains by the Ashvl (Ashville) city, known as the human gateway to the Pumulio there. The southern Catahoces Duchy of Catahoce and the Erokes Duchy of Eroke borders the Ferrum Marca and Indoles Marca at the other side of the Ferrum Lands and the Great Amranian Forest across the Apalatʃɛn/ Aepəlætʃɪnz Mountain/ Wall.

Other nearby Pumilio kingdoms and towns along this border region included the Vly (Valley) Mountain Pumilio, the Plto (Plateu) Pumilio, the Blrdg (Blue Ridge) Mountain Pumilio, the Cmbrlnd (Cumberland) Pumilo and the Algny (Alrgheny) Pumilio, while other Indoles clans, tribes and forests included Meadow Valley (Meadow Indoles), the Coastlands (Coastal Indoles). Across the coast of the Ordo Karibiea/ Karibea was the Republic of Bajamar located. Governed from it's capital Nsau (Nassau) on Major Bajamar it governs both islands Major Bajamar and Minor Bajamar closer to the mainland. Unlike many islands in the Atlentic Okean and the Karibean Sea, the royal republic of Bajamar never was truly hid hard by the Burning Sky and never faced the Endless Southern Ice, leading to it's nearly uncontested naval rule in the region and the fact that it had managed to preserve much of it's more modern technologies and institutions even if they never had been on pair with that of the First Empire of Amra.
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The History of Amra: The Age of Burning Sky
The History of Amra: The Age of Burning Sky

Not much is known about the time before the Burning Sky, but some say it was a time when gods and giants had walked among us. The Age of High Mankind, the Lost Age of Mankind. Naturally every state, species and ethnic group tells a different story by their historians, priests, wise, shamans, broodmothers and others. Not to mention the myths and creation stories of the aquatic, subnautic, lizard or subterranean species creation stories. The only thing all agree upon was the fact that during this time, the humans had angered their gods while reaching for the starts and the heavens themselves and as a result, the gods came down upon them in their fury and rage. Massive machines and giant like beasts came down from the skies with the flames and the shining paradise cities of mankind in the First Empire of Amra, with their shimmering ivory towers that reached the sky itself crumbled down to ashes. Gods and Angels, Devils and Demons came down to Earth and brought with them the masses that followed them and fueled their armies. They fought one another as much as they fought mankind and the rich land was turned into desert, savannas and tundra. Only a few survived, those powerful enough to save themselves and other with the help of their magic and machinery, but most of the knowledge and wisdom of man was lost during the Burning Sky. These people tried to save what little was left of mankind and told it how to preserve what little they had left, protecting their fellow man with magic and machinery the best they could. Some saved themselves by going into well fortified underground cities, becoming the Pumilio, others tried to undo the sins of the past and embraced nature living among it as equals again, becoming the Indoles. It was during this time that the first Ferrus arrived to wage havoc and destruction. So without a god or hero to lead them many of those few surviving humans were fleeing into all directions, scattered among the continent and each group tried to fight for their own survival, the last remnants of the First Empire of Amra gone and turned to dust. Some completely turned on the gods for their treason, not seeing their own they had committed before, others listened to wrong prophets and wise people leading them deeper into darkness and savage Barbary. In this darkest times some even stole and robbed from their fellow man, others even cannibalized each other, turning into foul ghouls and other savage creatures by insulting the gods further with such behavior. Some plead to the old gods to guide them again, others found and prayed upon new ones, all in hope that they could return to the old and glory days they had lost during the Burning Sky.

Many humans turned underground, into the deepest forests and to the highest peeks of mountains for survival, where they would build their new civilizations, while gods, angels, demons and devils alongside their creations turned the world upside down and devastated much of the land in their battles during the Burning Sky. In this times of migration the powerful Gods, Angels, Devils and Demons continued fighting, turned mountains to canyons and seas into deserts. Many new Ferrus types were created and human-animal hybrids that roamed the earth. But just like many humans, Pumilio, Indoles and others these created by the gods to fuel their army masses soon went extinct and turned to dust by the war of the heavens. Some left only ruins of their civilizations and bones, others not even that. Other Animalius like fish people, insect people and others rose beside the Ferrus and settled on Amra, coming from far away continents in the night sky. Some of them were destroyed and gone as quickly as they had risen and with them most of their gods, demons and devils they worshiped too. Others left at least massive ruins of their former cities and some degenerated from this high times of their species similar to how mankind had done before, becoming a shadow of their former self and glory. Many of their continental cities were soon lost under dense forests, jungles and mountains again, while these cities underwater quickly became lost under corals and mud. Only their own ancestors as well as some completely maritime and subnautic human civilizations would later rediscover them. Sometimes new aquatic species formed and replaced, them with their own gods, other times, these new ones adopted the old gods and demons of those who had come before. The Karibean Sea for all we know is one of this empires, or at least is unified most of the time, as is the Hdsn Bai, while inside the Atlentic Okean or Wstrn Okean and the Pcfk Okean or Estrn Okean multiple of this subnautic empires and kingdoms exist. Some of then occasionally tradet with coastal cities or even send diplomats and representatives to the kingdoms and empires there, but most of the time all we see and heard from them was reports of ships and coastal cities being assaulted by their aquatic warriors. There are even rumors of some Empires further out and deeper then some others, but no one from the surface has ever reached or seen them as far as we know.
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The History of Amra: The Age of the Catastrophe and a New Beginning
The History of Amra: The Age of the Catastrophe and a New Beginning

The devastation of mankind during the burning sky lead to the return to factionalism like small tribes and gangs that banded together to survive after the catastrophe. Local factions and groups fought their neighbors for the very few resources and safe places that had remained. At the same time it was the beginning of a new Age, - 1 Anno Kalypsis Aetas (AKA) / or 1 Caelum Ante Kalypsis (CAK, before the Burning Sky), as the Pumilio did unlike the humans, starting with their , foundation of the Kingdom of Adirondak the Great southern Pumilio Kingdom under the Adirondak and Alekhany Mountains with their own counting of time, the Anno Pumilio Aetas (1 APA). While Mankind tried to survive at the surface, the Pumilio in anticipation of the Endtimes and the wraith of the Gods had prepared and build homes, houses, towns and whole cities underground, saving their kind from various dangers and problems that mankind would face above, like diseases that let one loose all hair, color of the skin and turned whole bodies and organs to bloody wounds. Then on 1 Anno Kalypsis Aetas (AKA) / 0 Counting After Kalypsis (CAK), mankinds failing of the gods and nature lead to the Burning Sky, the fire from above, only the small island nation known as the Republic of Bajamar while still loosing most of it's modern technology and knowledge would at least survive as one of the Amranian Continent Nations and Territories that remained mostly intact, unlike so many others. It was also rumored to be the start of many humanoid but non human species, like Ferrus and their subspecies as well as the aquatic races and species, as well as rumored reptilians further north in the tropical regions of Amra. Very few written histories and documents from this times survived and it was also the rise of the Black Lands as Apocalyptic sects, Bikr (Bikers) that rode magical metal horses called Biks (Bikes, that since then seamed to have died out completely) and satanists blended together to dominate the nearby towns, cities and would very soon manage to take over one of the bigger city ruins in the Grt Lks (Great Lakes) when they managed to take control of the remnants of the city of Jikagou.

It was the time of the last book of the Hly Skrptr (Holy Scripture), when the Olt Tstmnt (Old Testament), the Nue Tstmnt (New Testament) were concluded with the post-apocalyptic Lst Testament (Last Testament), the story of a human known simply as Savor (Savior) or Mesia (Messiah), who had fallen out of a burning metal bird from the sky himself. He managed to rally the shattered remnants of human civilization around the Grt Lks around himself and unified their towns and cities into the first new Human Empire to defend them from aggressive human groups, but also the new beasts that now roamed the earth as well as the beginning other new aggressive species that would soon compete with mankind itself. Magicians were also beginning to rise and became the first to form new animals, plants and life forms, creating their own power bases and small ruling areas were they enslaved and dominated many who lacked their new powers. While not much about the non-human species and races is known from back then, some of them were at least so influential or important, that they were portrayed in art and frescos from back then. Many new culture forming species would start their path towards their own high cultures at this time, enforcing tributary of enslaved humans that had survived the apocalypse only to be enslaved and brought trough the horrors of torture, slavery and other nightmares. Some of these local tyrannies were directly opposed by local heroes, Savor/ Mesia or some of his followers, creating local legends and heroes to bring hope into this chaotic, uncertain times.

The Rvrrs/ Rvrr (Riverer) and Okeanans (Oceanas) who had survived the Burning Sky on their boats in the oceans, seas and rivers mostly unharmed use this time to settle on the coast of islands, continents and riversides, becoming known as Cstr (Coasters) with their very own identity, traditions and cultures and adapted agriculture and farming, that often adapted and fused with those Human, Indoles or Pumilio traditions that later settled there into a unique mix. At the same time many Rvrr and Okeanans opted to stay with their civilization on the waters, in hopes to remain secure this way. They mostly traded with fish and other sea food or items made from the sea. Some of this early Cstr kingdoms raided and occupied already settled coastal and river areas, becoming known as the Sea Rdr (Sea Raiders) but were later defeated by other continental and land tribes or kingdoms. Those who came after them often worshiped gods of land, agriculture and the sea alike in hopes to get better protection from the old trias gods, others later fused these believes with the trias and some of those gods were reinterpreted as certain aspects, characteristic or traits of this tree main gods, others survived at least locally as deities, saints or spirits in some way or form until the later Second Empire of Amra.
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Corona curfew over here, I pray that me, my girl and family stay safe untill it's over, maybe not so much new chapters till then.

Thank's to my disability I'm part of the high-risk group even at a normal flu, is my beloved granddad who just recently has had chemotherapy. I'll try to prewrite a few chapters and read here to pass some time, while also trying to get in shape for my girl again (as well as for my own well being). ^^

What we also could do while I'm sick is to make a few questions and answers about my TL's to stay in contact with the readers and plan the future together.
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