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  1. DBWI: Ioseb Djugashvili the Marxist?

    Ioseb Djugashvili stands as one of the most famous religious leaders in history. But the seminary he attended was notorious for producing radicals - especially Marxists. What if he had become a Marxist?
  2. AHC: Soviets liberate France in ww2

    How could you make it that the Soviets beat the Nazi’s fast enough to liberate France in ww2
  3. Better Five Year Plans for Soviet Union?

    If you were stalin how would you go about your five year plans in a realistic way? Would you change anything or would you keep it how it was. And how would you prepare for the impending ww2 with those five year plans
  4. DBWI: Ioseb Jughashvili the Marxist

    Ioseb Jughashvili is widely considered to have been one of the most important religious leaders of the 20th century. But his life could very easily have taken a different path. While many have speculated how things might have changed had he decided to focus on becoming a poet, I'm going to take...
  5. WI: Stalin and Hitler didn't have abusive fathers

    Despite being bitter enemies, Hitler and Stalin had a good deal in common. One of these was having abusive fathers, which many historians believe contributed to them being such resoundingly terrible people as adults. But what if they weren't abused by their respective dads? Might it have...
  6. WI: Soviet Union prepares for Operation Barbarossa

    What if Stalin actually listened to his advisors and took reports of the Germans preparing for invasion seriously and green lighted preparations for defense?
  7. Aloha

    Most evil possible Stalin

    What could Stalin have realistically done to make himself much more evil than in OTL, to the point where he is widely considered to be the most evil person in history (alongside Hitler or even worse)? Perhaps if he lives longer and the Doctor's Plot goes according to plan? Preferably using a POD...
  8. WI: Besarion Jughashvili and Alois Hitler not abusive

    Despite their enmity, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were similar in many respects. One of these similarities was the fact that both of them were abused by their fathers. Now, this obviously doesn't excuse what they did, but there are some who say that the abuse they suffered may help to explain...
  9. Fanny Kaplan doesn't shoot Lenin

    August 30, 1918. Czar Nicholas II has been dead for six weeks. His former empire is awash in a state of civil war between the Bolshevik Red Army struggling to hold on to the shrinking Russian industrial heartland, while the Allied-backed White Movement advances. On this day, Communist leader...
  10. GauchoBadger

    WI: Otto Skorzeny assassinates Stalin at Tehran (1943)

    Ignoring the technical plausibility of the German secret service managing to infiltrate Skorzeny into Iran... what if the alleged Operation Long Jump (Unternehmen Weitsprung) of late 1943 had been successful in murdering at least the Soviet leader, Stalin? What are the short-term consequences...
  11. Aloha

    Hitler and Stalin become close personal friends in Vienna

    In 1913, Hitler and Stalin lived in Vienna. They did not live in the same area, but they were frequent visitors of Cafe Central. In our timeline, language barrier would have been a problem. Stalin did try to learn German in his early life, though, so let's say here that he was particularly...
  12. wolfhound817

    The Republic of Louisiana (a Joe Steele tl)
    Threadmarks: The beginning

    November 29th, 1934: Charles A. Waterford attempts to assassinate Senator Huey Long as he gives a speech in Alexandria, Louisiana. The bullet misses the Kingfish's head by three inches and Long was immediately tackled by his bodyguards and moved to safety. Immediately the Louisiana State Police...
  13. Would the Korean War Have Happened Under Tom Dewey?

    One of my favorite POD's is Dewey actually defeating Truman in 1948, and I've often wondered how this would have impacted Korea. In OTL, Stalin at first didn't like the idea of North Korea invading the South, suspecting the US would intervene and win. However, from 1949-50 the US made it...
  14. weaverj

    WI: Stalin lives a longer life?

    So I just got done reading and watching the Fatherland novel and Movie Adaptation, and it mentioned that Stalin was still alive and kicking at 85 years old. So I was wondering: What if Joseph Stalin lived to be this old in real life? Or even older than that? How would the USSR change in this TL...
  15. Germany does not declare war on the Soviet Union

    In 1939 Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed an non aggresion pact (Molotov-Ribbentrop pact/German-Soviet non agreesion pact/Nazi-Soviet aggresion pact). This lasted from 1939 to 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa). This pact was meant to avoid conflict between...
  16. GauchoBadger

    WI: No Khrushchev, no de-stalinization

    What if Khrushchev had died sometime around the 1940's, before he could ascend across the Soviet government? Would Stalin end up being succeeded by a general secretary with a similar political mind to him? If so, then i ask, Who is most likely to succeed Stalin as leader of the USSR? Beria...
  17. Alternate Soviet Union (based on my Hoi4 game)

    So ITTL, Soviets take over Eastern Poland (like in OTL), Turkey, Iran, Finland, AFghanistan, all Arabian province nations (except for kuwait, stupid UK) and Iraq (what i took over in hoi4 before germany attacked). At this time, japan defeats the ROC and PRC and makes various puppet states...
  18. WI Stalin tried to drain the Caspian Sea?

    Yesterday, the blog Window on Eurasia linked to a Russian-language article reporting that Stalin wanted to drain the Caspian Sea, the better to exploit the offshore oil reserves of Azerbaijan. That the waters, particularly of the Volga, would be diverted to Central Asia to irrigate the...
  19. What would Stalin do if Moscow is overrun?

    If the Nazis, by some stroke of luck, are in the process of capturing Moscow and Stalin was in danger of falling into enemy hands, what would the Soviet dictator do? Would he commit suicide to avoid capture, remain in the city despite the danger, or make an escape attempt?
  20. Noravea

    Franklin and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
    Threadmarks: April 12, 1945

    ---------- April 12, 1945, was a quaint day in Warm Springs, Georgia. The day began at the Little White House with a calm day ahead. Elizabeth Shoumatoff was scheduled to paint his portrait, and present with him was Lucy Mercer Rutherford, a former mistress and friend who he had recently...