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  1. RedKing

    WI: Henry VI had a daughter?

    Let’s say in 1455/6, Margaret of Anjou fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy daughter (let’s call her Katherine for simplicity). How would this affect things? Obviously, a mere daughter is unlikely to deter York and friends from attempting to get rid of the King’s ‘evil councillors’ or to...
  2. This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle - A Yorkist Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - 28th of June 1461

    “Let us walk in a new vineyard and let us make a gay garden in the month of March with this fair white rose and herb the Earl of March” Written by a chronicler in 1461 Chapter 1 - 28th of June 1461 To Elizabeth Lambert new Queen of England was a true beauty. Her face was gravely lovely and...
  3. WI: Edward of Westminester survives and have a son

    Let's say that while Battle of Tewkesbury is still a total victory for Edward York and his supporters, Few Knights fighting for Henry Lancaster realized that the battle is lost before it's too late, and Lancasterian heir, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales is dragged off the...
  4. RedKing

    The Four Suns in Splendour: A Wars of the Roses Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The Escape

    December 30th 1460: The Battle of Wakefield has just ended. It has been a disaster for the Yorkists, with their leader, Richard of York falling alongside his close ally the Earl of Salisbury. York’s son, Edmund flees from the Battle, with a vengeful Baron, John Clifford in pursuit. For a moment...
  5. The Grand Duchy of the West - A Valois-Burgundian TL

    Hello everyone! Consider this my new and improved Burgundian Timeline starting from the marriage of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. Rather then continue to update chapters in my other tl, which is just gonna make everyone confused given the comments from older chapters, I'm just gonna...
  6. EdwardRex

    The Plague of 1482: The Year of the Setting Sun of York
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    “1482 was indisputably the worst year for the House of York, and possibly all of the 15th century. For Europe, it was illness and famine. For Edward IV, it was the death of almost his whole family. In this book, I hope to accurately tell the story of the year 1482. The year of the setting sun.”...
  7. RedKing

    WI: John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset lives?

    John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset was the Father of Lady Margaret Beaufort and Grandfather of Henry VII. He died in 1444 of unknown causes (some speculate through suicide) his death saw his lands pass to his daughter and his Earldom to his brother Edmund (later the Duke of Somerset) who arguably...
  8. RedKing

    WI: Edward IV dies in 1462?

    In November 1462, Edward IV had headed to the north to lead a campaign against Lancastrian holdouts in the North, but was unable to lead the campaign after he fell ill with measles. What if Edward IV was unlucky and got a really bad case of measles and ultimately passed away. What now? AFAIK...
  9. EdwardRex

    The White Rose Blooms - A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: August 25-26 1482

    August 25, 1482: Richard, Duke of Gloucester is killed by stray arrow during a rather tense peace agreement with the Scottish King, James III. Edward IV of England suspects murder, and thus marches along with his army to Edinburgh. The frightened and frankly cowardly King of Scotland makes a...
  10. RedKing

    The King fell at St Alban's: Yet another Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: The King Fell at St Alban's

    1455: The dust begins to settle following the First Battle of St Alban's. The Duke of York, Richard and his allies the Earls of Warwick and Salisbury have emerged triumphant against the King's forces. The King's advisors and commanders are captured and his chief councillor Edmund Beaufort, Duke...
  11. RedKing

    WI: Henry VI dies at the First Battle of St Albans?

    The title says it all, what if Henry VI was killed at the First Battle of St Albans? IIRC, he was wounded by an arrow in OTL, so let’s say he is less lucky here and the arrow kills him. How does this affect the Yorkist cause? In OTL Richard of York was able to obtain a pardon from Henry VI...
  12. EdwardRex

    Sprigs of the White Rose - A Yorkist Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction, 1468-1469

    Charles the Bold and Margaret of York upon their marriage 1468- Margaret of York marries Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and is quickly discovered to be pregnant. 1469- Margaret of York delivers a son, named Philip after the baby’s deceased grandfather, Philip the Good. Elizabeth Woodville...
  13. RedKing

    WI: Richard, Duke of York only has daughters

    The title says it all, what if Richard, Duke of York only had daughters? I imagine he wouldn’t be as aggressive as he was in OTL when pushing his claim, since he wouldn’t have a male heir to secure the throne, though he might try and secure his place in the succession. Who would Richard’s...
  14. RedKing

    WI: Richard, 3rd Duke of York lives to become King?

    The title says it all. In this timeline, Richard, 3rd Duke of York somehow manages to escape the Battle of Wakefield and evade capture by the Lancastrians, eventually regrouping with some of his Yorkist supporters. Now what? I'd imagine that Richard would probably be able to capture the crown...
  15. RedKing

    Edward IV’s Bourbon Bride: A Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: Part 1 - The POD

    October 1464: At a feast in front of many of his vassals, Edward IV announces that he has negotiated his marriage to the Duke of Burgundy’s niece, Catherine of Bourbon as part of an alliance with Burgundy. This enrages Edward’s cousin and most powerful supporter Warwick, who was negotiating a...
  16. RedKing

    WI: Anne Neville dies in 1471?

    The POD here is that Lady Anne Neville falls pregnant in 1471, with Edward of Westminster’s child, and following the Lancastrian defeat, dies giving birth to a stillborn child. Now what? Who does Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III) marry here? Cecily Bonville seems likely IMO, but a...
  17. RedKing

    WI: Margaret of Anjou's army crosses into Wales?

    In OTL, upon Margaret of Anjou and Edward of Lancaster's arrival in England, they began a march to Wales, where Jasper Tudor had raised an army of 5,000 men. Margaret's army soon found itself in a race to reach Wales, before the Yorkist army headed by Edward IV could catch them. They attempted...
  18. RedKing

    WI: Edward IV and Edmund, Earl of Rutland switch fates?

    What if Edward IV and Edmund, Earl of Rutland switched fates? Here Edmund manages to reach Sanctuary before Lord Clifford can kill him, and later manages to regroup with main Yorkist force. Meanwhile Edward IV dies during the Battle of St Mortimer’s Cross, which ends in a Lancastrian victory...
  19. RedKing

    A Kingdom of Two Roses
    Threadmarks: Part I

    A Kingdom of Two Roses “The year of 1453 had left England battered and bruised. The once integral English territory of Gascony had fallen to the French following the Battle of Castillion. To add insult to injury Henry VI suffered a complete and utter mental breakdown in response, which left...
  20. RedKing

    WI: Edward IV marries Philippe of Burgundy's niece?

    In OTL, Edward IV was offered one of Philippe of Burgundy's Bourbon nieces as a bride, with Philippe hinting that the offer was still on the cards up until Edward announced that he was going to marry Elizabeth Woodville. But what would happen if Edward decided to marry one of the Bourbons...