The King fell at St Alban's: Yet another Collaborative Timeline

The King Fell at St Alban's
1455: The dust begins to settle following the First Battle of St Alban's. The Duke of York, Richard and his allies the Earls of Warwick and Salisbury have emerged triumphant against the King's forces. The King's advisors and commanders are captured and his chief councillor Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset is captured and executed. Yet the King, Henry VI is nowhere to be found. Richard sends 50 men to search for the King. After a few moments the King is found, he lays dead at the side of a road, a stray arrow having struck a killing blow to him. Henry's son, Edward is now King and at age 2 is one of the youngest Kings in English history at this point. Richard meanwhile has just committed the mortal sin of Regicide. The future of England is now uncertain.

1. Each post should cover no more than a year, though you can go into as much detail about the events that occurred in said year.
2. No contradicting previous posts.
3. You can make reference to a butterfly that occurred in a previous year, so long as it doesn’t contradict a previous post.
4. You don’t need to cover what’s happening in every country in a year, just write about what you want to or are knowledgeable in.
5. No wanking countries/dynasties, you can screw them so long as it doesn’t make another country OP.
6. You must wait until at least one person has posted after you before posting again.
7. You can contribute to this story in any format you want to (i.e. narratives, or extracts).
8. No killing characters out of the blue unless it adds to the story. I.E. person Y can't just die of poisoning some day, but Person Y can die of poisoning if it has been previously mentioned that Person X's agents have infiltrated Person Y's court or it there have been rumours of a traitor in Person Y's court.
9. Have fun! Not everything has to be 100% realistic, it just needs to be plausible (i.e. an extremely unpopular noble can become Regent or King, but he cannot rule as Regent or King without a revolt or something). Just make sure there is no ASB.
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The Regency Begins
1456: Two year old Edward of Westminster is crowned King by his father's council, supported heavily by the Percy faction and the supporters of his mother Marguerite. Richard of York descends on London, bringing Henry the VI's body in a sollem procession of mourning. Richard claims his rights as Edward's heir and demands to be made Regent and Lord Protector of England. Although he fears that he may not be able to surpass Queen Marguerite's control of the court, he does not wish to claim the throne for himself due to his clear lack of support amongst the majority of the gentry. Thus, when Richard and the Earls of Warwick and Salisbury arrive in England, they present their claim before parliament and they are allowed into London. Recognized as regent, Richard quickly takes custody of the young King, whom he raises in a shared household with the Queen Mother.
1457: At court, Queen Dowager Margaret of Anjou manages to secure Henry Beaufort, the position of Lieutenant of Winchester and of the Isle of Wight, increasing the Duke's power. This is to Richard of York and his allies' concern, as they feared that should Henry gain to much power he would enact vengeance upon them for the murder of his Father. Thus, they began competing with each to gain the Queen Dowager's favour so that their positions may be secured.

Meanwhile in Burgundy, Charles, Count of Charlois has a son with his wife Isabella of Bourbon. They name the boy Philip, in honour of the current, reigning Duke of Burgundy. Also that year, Louis XI has a daughter with his wife, Charlotte of Savoy. They name the girl Marie and soon many begin floating around a betrothal between Philip and Marie.
Edward and Margaret
1458: Richard of York has got his son Edward married to the childless* widow of the Earl of Richmond, Margaret Beaufort. Their first daughter will be betrothed to Edward IV. In exchange, York will abandon his and his children's claim to the throne. The Earl of March (Edward) is created a Knight of the Garter.

Guillaume d'Estoteville is elected as Pope Eugenius V, the 210th pope.** Afonso V, King of Aragon dies at 62. He is succeeded by his brother John II.
Richard of York is found often going to church and praying for his sins, he is massively unpopular and the queen dowager openly despises him. Margaret of Anjou gains a lot of sympathy despite still being perceived as French interference, especially due to her public grief and piety as a response to being widowed. Philip and Marie are betrothed, and the young king himself is betrothed to Joanna, Princess of Portugal, the daughter of Afonso V.

(Why is Margaret childless? Was she never pregnant or did she lose the child?)


Richard had a better.hereditary claim.than Henry to the throne. He would surely have seized it under such circumstances.
Since he'd won the battle and presumably had an army...
The Lancastrian army was a hastily assembled host of 2000, the Lancastrian side had much more manpower if they had the time to assemble it. In a prolonged war for the throne Richard would have won.
You are thinking of the King of Portugal. This is the King of Aragon, and also an OTL event.
Do you mean his son OTL 3 year old son John II (1455–1495) or his nephew Infante John of Viseu (c. 1448–1472) as there was no brother of Alfonso named John before the P.O.D.
You are thinking of the King of Portugal. This is the King of Aragon, and also an OTL event.
Do you mean his son OTL 3 year old son John II (1455–1495) or his nephew Infante John of Viseu (c. 1448–1472) as there was no brother of Alfonso named John before the P.O.D.
At my bad thanks for clearing this up.
1459: Margaret, Countess of March gives birth to her first child, a daughter, named Margaret. She is betrothed upon birth to Edward IV.

The young Margaret of York.

The 76-year old Eric of Pomerania dies.
The Earl of March begins taking lovers which cause the Countess great grief as she had genuinely began to fall in love with him.
The dowager queen is contemplating remarriage but there are a lot of suitors and she cannot yet choose