1. GameBawesome

    AH Challenge: Make national flags with the images/symbols of food

    Flags. They can vary from simile colors, to elaborate patterns of symbols and images of a nation, like religious icons, people, animals, swords or even guns. Yet, one thing that I can't remember, is the imagery of food on a flag. Sure, there might be small like probably grape vines or olives...
  2. CactusCartocratus

    The March of History Continues - A Futuristic Timeline

    Ok so this is a thread for my timeline called "The March of History Continues" (TMoHC), which I have already posted a bit of on reddit and deviantart. It's basically Sean McKnight's Second Reneissance mixed with predictions from Whatifalthist and with a lot of my own ideas to shape it up...
  3. PolishMagnet

    Graphics Timeline - A Greater East Asia
    Threadmarks: Empire of Japan

    Hello, this thread is for a timeline I thought up which will primarily be explained through fake wikipedia-style pages and various graphics. It focuses on the idea of a large Japanese Empire which is democratic and less antagonistic or aggressive. There are some other divergences in the rest of...
  4. ideology symbols Thread I

    Welcome to their own ideological sign posted here
  5. GameBawesome

    Challenge: Alternative Flag Designs to the Tricolor

    The Tricolor. One of the most famous and iconic flag designs in the word. There are two types of Tricolor flags; Horizontal Triband and Vertical Triband. The Dutch used the Horizontal Triband, which went onto influence designs from Russia, Germany, Hungary, India, and various African Nations...
  6. BelfastBrawler

    Poll-WFC #239

  7. Mini Flag Icons Thread

    I would like to create little flag icons that we can use for whatever. I want to start out with modern day, and then maybe we can work our way back through time. We can also do countries that aren't actually countries or aren't recognized (i.e revolutionaries like ISIS or ones in Libya.). Final...
  8. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis
    Threadmarks: Challenge and entries

    This was the challenge: Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis Atlantis ... island of myth and legend. Your challenge is to design a flag for this fabled land. You may use any Atlantis you want, from the original Greek stories to modern science fiction versions, or make up your own back-story. (If...
  9. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Here is the new Map and Flag Request Thread II. The old thread, posted in 2012(!), has now reached 500 pages. This is the old thread And these are the revised rules and some helpful links:
  10. Flag Ideas

    Just give me ideas for flags i’ll draw them
  11. Squidfam

    Summer of Nations (2.0)
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    Summer of Nations Great men of history: The validity of historical narratives in modern socioeconomic research (Lumos Syndicate, 2018) When discussing the history of Europe and the world at large, you find that at certain points it all comes to revolve around a single man and his decisions...
  12. Caravels of Portugal

    A Flag Garbage Dump Thread

    This is the thread for garbage flags because the subforum needed a place to control the amount of garbage flags in the more respectable threads and to prevent derailing threads with those types of garbage flags. A garbage flag is a flag that its meant to be low-quality, frivolous or humorous in...
  13. [POLL] Angolan Alternate Flag

    Is the AH book I'm currently finishing to write and illustrate the Angolan Civil War and with a peace treaty in the early 90's and Jonas Savimbi wins the first democratic elections. A new flag is adopted is adopted, but Im still not able do decide how it looks. Here are my proposal: #1 #2...
  14. POINT (Various) Repository

  15. Squidfam

    Flying Colours: an alternate history of flags

    So yeah, this is exactly what it says on the tin. Some people do entire ATLs on presidential elections, some on music and some on tech. My attempt is to make one entirely about flags. There are a few "rules" I'll adhere to while making this 1. I will not change OTL political history (I.E. The...
  16. Flags For a Hoi4 Mod

    Yes, I play Hoi4 (started a few weeks ago), and I came up with a mod idea. It's a little tongue-in-cheek (but still somewhat serious) alternate history mod literally called "WTF Is Going On?!?" Here's the basic run-down of what the political map looks like: Ireland, Finland, and Ukraine are...
  17. Petike

    Weekly Flag Challenge #187 Voting

    The challenge for round 187 of the Weekly Flag Challenge was: Voting will close on Monday, 14 May 2018. ---- Entries of round 187:
  18. Political Flag Request

    I am looking into forming a localized political organization to run in local elections, we will follow National Conservative, Paternalistic Conservative, Right Populist, Nationalist and Regionalist ideologies. We are a mountainous region, heavily Conservative, and have a rich history. We have...
  19. Communist Flags

    I'm a sucker for a pleasing communist flag and I'd love to see what other people have made be it a redesign, a historical flag or even a completely made-up country (seen a couple of good space communist flags on here). So please, please indulge me with your amazing skills and satisfy my...
  20. Noravea

    Noravea's Media and Writing Emporium

    NORAVEA'S MEDIA AND WRITING EMPORIUM ---------- Welcome one and all to my emporium of work that I have done on this site and elsewhere. Included are links to maps, timelines, stories, and flags that I have made that will be linked to from one convenient place, here. I hope you all take a look at...