Which is the best flag design ?

  • Polish-Lithuanian India

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • Montenegrin Austro-Hungarian Colony of the Nicobar Islands

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • Protectorate of Syria (1917-?)

    Votes: 23 60.5%
  • Republic of Gova

    Votes: 7 18.4%
  • Flag of the Bulgarian Port Colony of Dzhingtau (1918-1922)

    Votes: 3 7.9%

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The challenge for round 187 of the Weekly Flag Challenge was:

FLAG CHALLENGE #187: Go East, Younguns !

Colonies or overseas territories of Slavic nations other than Russia in Asia

Fairly straightforward. Make flags for OTL or ATL long-term colonies, overseas territories and other dependencies in Asia, created by any of the Slavic nations of Europe, excepting Russia. Furthermore, you cannot use the OTL pan-Slavic tricolor, it is out. These two restrictions are in place to make the challenge a bit more tricky and... well, challenging. Which part of Asia the colony is founded in doesn't really matter, that's up to you. Just to counterbalance the two major restrictions. ;) Get creative ! :cool:

Submissions Open: Now (3 May 2018, Thursday)
Submissions Close: 9 May 2018 (Wednesday) 8:00:00 AM GMT
Voting Period: 9 May 2018 (Wednesday) - 14 May 2018 (Monday) 12:58:00 PM GMT

Voting will close on Monday, 14 May 2018.


Entries of round 187:

Entry 1 said:
here is my entry for Poland-litiuain India


Entry 2 said:
It's the Montenegrin Austro-Hungarian Colony of the Nicobar Islands!


OTL, Austria tried to set up a colony there in 1778, and my POD is that it actually succeeds, as does Austria-Hungary; fast-forward, and the Montenegrin part of AH has many refugees seeking out a new life, and for some reason they go to the Nicobar Islands, hence the Slavic bit.

Rather flimsy backstory, but here's the flag:


Entry 3 said:
Protectorate of Syria (1917-?)
Bulgaria Joins the Entente instead of the Central powers in WW1 resulting in a quicker victory.Upon victory, Bulgaria annexes parts of Syria and instates a controlled goverment, effectively Syria becoming a colony of Bulgaria.


Entry 4 said:
Republic of Gova

Gova is a dependency in association with the United Kingdom of Illyrica. It was founded around New Dubrovnik by the Illyrican Indian Company (formerly the Royal Cravat-Dalmatian-Ragusan Indian Company).
Its flag developed from the company flag of Blue and Gold stripes with a canton of the Kingdom of Cravatia, Dalmatia, & Ragusa. The stripes settled on 6 and became Green and Orange under influence of the Governor Ḉorḉ Vosniak.
[POD is Croatia-Dalmatia continuing as an independent kingdom and expanding southward]


Entry 5 said:
Flag of the Bulgarian Port Colony of Dzhingtau, 1918-1922
In 1915, the Kingdom of Bulgaria rejected the offer to join the Central Powers in the First World War, remaining neutral until 1916, when the nation was persuaded to join the Entente, cutting off the supply route between Germany and the Ottoman Empire and protecting Serbia's flank during its battles against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Following the Entente victory in mid-1918, the victors divided all German colonial possessions amongst themselves. The German Kiautschou Bay concession was transferred to the Kingdom of Bulgaria, which renamed it as the Port Colony of Dzhingtau. Being primarily a port area, the new colony was administered by the Bulgarian Navy. As a result, the flag of the colony was based not on the Bulgarian national flag, but on the naval jack, adorned with a Chinese dragon on a sun to symbolise the rising of Bulgarian power in the area. The continuation of the concession proved very unpopular in China and, as a result of various diplomatic shenanigans led by the USA, it was 'returned' to China in 1922. The Kingdom of Bulgaria instead gained extra territory from the dismantled Austro-Hungarian Empire which had previously been transferred to Serbia. This was a key factor in the next Balkan war which broke out between these two erstwhile allies in 1927.

Looks like we have a frontrunner so far with half of approximately 2/3 of the usual votes cast. While not impossible to lose it does seem likely to win.