Flags For a Hoi4 Mod

Does the world of this AH mod look like it was made on drugs?

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Yes, I play Hoi4 (started a few weeks ago), and I came up with a mod idea.

It's a little tongue-in-cheek (but still somewhat serious) alternate history mod literally called "WTF Is Going On?!?"

Here's the basic run-down of what the political map looks like:
  • Ireland, Finland, and Ukraine are fascist and in a faction. Finland is the leader.
  • Finland controls a small chunk of Sweden and Russia. Ireland controls Northern Ireland. Ukraine exists, so... yeah, a lot more land than in OTL 1930s-40s.
  • Russia is split into four separate states. One is fascist and a Finnish puppet, two are democratic (or, alternately, one is Democratic and one is Non-Aligned), and the smallest of them is communist.
  • The United States of America is split into the United States of Eastern America and the United States of Western America. Both are democratic and have good relations. Canada does not exist. Its land is split between Eastern and Western America.
  • Texas is independent and communist. Its leader is "Leo" Trotsky, and it controls Oklahoma, New Mexico, and some Northern Mexican states. It is in a faction with Communist Russia, Spain, and Scotland. It is the leader of the faction.
  • There is no Spanish civil war. Spain is communist. It also controls Portugal.
  • Scotland is independent. And communist.
  • The Anglo-Dutch Empire is a thing. It is democratic.
  • Greece is much bigger. It is called the Republic of Greater Greece.
  • France and Germany are united and democratic. They are called the Franco-German Union. They are the leader of a faction that includes themselves, The Republic of Greater Greece, The Anglo-Dutch Empire, and both the USEA and USWA.
  • Mongolia is in a Communist-Fascist Civil War.
  • Japan, Tibet, and China are democratic and in a faction with one of the Russian states.
  • Africa is united into 3 countries. All of which are puppets of Uruguay. Yes, Uruguay.
  • Romania is fascist and puppeting Austria.
  • Austria is tiny and ineffective. Oh, and I'll give you three guesses as to who is in charge of it (hint: he invaded Poland in 1939 OTL). Yes, his country is a Romanian puppet. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Switzerland controls Italy, but is otherwise mostly the same.
  • There is some other weird stuff too.
  • This bullet is just here to once again confirm that you probably read that entire thing correctly.
  • No, I was not doing drugs when I came up with this timeline. If I was, Luxembourg would be an empire and the Middle East would be a Buddhist theocracy or some other even weirder shit.
Anyways, I came up with a serious problem: I need flags for almost all of those nations, but I don't know how to make good flags with my computer, so I need either A: advice on how to make cool flags or B: some community made flags (yes, I will give you credit when I put the mod up).

I have found some cool flags online already. Here are the countries I've already found flags for:
  • The Franco-German Union
Here are the countries I still need flags forL
  • Fascist Ireland
  • Fascist Finland
  • Fascist Ukraine
  • The part of Russia that's a Finnish puppet state.
  • The other three parts of Russia (two are democratic, one is communist if you somehow didn't know already)
  • The United States of Eastern America
  • The United States of Western America
  • Communist Texas
  • The Commune of Scotland
  • Communist Spain (no, I won't just use the flag of Republican Spain from OTL)
  • The Anglo-Dutch Empire
  • Communist Mongolia
  • Fascist Mongolia
  • Democratic China
  • Democratic Tibet
  • Maybe democratic Japan if I don't want to use the OTL Japanese flag
  • The three African states
  • Fascist Romania
  • Romania's puppet, fascist Austria (irony intensifies)
Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this long-ass thread, and if you didn't, you didn't read it anyways so you won't be able to see me insulting your facial hair anyways. If you reply, good karma and even more thank you's will be coming your way.
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