Graphics Timeline - A Greater East Asia

Empire of Japan
Hello, this thread is for a timeline I thought up which will primarily be explained through fake wikipedia-style pages and various graphics. It focuses on the idea of a large Japanese Empire which is democratic and less antagonistic or aggressive. There are some other divergences in the rest of the world, but I'll reveal those slowly - and through the lens of Japan. Without further ado...




slightly bigger map
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Chosen / Korea
Chosen / Korea



A small note about the Korean language: ITL it is written in a mix of Hanja (Chinese characters) and Hangeul. Korean uses the same character set as Japan (Shinjitai). It is sometimes written completely in Hangeul for clarity (as Korean literacy is not universal). Romanisation ITL is typically the Aihara system (not real OTL), which is based on Hepburn Romanisation of Japanese.
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Hawai Prefecture
Hawai Prefecture



Green and yellow were taken from the former flag of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The symbol of Hawai is the stylized kanji 布 from (Hawai).

Map does not show the South Pacific territories of Japan

The Hawaian language is not recognised in any official capacity, though it has some cultural usage in tourism and pop culture (TV, anime, manga). The orthography ITL uses Katakana (like Ainu OTL) though it is sometimes transliterated into Latin for tourism and translation of media.
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Hyoshodo / Alaska
Japanese Alaska and Hawaii are interesting ideas. I'm sure the Yellow Peril went into overdrive after Japan annexed Alaska.
It did indeed change America for the worse, but we'll get to that later ;)



The symbol is a simplified 氷 from 野道 ("Hyoushodou")
That's all I have planned for Japan and its territories, so next will be on other GEAP member states.


The yellow represents the Manchu people while the blue represents the Mongol minority.

The Manchurian anthem, "Manchuria lives!" It has only 3 lines, and all of them begin with the same phrase.
Translation: Our Manchuria still lives, in our hearts/minds.
Our Manchuria still lives, as the Heilongjiang (Black River) flows.
Our Manchuria still lives, truly, Manchuria lives!
note: it's my first time ever writing a piece of music, so it's kind of boring, but I thought it'd be an interesting experiment. If anyone is interested to know, the lyrics and Manchuria's name are all written in ITL "Manchurian Standard Chinese" which is written mostly with Japanese-standard Shinjitai Kanji/Hanzi. I had to cross-reference which characters fit or didn't fit. The one difference between MSC and Shinjitai is grammatical articles, which are more simplified and follow Nanjing Standard Chinese (used ITL in the Republic of China).
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Republic of Man (West Africa)
Leaving Asia for a bit, Republic of Man:


The four joined stars represent the former 4 territories of American West Africa which rebelled against the United States. The sun represents the bright future of the ROM. "Join or Die" is the state motto, to show the inspiration taken from early American separatists (the ROM views the original American Republic as good, while the current one is evil).
That's right, there are African states in GEAP! Also: American Africa ITTL was totally a thing and also not very cool. It caused some other butterflies that I'll get into later ;)

(note: if anyone can recommend a good national anthem for the ROM, I'd love to hear. I love "wade in the water" but it's not very anthem-y)
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Back to Asia with Primoria



The flag of Primoria is taken from the old Russian Naval Jack, since much of the Pacific fleet defected to the White cause. The Primorian Eagle is derived from the Tsarist and later Russian Republic Eagle, but it has no crown and bears a shield with the Primorian flag.
Notes: Pravgorod is OTL Vladivostok. It was renamed for politics. The name comes from "Pravo" as in "right". The national anthem is planned to be replaced (the lyrics are about Russia), but none of the proposed replacements ever achieved much popularity.
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What exactly happened to caused the U.S. to become a colonizer in Africa? I’m guessing it’s something to do with TTL’s American Civil War.
Civil war goes same as OTL, the POD is early Meiji restoration. US does not get Philippines (opportunistically taken by Japan during Spanish-American War) and gets frustrated by the annexation of Hawaii. With no way in for the Pacific, they turn to Africa. People who shed tears for the South turn their attention there as well. More political capital is put into "back to Africa", Jim Crow is entrenched deeper, and American colonisation societies get more funding. Leopold's Congo is taken away and given to the US instead of the Belgian government.

There's more but I'll reveal it bit by bit, especially since I have to iron out the specifics.
Fair enough. Do you have any ideas for more realistic borders?

Honestly I'd say it's fine, especially considering that this state is de-facto a Japanese/GEAP puppet for the first chunk of it's history. No doubt it was kept afloat until economic viability through hearty loans from Tokyo.

Keep it up! Liking this timeline a lot so far.
I’m curious as to what China is like. It seems to be part of Japan’s bloc though given how populous it is, wouldn’t it de facto take over GEAP?