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Flag Challenge #239: Naturally Natural

This one is pretty simple. Create a flag that includes an animal or plant, not commonly seen on flags or coats of arms. Common animals for example are eagles, lions and horses and common plants are palm trees, oak trees and also laurels. Other creatures that do not count towards the challenge are humans and mystical beasts( dragons, and stuff).
There aren't any rules as to what the flag can represent, and it can contain one or more motiffs of your chosing, as long as at least one fits the challenge.

Here are some some links that may be useful in seeing what is common.
Flags with animals
Flags with plants

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Flag of Sichuan consists of four blue bars, representing four initial districts that formed Sichuan in the year 1001 AD. The three white bars constitutes the hanzi of “Chuan”, short for “”Sichuan”.

Chili represents Sichuanese culture and character, as the Sichuanese are known for their preference for spicy food. It is also a symbol of their straitforwardsness and hot temper.

"...For all the tea in China"

Really simple design using Tea leaves on a green (i.e. ethnographically neutral) background, however, the banding across the bottom shows the "5 nations" of China (lifted directly from OTL Five Coloured Flag. Tea leaves were chosen due to the importance to the Chinese economy of the vast exports of tea to the world (mainly the British Empire and also you cant really have an Opium poppy on a flag, or can you?). Anyway, Tea also plays a ubiquitous part in the culture of all nations of the Chinese Republic, and so serves as a commonality for the continued union of the 5 peoples.

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