The March of History Continues - A Futuristic Timeline

Ok so this is a thread for my timeline called "The March of History Continues" (TMoHC), which I have already posted a bit of on reddit and deviantart. It's basically Sean McKnight's Second Reneissance mixed with predictions from Whatifalthist and with a lot of my own ideas to shape it up. Anyways here's where the stuff from the timeline will go, and where I can hopefully get some opinions and maybe help. Heck, maybe someone will even turn in into a HoI4 mod one day if this gets popular enough!

As for the timeline itself I'm still polishing it up a bit and will post it soon.

Anyways maps so far, lore in the links:

Also keep in mind I'm sometimes retconning things, especially borders and flags. And the files are too big to upload here.

Yeah, I wouldn't base any alternate history on whatever Whatifalthist says, given how incredibly biased and ideologically driven he is; if Monsieur Z uses the medium of alternate history to peddle alt-right viewpoints, Whatifalthist is very much an old school conservative instead, with a weird hard on for Turkey for some reason.