1. kasumigenx

    Culture of a non abrahamic world

    I created this thread due to certain discussions in the thread The fate of science in the non-Abrahamic world, how would the continued morality and culture of the antiquity and the east affect the world if they continued being dominant? I wonder how the world's culture will be affected by not...
  2. How Will Culture and Society Look in a Buddhist Medieval Europe?

    Point of departure--the Emperor Justinian declared Buddhism, not Christianity, to be the religion of the state.
  3. What POD Would I Need to Make the European “Flag Samurais” a Reality?

    In honor of the much-delayed Tokyo Olympics, Japanese artists (I've never found their names) have drawn the flags of all the nations personified as anime warriors. For this question, let's focus on the following nations: United Kingdom of Great Britain Italy Finland Sweden Spain...
  4. GameBawesome

    AHC: Modern-Day Greek City-States/Federal Greece

    When the Modern Nation of Greece formed in the 19th Century, they created a unitary state, with a monarch and later a president to lead it. Instead of the Ancient Past with Spartans, Athenians, Corinthians, Thebans, the Greeks sees themselves as Greeks. Challenge: With a POD from the Late...
  5. GameBawesome

    Cultural Effects of a successful Taiping Rebellion

    (Sidenote: Kinda of piggy backing on this thread) So when reading about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, I thought some of the Taiping's Policy was absolute crazy, here are a few of them: So this got me thinking, what would happen Cultural in the aftermath if the Taiping took over China? Say the...
  6. Modern Feudalism

    What might the culture of the modern world look like if feudalism was still the prevalent form of government? I'm talking about a society where the hereditary nobility and royalty still hold significant powers but the world's tech level is about the same as OTL. What would media and pop culture...
  7. Effects on Society without a Self-Help industry.

    Hello! I have been wondering about this for sometime. Given the effects that the Self-Help "industry" (Literature, speakers, etc.) has on our society. What if did not exist? Would society be in a worse shape? or in a better one?
  8. AHC: Keep Phoenician culture alive

    While the Phoenicians had an enormous impact on the Mediterranean world, their culture is dead. Your challenge is to keep it alive in some form.
  9. PopCulture History Question: Dr No

    Could they have gotten a Chinese actor, or someone who at least looks East Asian to play bond nemesis Dr. No? I rewatched the first 007 movie and it was full of the most appalling "yellowface". Now I don't expect these movies to be progressive on race at all, certainly the character as an...
  10. GameBawesome

    Cultural Effects of No Qing Dynasty, and surviving Han-Ethnic Dynasty

    China is a very large and historical nation. Since ancient times, they've been a cultural trend setter, cultural influencing countries such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. When the Qing Dynasty rose to power, it saw a new era of Chinese Culture. The Manchu brought certain styles that were required...
  11. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Larger Christian Minority in Japan

    Basically, the idea is to have Christianity grow in Japan to the point that it's the second or third largest religion in the nation behind Shintoism or Buddhism. For added points, one could give some ideas for how Japan would develop as a nation in the 19th and 20th century as a result.
  12. RedKing

    What if the book Tirant lo Blanc kicked off alternate history in the 15th century?

    So for those who don't know, Tirant lo Blanc is a 15th century book by Joanot Martorell and Martí Joan de Galba about a Breton knight who travels to Greece and stops the fall of Constantinople! It was published in 1490, meaning it is a very early alternate history story! So what if this book...
  13. DBAHC: Europe dominated by Latin and Germanic cultures

    Okay, so, Europe has historically been dominated by the Slavs and the Celts, with Celtic empires such as Prydhain and Gaul dominating the west while great Slavic cultural centers such as Poland, Bulgaria, and, to a lesser extent, the nations of the Rus hold court in the east. However, there are...
  14. MittleGittle

    What are some things in culture that never stuck?

    What are some things that happened in culture that never really stuck? And what if they did?
  15. WI: Central Asian Culture More Prominent in US Pop Culture

    Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend or be racist in any way or form. This is only discovering the possibilities and impact from this scenario. Please call me out if I made a mistake or if I said anything wrong. US pop culture had a huge impact on the world and influenced countries like...
  16. AltoRegnant

    Help With Cultural AH?

    So I'm working on the next chapter of my TL, and I'm focusing on cultural developments in britain. It's the early 1600s, so right around Shakespeare's day. But contrary to all the rumors and conspiracies throughout the centuries, willy was a commoner. And him rising to the top from that position...
  17. What Point(s) of Departure Would the Native Americans Need to Sail Across the Atlantic and Colonize Europe?

    Just a few days ago on DeviantArt, I found this map by MoshiDungo: The title of the map is What if the Americas colonised Europe? As the title explicitly implies, it shows a pre-Columbian Europe being colonized by American sailors, rather than the other way around. Unfortunately, the...
  18. Amadeus

    DBWI: Stanley Kubrick Dies in 1999

    Today it was announced that Oscar-winning filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, the director of Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and A Clockwork Orange, has died of natural causes at the age of 91. Tomorrow would've been his 92nd birthday. Kubrick was one of the most acclaimed and controversial...
  19. What if the US made a Jewish state to send Jewish immigrants too during the major immigrant wave of the late 1800s

    What if the US made a state to send Jewish immigrants to in the late 1800s in order to avoid anti-Semitic riots and prejudice from other immigrant groups and native born Americans. Would this state be like Quebec but with Yiddish instead of French, where in the US would it be, how many people...
  20. GameBawesome

    Did the Manchus change Chinese Culture?

    What I find interesting about the perception of Traditional Chinese Culture, is that many things people view as Chinese isn’t originally Chinese. Like how the Cheongsam, the changshan, and the Queue hairstyle, isn’t originally Chinese, those things were Manchu, which were brought because of the...