Cultural Evolution of a world without the Nazis

It is no secret that Nazi Germany and WW2 have had a massive impact upon the direction Western and even global culture has taken in the last 80 years. In fact, it may not be an exaggeration to say that the Third Reich has become the Satan figure around which Western political and cultural discourse revolves, a case made in more detail by @Rufus in the linked post (as well as by Whatifalthist on YouTube). So, what happens to the culture of the West and the broader world if the Nazi Party never came to power? Obviously there are many ways it could've gone, but for the sake of this scenario let's say that Germany ends up under a non-Nazi right-wing dictatorship similar to Franco that lasts for a couple of decades before ending with the dictator dying and restoring the German monarchy. No WW2 occurs in this scenario, at least in Europe (I'm assuming the Sino-Japanese War still occurs, as that started before the Nazis came to power)) and there is no Holocaust (although likely some Anti-Semitic policies due to the attitudes of the European hard right more often than not being Anti-Semitic). Would we be living in a traditionalist and conservative world, with all that entails, or would things have largely taken a similar direction regardless of whether or not the Nazis came to power? Let the fun begin.