What might the culture of the modern world look like if feudalism was still the prevalent form of government? I'm talking about a society where the hereditary nobility and royalty still hold significant powers but the world's tech level is about the same as OTL. What would media and pop culture, especially books, movies, and tv shows, be like? What about social media and the Internet? Sports and sporting events? How about education and scientific development, especially in the field of space exploration?

Assume a post-1500 AD PoD, and that serfdom and slavery have been fully abolished everywhere.
Without the economic power of manorialism and serfdom, how does the nobility hold onto power?

Monarchs are one thing, modern nobility holding most government leadership roles is another.

If you kept manorialism and industrialized it, I could see it happening, but once the common man gets rights, the nobility will be pushed aside by the middle class.
you some how have to prevent something like the black death , gunpowder and the hardest centralization of goverment.