Culture of a non abrahamic world

I created this thread due to certain discussions in the thread The fate of science in the non-Abrahamic world, how would the continued morality and culture of the antiquity and the east affect the world if they continued being dominant?
I wonder how the world's culture will be affected by not having Christianity and Islam spread around the world or at least have it concentrated in Europe and the Near East.

How would it differ from the Culture of Our timeline?
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To be honest if you want them stay situated in their place of origin alot is gon a have to change
Maybe have the Roman's never exist so christianity only spreads to the persians
In the middle east
Judaism doesn't get scattered into the wind
Most of the spread wasn't exactly an outwards spread at first
In order to keep them situated you would need to eliminate what made them spread in the first place
Islam spread so far into asia due to mongol invasions
Europe managed to conquer alot of the world due to chinese technology spread by the mongol invasions

If we take out alot of what constitutes spread we would be left with a very foreign world
Firstly a much more "scientifically" backward one
If what we believe as science even exists
The question is are we eliminating the world religions as such and end up having a much more localised world, meaning less exchange of products and ideas, or are we having some other religion take their place?
Perhaps you could have Zoroastrianism in Iran as the dominant religion and a weird mix of Mithraism with Neoplatonism to dominate the Mediterranean