Cultural Effects of a successful Taiping Rebellion

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So when reading about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, I thought some of the Taiping's Policy was absolute crazy, here are a few of them:

  • The subject of study for the examinations for officials changed from the Confucian classics to the Bible.
  • Private property ownership was abolished and all land was held and distributed by the state.
  • A solar calendar replaced the lunar calendar.
  • Foot binding was banned. (The Hakka people had never followed this tradition, and consequently the Hakka women had always been able to work the fields.)
  • Society was declared classless and the sexes were declared equal. At one point, for the first time in Chinese history civil service exams were held for women. Some sources record that Fu Shanxiang, an educated woman from Nanjing, passed them and became an official at the court of the Eastern King.
  • Several women served as military officers and commanders under Taiping, Hong Xuanjiao (sister of Taiping leader), Su Sanniang and Qin Ersao are examples of women who acted actively as leaders during the Taiping Rebellion.
  • The sexes were rigorously separated. There were separate army units consisting of women only; until 1855, not even married couples were allowed to live together or have sexual relations.
  • The Qing-dictated queue hairstyle was abandoned in favor of wearing the hair long.
  • Other new laws were promulgated including the prohibition of opium, gambling, tobacco, alcohol, polygamy (including concubinage), slavery, and prostitution. These all carried death penalties.

So this got me thinking, what would happen Cultural in the aftermath if the Taiping took over China? Say the Qing were unable to respond, and the Qing Dynasty retreats to Manchuria, and the Taiping takes over almost all of China

Here is the aftermath (Kind of based of this map, and map belongs to @Crazy Boris)

  • Taiping takes over most of China
  • Qing Dynasty flees to Manchuria
  • Yunnan becomes independent under the Muslim Hui People
  • Formosa becomes independent
  • Kumul Khanate becomes Independent
  • Joseon Korea is no longer a vassal state
  • Britain makes Tibet a Protectorate
  • France takes over Hainan
  • Russia takes over Xinjiang and Outer Mongolia
So with that all established, in the aftermath of successful Taiping take over, what would happen culturally?