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  1. GameBawesome

    Peaceful Reunification of CSA and USA?

    We're all familiar with CSA victories scenarios. One key detail I've seen in some of these stories or even in discussions about the idea is that the CSA gets reconquered by the USA eventually, or the CSA collapses in on itself. One of the most famous stories to do the latter idea is Harry...
  2. How bad can the ACW get?

    as far as I know, there was a chance for California to secede during the war and Oregon apparently had an independence movement too- how much can the US unravel during the ACW?
  3. Two Centuries of Chaos- Feedback for TL

    I'm kind of a newbie here, so I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on (please tell me where if it isn't), but I have some ideas for a timeline that I would like feedback/more in-depth knowledge on, (ill admit my knowledge of history is pretty eurocentric unfortunately, so id...
  4. Oba Cahokia

    How long would the Civil War last if Kentucky joined the Confederacy but New York also seceded under Mayor Fernando Wood?

    The Purple/Blue (Colorblind) is the Union, Red is the Confederacy and the Orange is New York. Apparently New York City or at least the Mayor also thought about leaving the Union to keep economic ties with the Confederacy and this got me thinking. How long would this Civil War last and what be...
  5. CountofDooku

    Emperor Norton of America
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Two State Solution and Pacific Coast Dissatisfaction

    Chapter One: Two State Solution and Pacific Coast Dissatisfaction With communications and travel restricted between the Pacific West Coast and the Atlantic East Coast with the capital of Washington ideas of a separate West Coast Republic, a Pacific Republic dated back as far as Jefferson. When...
  6. ParasaurEwan

    What would happen to Lincoln and the Notth after a southern victory?

    If the South had won (assuming by it's own), what would happen to Lincoln if he was taken into the slaver custody in the victory? What would happen to the USA that remains?
  7. Oba Cahokia

    WI: Mass Confederate Immigration to Cuba

    A lot of Confederates after the Civil War left the South to go West, Brazil and even Mexico. However what if with a harsher Reconstruction with a clear sign of not backing down there was mass migration leaving to Cuba instead of the mentioned places? How would the United States, Spain and the...
  8. Oba Cahokia

    How big would the Black Population be in a surviving CSA?

    I've been in the school of thought that if the CSA survived the majority of it's population would end up being black because a few states were already majority black including Florida surprisingly and neither of the Great Migrations would happen. But I not familiar with how population density...
  9. AstroRangerBeans

    A Divided Shores - The Two Nations of North America
    Threadmarks: Opening Post and World Map as of 2023

    A Divided Shores Since the old thread is considered to be deprecated or no longer in use after four years that we're building on a worldbuilding project where we took over a year to build the world of where the Confederate States won the civil war/independence through joint Anglo-French peace...
  10. Oba Cahokia

    What if a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US built the Panama Canal

    If a surviving CSA built the Nicaragua Canal and the US still built Panama Canal. How different would North America be and How would this effect Global Economy and Politics.
  11. Would there be a sectional and political divide between the Upper South and the Deep South in an independent Confederacy?

    In the same way that the North and South was divided between agricultural and industrial economies, slave vs free. As decades go by, the Upper South will be more industrialized while the Deep South holds fast to its institution of slavery. Would this result in a Southern Civil War?
  12. Oba Cahokia

    Who Would the CSA go after first, Cuba or Northern Mexico?

    I'm thinking about doing a Socialist Confederacy TL and I came up with a idea for it. I just wanted to know your guys' opinion.
  13. PrinceTanglemane

    What if the Confederacy captured the White House?

    Many people know that the Confederate States tried to capture Washington D.C or threatened the capital during the battle of Fort Stevens but what if the Confederate States succeeded? What if the Confederate States took over Washington D.C.? But, in this scenario, the Confederates still lost...
  14. Gilded Ages in the USA and the CSA?

    1. How much longer would have the Gilded Age lasted in the Union than in OTL with an independent Confederacy? •I think the rich industrialists would use propaganda of hostility against the Confederacy to distract them from their deeds. But it would've been a matter of time before the veil is...
  15. Luxembourgish Jane

    The Rebel Flag | A Modern Confederate Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors. - Robert E. Lee It's been a while, but I have been busy working on life and other projects... this is one such project I have been working since March. So, what is this timeline? In short, The Rebel...
  16. What Unique/Anti-Cliche Confederate Victory could i use for my ATL?

    Besides the Confederacy winning at Antietam and Gettysburg or UK and France intervening on the side of the Confederacy
  17. What could be some new amendments ratified to the Confederate Constitution, if the Confederacy won its independence?

    Somewhere in the late 19th century, I could see the clause which forbade the Confederate Congress from abolishing slavery repealed. How about it's electoral system changed to a proportional system to allow multiple parties to be seated? What do you think later amendments would be added to the...
  18. What extra rights would an autonomous Texas state be granted under an independent Confederacy?

    The Confederate Constitution guaranteed some rights to its states that they didn't have in the Union Constitution, for example. 1. Impeach their own states’ national government representatives as well as national judges appointed to their states’ courts; 2. Initiate treaties with other...
  19. What if US won a war to take the whole Oregon?

    This is the history of my book, The Fifth War, which is set in an alternate 2025 with a PoD in the 1840s...
  20. GameBawesome

    How Plausible is the rise of Socialism/Marxism/Communism in the CSA?

    This idea seems like a neat idea, that came from the Alternate History Writer, Harry Turtledove: The rise of Communism in the CSA, where in Southern Victory, black communists rosed against the Confederates during the Great War. So, this got me thinking, how plausible for...