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  1. AstroRangerBeans

    The True Divided Nation - An Alternate North America
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    THE TRUE DIVIDED NATION Map of United States and the Confederate States, circa 2018 I just decided to create the thread dedicating two countries remained divided so I want to make a successful worldbuilding project but some states rearranged on borders proposal. There are successful...
  2. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Confederate States with Pacific access?

    is there any way for the Confederate States of America to acquire sea access to the Pacific Ocean after a hypothetical victory, as result of events during the war or peace negotiations? IOTL, the western front of the Civil War saw a Confederate attempt to reach California that fell apart after...
  3. DBWI: What would have happened if Lincoln had been killed in 1865

    As many know, on April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth tried to kill President Abraham Lincoln at the Ford Theater but failed and killed Henry Rathbone. Booth tried to escape but was captured and shot, the country was shocked and weakened by the news of the assassination attempt and the Confederate...
  4. History of the CSA

    Attached below is a link to my new book. MOD EDIT
  5. Incanian

    Harry Turtledove WI Second Mexican War Turns into World war I

    Is there any chance for the Second Mexican war to turn into an early World war I in the Southern Victory Series? What would it look like? If there's a chance, is there a way we could come up with a POD, and the events of such a war?
  6. Incanian

    Harry Turtledove Southern Victory WI Confederates, and Entente win The great War?

    So For those who have read Southern victory American Front, Walk in Hell, and Breakthroughs, After Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated, and World war I started, America in the Central Powers, with the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, along with later the Ottoman empire, and Bulgarian...
  7. Incanian

    Southern victory Effets in China

    So I was reading Harry turtledoves Great war Southern victory series, I got interested in the World of the Southern victory instead of being isolated in America. So I got interested more about the Far East in a Southern Victory. First I was interested in China, who still is under the rule of the...
  8. Incanian

    Harry Turtledove WI United States wins Second Mexican war against Confederates?

    So for any of you who have read how few Remain by Harry Turtledove in the Southern victory series, the Confederates won the American civil war, and in the 1880s, the Confederates wanted to purchase Chihuahua, and Sanora from the Mexican empire, so the Confederates can expand, and the Mexicans...
  9. GamerGeeked

    Modern Confederacy

    What would the Confederate States look like if they survived in-to the modern era?
  10. Mr. BoJangles

    Ameriwank Constitutional Convention: Revision Discussion

    Nearly a decade ago (sheesh... am I that old?) there was a thread in the forum about a Constitution for Ameriwanks that sought to optimize the US Constitution as drafted, under the guise of greater framer foresight, for a United States that was ultimately "successful" in uniting the whole of the...
  11. What would the national anthem of the Confederacy be if they won?

    Let's say that the CSA won the civil war. They never had an official one in OTL, but they likely would choose one eventually. From what I've read, there were three songs that were considered the unofficial anthems. 1) Dixie: This is the one I've heard most frequently as the national anthem...
  12. Jaguars4life

    DBWI:CS Japan Cold War

    What have been the impacts of the conflict that almost ended the world? How do you think it changed the Confederate States? How do you think it changed Japan?