The Rebel Flag | A Modern Confederate Timeline


What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors. - Robert E. Lee

It's been a while, but I have been busy working on life and other projects... this is one such project I have been working since March.

So, what is this timeline?
In short, The Rebel Flag is a look into a world where the Confederate States won the American Civil War pretty early on and managing to survive to 2022.
The focus is going to be purely on the USA and CSA, with small mentions of the world outside of the two nations, I like seeing people theorize and think about what the read it's one of my favorite things to scroll through here.

Some things that you should be aware:
- There are influences from the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War, and the majority of the influences are mainly aesthetics like maps, I'm not here to cause drama or pick a side in that war but I did get influenced by it while working on this.
- I already have graphics made, almost twenty, so the first few are already pre-made and I have posted them in a few servers and private chats with friends.
- I'm not here to glorify the CSA or USA, I know some Confederate Victory Timelines circle-jerks one or the other and I want to avoid that. Now, there are going to be biased graphics but that's just the nation of two nations hating each other for basically a century

With those out of the way, I welcome you to my timeline!
Happy Reading!

- Yeet