What extra rights would an autonomous Texas state be granted under an independent Confederacy?

The Confederate Constitution guaranteed some rights to its states that they didn't have in the Union Constitution, for example.
1. Impeach their own states’ national government representatives as well as national judges appointed to their states’ courts;
2. Initiate treaties with other individual states to regulate waterways;
3. Distribute “bills of credit” – which, at the time, meant that individual states were allowed to issue their own currency; and
4. Levy taxes on domestic and foreign ships that used their waterways.

So, here's my scenario for context. In my ATL, The Confederacy wins its independence, due to the Union being demoralized and Lincoln loses reelection to a Copperhead in 1864. Eventually, in two decades, the Upper Southern states begins to abolish slavery within its borders, due to low morale during The Great American War against the Union. Fast forward another decade and a Confederate Civil War breaks out due to, what else, slavery. the Deep South including Texas forms the True Dixie Republic. A few years into the war, oil is discovered in Texas and Louisiana and other black gold rich states and gives them an advantage. The Confederate President goes to meet with the Texas governor and talks about giving them autonomy in exchange for a temporary alliance to bring the True Dixie Republic back into the Confederacy and the governor agrees and signs a treaty.

What extra rights would Texas have under an autonomous state while remaining within the sphere of the Confederacy? Maybe, they would be granted the right to refuse to go to war with whoever the Confederacy is at war with? Or they gain back rights like they had under the Union Constitution.
1. The right to enter free trade agreements with other states; and
2. The right to grant voting rights to non-citizens (in the Union, individual states could decide for voter eligibility).

Let me hear your thoughts!