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The Selene Project

An alternate spaceflight timeline by sts-200. You can read the timeline here.

It follows the prologue/prequel Quaerere Caelis (recommended to be read first, as a prologue). The timeline itself is followed by a sequel work, To Grasp the Heavens.

Premise and POD

The alternate history of a pre-ESA European space programme, centered on French and UK efforts. The main goal for project Selene becomes a European Moonshot (with a lunar landing planned for the early 1970s).


Title Card

1: An Act of Desperation​


3: The Go Ahead

4: Turning Swords into Ploughshares (Part 1)

5: Turning Swords into Ploughshares (Part 2)

6: Tribalism

7: Rockets are Supposed to Go Up

8: SUSpect Design

9: List of Abbreviations

10: Whittling back the Options

11: From "What If" to "We Shall"

12: The Winged Messengers

13: Threading a Camel through the Eye of a Needle – At Mach 25

14: The White Heat of Technology

15: To Stroll Among the Stars

16: Late, Underpowered and Overweight

17: Blue Star

18: Problems and Opportunities

19: The First Hints of Discord

20: The Domino Theory

21: A Piece of Land Surrounded by Dollars

22: Scoop!

23: A True Spacecraft

24: A Step Forward and A Step Back

25: The Anvil Flies

26: A Simple Mistake

27: To Geostationary and Beyond

28: "Live, via Satellite"

29: The Man Who Makes the Machines

30: Uncertain Operations

31: Balanced on a Knife Edge

32: Le Two Fingered Salute

33: Rudderless

34: The End of the Beginning

35: Taking Matters in Hand

36: A Hit and a Miss

37: The Second Selene Project

38: Forensic Engineering

39: Falling Short

40: The Wrong Stuff

41: The Cost of Penny-Pinching

42: The Dawn of a New Age

43: Aurora 4

44: Failure Must Be An Option

45: Mission Accomplished

46: Oh, No... Not again

47: The Day the World Looked Small

48: Can we do it?

49: Last Chance Selene

50: Holding their Nerve

51: The Space(lab) Race


53: The Last Roar of Empire

54: Space is for Shuttles

55: Behind the Scenes

56: C'est du la merde !

57: What... has the World ended?

58: The New Motor

59: Only So Much Can Be Done

60: No Distractions

61: Advance Australia Fair

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