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Forward Thinking: A Collaborative Timeline is the new future history collaborative timeline started by Aero in March 2013 following the conclusion of Progress, Decline, and Hope. The timeline is composed of plenty of dates from March 2013 onwards, including both individual contributions, and whole series of related events. All contributions are added by submitted by members. Anyone can contribute, and no sign up or special membership is required other than being a member of The hopeful goal of the timeline is, like PDH, to create a plausible, expansive record of events and epics yet to be witnessed.

Contributors thus far include: Odysseus, Aero, Ganesha, Koenig von Poposia, RySenkari, MrHuman, d32123, Ol'GarryBoldwater, theReturner, PiratePartyist, athleticsfan2kx, leadpipe, AlfieJ, Turquoise Blue, Nanwe, Frrf, Lalli, AYoungContrarian, Pkmatrix, Wolfram, and JMT.

The following links contain portions of the timeline, divided by decade.

Presidents of the United States

Forward Thinking: A Collaborative Timeline

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