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A socialist member from Michigan. He ignored the Supreme Law that is COPPA and joined when he was ten. He came out to the world on his thirteenth birthday… and by came out, I mean told everyone he just turned thirteen.

He got elected to be the Prime Minister of Shared Worlds when he was 12. He's a brilliant guy. I'm writing this page because he told me to.

In January 2013, MrHuman was elected to be the first Prime Minister of the Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds. Following this, he faced spurious (he claims they're spurious, anyway) accusations of Socialist fraud and other cheating. MrHuman refused to hold new elections, until he gave in and did. The Socialists won an outright majority instead of just a plurality, formed a government, and then everyone lost interest and the game ended.

Has a good story in the Writers forum called Into A New Age. Check it out!

Quotes About MrHuman

(from the "State your honest opinion of the poster above you" thread)

“Likes me too much, and I like him.” - Meadow

“Very left-wing. Adorable as well.” - Tongera

“An awesome badass.” - CanadianTory

“I don't really know much about you.” - Winston Smith

“He's a real pinko.” - Enigmajones

“A red, but friendly.” - Superman

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